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You cherish your privacy and want to feel secure. But in today’s world, those things can seem hard to guarantee. That’s where we come in. Our team of highly experienced surveillance and countersurveillance experts leverages cutting-edge monitoring techniques to safeguard your privacy while ensuring your safety with utmost discretion.

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Surveillance and countersurveillance go hand in hand. Surveillance involves monitoring people, places, or things to gain information. Countersurveillance helps detect and thwart unwanted surveillance being conducted against you.

Our comprehensive services provide both proactive monitoring and reactive protective measures tailored to your unique needs. We conduct in-depth threat assessments to gain insight into risks and determine appropriate countermeasures. Our operatives then implement multi-layered surveillance and countersurveillance protocols designed to:

  • Discreetly monitor potential threats to your safety using a combination of technical equipment and field operatives

  • Detect and disrupt unauthorized physical and technical surveillance of your activities by third parties

  • Protect your privacy and secure sensitive information from unauthorized access or disclosure

  • Allow you to go about your business and personal life safely and without disruption

  • Deter malign actors from targeting you due to visible security measures

  • Quickly intervene to mitigate threats before they escalate


We take privacy very seriously and treat all client information with strict confidentiality using encrypted communications and access controls. Our goal is to give you peace of mind knowing seasoned specialists are working diligently behind the scenes using proven techniques to enable you to live and operate freely while remaining safe from harm.


Choosing us for your surveillance and countersurveillance needs provides many benefits:


Discreet Monitoring

Our operatives blend seamlessly into surroundings when conducting physical surveillance. We avoid drawing unnecessary attention to monitoring activities that could tip off ill-intentioned subjects or disrupt your privacy. Our combination of human and technical surveillance is designed to be low profile and unobtrusive.


Threat Detection

We utilize state-of-the-art technology like hidden high-resolution cameras and microphones combined with time-tested physical surveillance techniques to detect various forms of unauthorized monitoring intended to compromise your privacy or safety. Our skilled operatives can effectively identify threats in challenging, crowded environments.


Neutralization of Threats

When we detect surveillance threats through our monitoring protocols, our specialists swiftly implement appropriate tactical countermeasures to neutralize them while collecting evidence for legal action if desired. We have extensive experience safely disabling threats with minimal disruption or publicity.


Ongoing Proactive Protection

We do not just respond to incidents after they occur. Our continuous proactive monitoring and rapid response capabilities ensure your safety 24/7 against both existing and emerging threats. Our support is always just a phone call away, with field assets ready for immediate deployment.


Peace of Mind

Knowing covert threats are being detected early and managed swiftly by expert professionals allows you to focus on your priorities with confidence your privacy is secure. We shoulder the burden so you can operate unencumbered by worries over safety.


Legal Compliance

We rigorously document all monitoring and threat response activities to maintain legal compliance. Our specialists can serve as expert witnesses if legal action is pursued against unauthorized surveillance entities. We help clients fully leverage their legal rights.


Cost Savings

Proactive monitoring coupled with rapid threat suppression is far more affordable than waiting for damages to accrue after privacy breaches or attacks occur. We have the capabilities needed to prevent many serious incidents before they ever happen.

Service Details

Our layered surveillance and countersurveillance services incorporate a wide range of advanced technical equipment and proven physical techniques executed by highly experienced operatives and supported by intelligence analysts.


Technical Surveillance Capabilities

  • High-resolution video monitoring using discreet fixed cameras and mobile surveillance vehicles

  • High-gain audio recording and analysis with enhanced directional microphones

  • Aerial drone and satellite surveillance platforms

  • Advanced tracking devices using RF, GPS, and cellular signals

  • Comprehensive technical bug sweeps and TSCM to detect hidden surveillance devices

  • Phone tap detection through signal analysis and network monitoring

  • Deep-dive computer and network compromise assessments to identify data breaches

  • End-to-end encrypted communications protocols


Physical Surveillance Techniques

  • Foot and vehicular surveillance of subjects while avoiding detection

  • Undercover operatives blending seamlessly into target environments

  • Discreet fixed observation posts near crucial venues

  • Plainclothes mobile patrols with embedded communication links

  • Marked and unmarked rapid response teams ready for urgent deployment

  • Reinforced perimeter fencing, bollards, barriers, and access control measures

  • Dark web intelligence gathering to learn of threats being planned

  • Monitoring of social media and public records to identify potential stalkers


Threat Management and Intelligence Analysis

  • Detailed risk and vulnerability assessments evaluating protection gaps

  • Customized monitoring and response protocols optimized for each client

  • 24/7 command center coordinating activities and enhancing response agility

  • Legal consultation and private investigations to support legal action against threats

  • Digital device forensics and evidence handling using court-validated procedures

  • Operational intelligence analysis to identify patterns and upcoming threats


Our in-house teams have robust capabilities spanning the full range of technical and physical aspects of surveillance and countersurveillance. We also maintain trusted partnerships with numerous thoroughly vetted providers should supplemental expertise be needed for specific client assignments.

The Process

We carefully tailor our process to meet each client’s unique needs, but generally involves:


Initial In-Depth Consultation

We meet in person when feasible to confidentially discuss your concerns, priorities, risk profile, and logistical circumstances. This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics involved and your expectations.


Thorough Threat Assessment

Next, our analysts conduct an extensive threat assessment evaluating risks, vulnerabilities, and capabilities of potential antagonists who may target you. This draws on both public records and dark web intelligence sources.


Custom Solution Design

We process the threat assessment results through risk models and operational experience to design a tailored surveillance and countersurveillance solution customized for your situation. This is based on industry best practices but adapted to your requirements.


Infrastructure Implementation

Our team then implements the designed monitoring protocols and defensive measures. We utilize integrated technical surveillance assets and human operatives for 24/7 proactive threat interdiction, with built-in redundancies.


Ongoing Real-Time Communication

Throughout the engagement, we provide ongoing reporting through encrypted channels regarding surveillance detections, threat interactions, and recommendations. Our staff functions as an extension of your team.


Continuous Solution Refinement

Regular operational reviews allow us to identify any solution gaps and quickly implement enhancements and additional resources to optimize your safety and privacy. We continually refine procedures based on updated threat intelligence.


Easy Accessibility

You can reach our 24/7 support center instantly through a provided encrypted communications device. We also equip you with a discreet duress alarm that signals our rapid response units to deploy immediately.


How specifically do you protect client privacy?

We utilize encrypted communications, access controls, compartmentalized information distribution, and data masking when storing information. Our facilities are TEMPEST shielded to prevent technical eavesdropping. We never disclose a client’s identity without explicit consent.

Our surveillance personnel consist of rigorously vetted former intelligence, military, and law enforcement agents from elite units. They have advanced certifications along with thousands of hours of relevant field experience conducting sensitive investigations and operations.

Absolutely. Our management personnel have extensive experience dealing with well-funded state-sponsored entities. We maintain the resources, tradecraft, and capabilities required to discreetly counter such threats, avoiding public confrontations.

We conduct deep-dive forensic evaluations of digital equipment using advanced anti-virus, heuristic analysis, network traffic inspection, code auditing, and penetration testing procedures. We also provide training on best practices and implement additional system hardening where needed.

For an additional fee, we can implement robust non-intrusive protections for family members tailored to the threat profile. This may include discreet 24/7 mobile surveillance of their routine travel, provision of armored vehicles, monitored safe rooms in residences, and customized emergency support procedures. Family safety is a priority.

We generally require access to premises, visibility into operations and travel schedules, and open communication channels. For private residences, we only need access to install monitoring equipment. Our services are designed to minimize active participation needed post-implementation, but we coordinate closely during onboarding.

Absolutely. We rigorously document all monitoring and response activities using court-validated evidentiary procedures. Our personnel can provide authoritative, persuasive testimony regarding security incidents, illegal surveillance, and threat interactions as needed. We have assisted clients in successfully pursuing legal recourse against threats.

We have specialists available 24/7 to discreetly discuss your surveillance and countersurveillance needs and design a customized solution. Your privacy is our top priority. Contact us today to take control and protect what matters most.

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Your privacy is our top priority, we take serious measures to ensure the protection of the data you entrust to us.

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