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Transporting sensitive items or high-profile individuals requires more than just getting from point A to point B. You need to ensure complete safety, privacy, and security throughout the entire journey. Our secure transportation service specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for travel in high-risk contexts. We have extensive experience discreetly and securely transporting VIPs, executives, sensitive cargo, valuable assets, confidential documents, and more.


Rather than worrying about logistics and potential threats, you can have confidence and peace of mind knowing that our team of experts manages all aspects of secure travel.


Fleet of Armored and Specialized Vehicles

Our diverse fleet ranges from discreet luxury sedans with tinted windows to fully-armored limousines and SUVs. We also offer armored tractor trailers, cargo vans, and other specialized vehicles to suit your specific transportation needs. The right vehicle provides safety and privacy.


Extensively Vetted Security Personnel

Our drivers, operators, and security forces undergo rigorous background checks and extensive training. Their expertise in protective protocols and operations ensures safe execution of sensitive transports. Trusted professionals handle all aspects discreetly.


Customizable Security and Safety Measures

We assess risks and threats to customize a prudent security plan that provides precisely the right level of protection based on your unique needs. Encrypted communications, surveillance countermeasures, contingency planning, and other safeguards mitigate risks.


Point-to-Point Logistics Expertise

Our team manages every aspect of travel logistics for you. We oversee route planning, ground coordination, contingency measures, and all other preparations to facilitate smooth point-to-point service.


Premium Hospitality and Convenience

From discreet pickups to luxury amenities during transport, our white glove service means you can relax and focus on priorities rather than the stressful details of travel. We make secure transport frictionless.


24/7 Worldwide Availability

With on-demand availability and global reach, we can facilitate rapid secure travel with little advance notice. Our team never sleeps to support your needs anytime, anywhere.

Service Details

Our discreet and protected transport services excel in scenarios requiring heightened security and privacy:


VIP Executive Travel

Protect high-profile business leaders or government officials during sensitive trips with armored vehicles, armed details, surveillance detection, and evasive driving tactics. We ensure complete privacy and security when transporting executives to confidential meetings, sensitive locations, or high-profile events. Our operators use sophisticated counter-surveillance tactics to identify and evade potential threats. We also equip executive transports with emergency medical equipment and contingency plans to handle crisis scenarios. From the airport tarmac to the secure boardroom, we safely and discreetly transport prominent individuals to maintain confidentiality.


Private Event Transport

Provide safe and private travel to conceal VIP entry/exit to and from weddings, ceremonies, or sensitive gatherings. Our teams discreetly chauffeur high-profile figures to private events through rear entryways or secluded side entrances away from paparazzi and public observers. We time arrivals and departures to avoid unwanted attention and exposure. Our luxury fleet vehicles shield passengers from outside visibility during transport. We also establish protected perimeters around event venues to facilitate private, undetected passage.


High-Value Asset Delivery

Safely transport critical prototypes, sensitive equipment, precious metals/jewels, artwork, or other valuables with armored trucks. Armored tractor trailers backed by armed security details ensure successful delivery of valuable assets over long hauls. Locked, monitored cargo compartments provide constant surveillance over sensitive items. Shipments stay secured via encrypted GPS tracking and status updates across the supply chain. Whether transporting precious metals, priceless works of art, proprietary tech, or other high-value items, we ensure shipments reach their destination without compromise.


Private Jet/Tarmac Transfers

Facilitate confidential air travel with luxury vehicles equipped for secure airport tarmac transfers and baggage shielding for protection. We coordinate private arrivals and departures through sterile isolated tarmac access. Our SUVs and limousines equipped with bullet-resistant armor and glass securely transfer prominent passengers directly between the jet and vehicle. Flight crews and baggage remain shielded from view during loading and unloading. Ground security teams provide close protection between the vehicle and aircraft. Our private jet services completely avoid crowded terminals for total secrecy.


Sensitive Document Transport

Discreetly courier confidential documents, contracts, research materials or medical samples through protected hand delivery. Sensitive paperwork stays secured in locked, armored cases shackled to security personnel during delivery. Only pre-cleared recipients receive access. Our personnel ensure the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive documents from pickup to delivery. We provide clients with real-time status updates via encrypted communications during the secure hand delivery process.


Personal Protective Travel

Supply emergency civilian extraction or private travel through dangerous regions or conflict zones. We plan transportation in extremely high-risk environments to avoid violence, unrest, and instability. Our teams leverage their experience in close protection, surveillance countermeasures, threat analysis, and crisis response to guide clients safely through hazardous territories. We provide armored vehicles, armed security teams, safe house accommodations, and customized emergency contingencies tailored for volatile contexts.


Why You Should Choose Our Secure Transportation

By selecting us, you get:


Enhanced Safety and Security

Our armored vehicles, trained personnel, and proven protocols provide multilayered protection that minimizes risks from potential threats. You can ride confidently knowing safety is ensured.


Increased Privacy and Discretion

Unmarked vehicles with blacked-out windows, sterilized cockpits, encrypted communications and other measures maintain confidentiality around transports. Only authorized parties have visibility.


Reduced Liability and Accountability

Our team assumes full responsibility for securely executing sensitive transports from start to finish. With experienced operators, licensing, and insurance, liability burdens don’t fall on you.


Exemplary Convenience and Hospitality

From handling logistics to providing complimentary luxury amenities, our white glove service allows you to relax rather than stress over travel plans. Focus on your priorities and leave the rest to us.


Reassurance and Peace of Mind

By partnering with proven experts that understand high-risk scenarios, you can proceed confidently knowing your sensitive transport is in the most capable hands. We provide total assurance.


Our Fleet of Secured Vehicles

We maintain an extensive fleet with a diverse range of vehicle types to suit any secure transportation need:


Luxury Sedans

  • Mercedes S-Class: Discrete black sedan with tinted windows ideal for low-profile VIP transport

  • BMW 7 Series: Superb balance of luxury, discretion, and protective capabilities

  • Audi A8 L Security: Highest protection level of any production sedan


SUVs and Limousines

  • Chevy Suburban: Spacious armored SUV able to securely transport larger groups

  • Cadillac Escalade: Luxury armored SUV with seating for up to 8 passengers

  • Stretch Limousines: Extended Lincoln Town Cars provide protected transport with privacy


Vans and Specialty Vehicles

  • Mercedes Sprinter: Large armored van capable of carrying valuable cargo shipments

  • Specialized Trucks: From armored tractor trailers to cube trucks for sensitive item deliveries

  • Off-road Vehicles: Protective and rugged trucks able to reach remote locations


Aircraft Options

  • Helicopters: Ideal for rooftop pickups/drop-offs and rapid secure air transit

  • Private Jets: Luxuriously appointed aircraft with secure tarmac access options


Custom Fabrications

Work with our expert team to fabricate fully customized vehicles purpose-built for your unique security requirements.

Our diverse fleet means we have the right vehicle for any secure transportation need. All vehicles offer the perfect balance of discretion, protection, and comfort to facilitate smooth and safe sensitive travel.


Our Security Personnel

In addition to our vehicles, our extensively vetted security personnel provide close protection services tailored to your distinct needs:


Discreet Surveillance

Undercover operatives monitor transports with surveillance detection equipment and tactics. Discreet but constant overwatch protection.


Mobile Escorts

Nearby chase cars manned with armed personnel provide rapid response and real-time transport surveillance.


Personal Protective Details

One or more armed guards join passengers inside the transport for immediate close-proximity protection.


Secure Motorcades

Multiple support vehicles surround the transport in higher threat environments to deter potential aggressors.


Air Support

Aircraft provide aerial surveillance of transport routes to identify security concerns.


K9 Units

Specialized dogs trained to detect explosives, chemicals, or electronics assist with proactive security sweeps.


Cybersecurity Monitoring

Ongoing surveillance of dark web channels for potential threats related to the sensitive transport.


Safety Protocols

In addition to vehicles and personnel, we implement rigorous security protocols providing multilayered safety assurances:

  • Armor Plating and Bullet-Resistant Glass to shield passengers from small arms fire and explosives.

  • Run-Flat Tires allowing vehicles to drive up to 50 miles after a loss of tire pressure due to damage.

  • Smoke Screen Dispensers that rapidly fill the area around a vehicle with opaque visual obstruction to disorient potential aggressors.

  • Electromagnetic Pulse Shielding to protect critical electrical vehicle systems from being disabled during transport.

  • Encrypted Communications via multi-spectrum frequency hopping radios to prevent interception of sensitive data.

  • GPS Tracking and Geofencing for real-time location monitoring, route management, and remote vehicle disabling if compromised.

  • Sterilized Transport procedures minimizing communication en route to maintain secrecy.

  • Counter Surveillance Tactics to identify and evade potential pursuers or monitoring.

  • Emergency Contingency Protocols that prepare for medical, mechanical, environmental, or other crises to maintain security even in emergencies.

The Process

Booking our secure transportation service follows a tailored 3-step process:


Step 1: Risk Assessment

We thoroughly assess the sensitivities, potential threats, and unique aspects of your transport:

  • Conduct interview to understand specific transportation needs.

  • Identify security threats, privacy concerns, and potential risks.

  • Gather background details on all participants and cargo.

  • Define any specific requirements or challenges.

  • Review prospective routes and destination risks.

  • Research recent threats and geopolitical climate.

  • Assemble team of operation specialists based on assessment.


Step 2: Customization

Next we customize the right equipment, protocols, and contingency plans:

  • Select appropriate fleet vehicle(s) with suitable protective capabilities.

  • Determine optimal number and training of security personnel.

  • Establish encrypted communications procedures and counter-surveillance tactics.

  • Develop emergency contingencies for medical, mechanical, or security incidents.

  • Appoint operations team and clearly define roles and responsibilities.

  • Conduct advance sweeps and dry runs to identify potential issues.

  • Finalize transport route, timetables, and logistics arrangements.


Step 3: Execution

With preparations complete, we focus on flawless secure transport execution:

  • Re-verify cargo security seals, sensitive items, and passenger credentials.

  • Perform final vehicle sweeps using K9 units to detect threats.

  • Embark passengers and cargo at secure staging area.

  • Maintain encrypted check-ins during transport for oversight.

  • Follow pre-planned route with flexibility to adjust to unforeseen developments.

  • Closely coordinate with ground support and surveillance teams.

  • Safely deliver passengers and cargo to destination under guard force protection.

  • Debrief all participants post-transport to identify process improvements.

  • Provide delivery verification and gather on-board feedback.

  • Conduct background checks on all onboard personnel following operation.


We closely collaborate throughout the process to provide customized, secure end-to-end transportation tailored specifically for sensitive situations.


What experience does your team have with sensitive transports?

Our personnel have decades of combined experience safely transporting dignitaries, assets, VIPs, information, and equipment for military, government, and private sector clients.

We specialize exclusively in securely transporting sensitive cargo and clients versus typical facility/event security. Our focus is vehicles, safe transit, and point-to-point protection.

Yes, we oversee all details so you can focus solely on your priorities rather than coordinating travel arrangements and other logistics.

We have contingency plans to safely recover the transport using alternate vehicles sent to your location and protected escort to a secure area.

With on-demand availability of aircraft, vehicles, and personnel, we can mobilize rapidly for urgent needs if required.

Based on risk levels and local laws, personnel may be unarmed, armed with less-lethal options, or armed with standard protective weapons in high risk environments.

In addition to background checks, we verify all applicable training, licenses, and credentials. Ongoing evaluations continue post-hiring.

Depending on trip length and passenger needs, amenities can include complimentary food/beverages, wireless connectivity, entertainment options, and more.

Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and we will provide a customized quote for secure end-to-end transportation that meets your exact needs while providing safety, discretion, and the highest levels of responsiveness.

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