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Cyber risks can emerge and evolve rapidly, leaving organizations struggling to keep up. Hacks, data breaches, and crippling outages often materialize with little warning, catching companies off guard. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

By partnering with our risk management experts, you can get ahead of threats before they wreak havoc on your organization. We perform deep-dive assessments to provide unique visibility into risks lying beneath the surface. Beyond simply pointing out vulnerabilities, we model realistic attacks to understand actual business impacts. The output is an actionable blueprint to align your defenses, resources, and risk reduction efforts.

In other words, we help you illuminate blindspots, prepare countermeasures, and gain confidence that critical assets are protected. Our certified analysts draw upon decades of combined experience securing complex environments to customize strategies tailored to your specific risk appetite and tolerance levels. We make security work for you.

No assessment is done through a single lens. Our proprietary methodology incorporates elements of leading standards like NIST, ISO 27001, and CIS Critical Security Controls. However, each engagement is adapted to focus on risks and concerns relevant to your unique environment. The end result provides assurance to both the boardroom and server room.

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Partnering with our risk management experts provides organizations with a multitude of advantages:


Comprehensive Analysis

We go far beyond basic vulnerability scans and questionnaires provided by most firms. Our rigorous methodology blends:

  • External attack simulations to test defenses

  • Internal scans to uncover granular configuration risks

  • In-depth policy & process reviews

  • Interviews with key stakeholders at all levels

  • Security control validation through hands-on exercises

  • Social engineering tests to gauge staff awareness

  • Dark web monitoring for compromised credentials

  • Application security assessments to pinpoint code flaws

  • Infrastructure penetration testing to exploit network gaps

  • Physical evaluations of facilities and access controls


The output is an expansive risk-focused lens encompassing people, processes, data, and technology.


Expert Guidance

Our analysts have tackled intricate multi-cloud, hybrid environment security challenges at organizations of all shapes and sizes. Their hands-on experience shines through in the guidance we provide. Findings are translated into actionable strategic recommendations tailored to your unique tolerance levels and risk appetite.

We act as an extension of your team, providing pragmatic advice to security leaders and staff alike. Our goal is to transfer knowledge so your personnel gain new expertise through the process.


Custom Strategies

One size does not fit all when it comes to security. That’s why we focus on designing targeted programs, controls, and roadmaps specific to your organizational needs. Rather than suggesting the latest sexy tools or hacker-focused tactics, our recommendations keep business objectives firmly in view.

By tailoring both strategy and implementation details to your environment, we provide high value outcomes centered on actual risk reduction. Recommendations align seamlessly with operational realities on the ground.



Trying to eliminate all risk is a costly, uphill battle. Through accurate modeling and quantification, we help you determine where to allocate resources for maximum security posture improvement per dollar spent. Our analysis illuminates the highest priority threats and most effective controls to address them.

The output provides data-driven guidance for budget planning and investment. We help optimize the use of limited security funds and staff time.


Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, our services are designed to provide assurance and confidence in the face of constant threats. We arm you with action plans, countermeasures, and enhanced visibility tailored to your unique risk landscape. No organization can eliminate risk – but we help you face risks eyes wide open rather than operating blind.

In a climate of perpetual uncertainty, our experts help organizations see more clearly and prepare defenses proactively. Partnering with us means gaining security insights and expertise required to stay a step ahead.

Service Details

Our risk assessment and management engagements involve three high-level phases:



The starting point focuses on developing a crystal clear profile of your existing security practices and posture. Specific discovery activities include:

  • Stakeholder interviews across leadership, IT, security, business units, etc.

  • Examination of infrastructure, applications, endpoints, data stores, and configurations

  • Review of security policies, standards, procedures, and incident response plans

  • Inventory of security tools, technologies, staffing, and organizational structure

  • Analysis of integration between risk management and governance functions

  • Evaluation of current risk identification, measurement, and reporting processes


Through discovery, we map out the terrain and shine light on potential problem spots. This establishes an essential baseline understanding before conducting in-depth risk analysis.


Risk Analysis

Armed with a detailed snapshot of your environment, analysts then simulate realistic threat scenarios to quantify risks. Specific techniques include:

  • Attack vector analysis to model how adversaries could exploit vulnerabilities

  • Infrastructure penetration testing using latest techniques to validate controls

  • Web application security assessments to identify risks in custom code

  • Email phishing simulations to evaluate detection and response

  • Social engineering calls targeting staff across the organization

  • Physical facility walkthroughs to test access controls

  • Wireless network scans for rogue APs and misconfigurations

  • Password audits incorporating dark web monitoring and brute force

  • Supply chain risk evaluations assessing third-party security

  • Incident response drills to gauge readiness in crisis scenarios


Findings are carefully cataloged along with potential impacts and likelihoods. We help you focus remediation efforts on addressing the most critical gaps first.



In the final phase, we provide clearly articulated roadmaps to enhance security in both the short and long-term. Recommendations extend from tactical steps like patch deployment to strategic program improvements around awareness training, data protection, vendor risk management, and more.

Specific examples of high-value recommendations include:

  • Detailed patch management and configuration hardening roadmaps

  • Improved logging and monitoring to accelerate threat detection

  • Multi-factor authentication deployment guides

  • Custom phishing and social engineering defense programs

  • Updated incident response playbooks tailored to likely scenarios

  • Targeted security awareness training addressing observed weaknesses

  • Help developing RFPs for critical new security tools and services

  • Assistance creating or maturing governance risk management functions

  • Guidance on data classification, retention, and protection strategies

  • Budget and resource planning support based on risk analysis

  • Advice on integrating security into software development lifecycles

  • Recommended controls to meet compliance requirements like PCI DSS


For maximum impact, we present findings and walk through recommendations in an interactive workshop. Deliverables include risk-focused executive presentations, technical remediation roadmaps, and strategic advisory aimed at reducing residual risk over time.

The Process

Engaging our services follows a systematic approach designed to deliver maximum value:



We begin by collaborating with stakeholders to define assessment scope, objectives, logistics, timelines, communications plans, and key success criteria. This ensures proper scoping for your specific environment, goals, and focus areas.


Data Gathering

Next, analysts use both remote and onsite methods to collect data on your infrastructure, applications, security controls, data flows, policies, and configurations. Gathering sufficient information up front is crucial for accurate analysis.



With a solid baseline understanding, our team conducts extensive attack simulations, penetration testing, risk modeling, and expert analysis to reveal security gaps. All activities aim to estimate actual risk levels based on threat exposure and potential impacts.



Findings and recommendations are documented in comprehensive reports tailored to both executive leadership and technical teams. We present transparent data on vulnerabilities and demonstrate pragmatic ways to reduce exposure.



In an interactive workshop, we walk through reporting and answer any outstanding questions. This ensures all stakeholders develop a common understanding of security risks and remediation priorities.



Our final deliverable is a tactical and strategic roadmap centered on risk reduction and targeted improvements to your security program. We provide guidance to help planning and implementation move forward quickly and efficiently after assessment completion.

Throughout this streamlined process, communication and knowledge transfer are emphasized so that your personnel gain security skills and awareness.


What standards do you follow?

Our methodology incorporates elements of NIST, ISO 27001, CIS Controls, COBIT, and other recognized risk management standards. However, we customize our approach for each client based on specific environment needs and focus areas.

Our analysts have deep security experience across cloud, network, application, data, and physical security domains. Typical certifications include CISA, CISSP, CEH, OSCP, CCSP, GIAC, and more. Multi-disciplinary teams allow insight across the diverse facets of today’s hybrid environments.

We follow strict protocols to protect confidentiality throughout the assessment. Findings are anonymized before sharing, and data is transferred only via encrypted channels. Our staff all hold security clearances and background checks. NDAs are executed to protect

Definitely. We evaluate security controls through the lens of frameworks like PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, and others. By identifying gaps, we help organizations establish and demonstrate compliance through better risk management.

We maintain close communication throughout testing activities. If any concerns arise, we pause assessments and notify stakeholders immediately to discuss mitigation steps. Remediation takes priority over completing the assessment.

Deliverables include PDF reports, strategic presentations, Excel tracker files for progress monitoring, and interactive discussions. We provide draft deliverables for review and incorporate feedback before finalizing.

We work collaboratively with internal audit to share findings, reduce redundancies, and provide validation through third-party assessments. Our goal is to enhance overall assurance and visibility for stakeholders.

Our team members bring decades of combined experience securing critical enterprise environments. Analysts hold relevant certifications and hands-on technical security skills rather than just theory-based training.

Ready to illuminate blind spots, close security gaps, and gain assurance your critical assets are protected? Reach out to get started on a risk assessment tailored to your unique environment.

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