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You need to be able to make educated decisions quickly while safeguarding your interests against potential risks. That’s where our due diligence services come in. We provide deep, privileged research and analysis to enable prudent decisions about potential partners, vendors, investments or other business prospects.


Our operations deliver the insights you need to:

  • Thoroughly evaluate risks and opportunities associated with any major business commitment

  • Uncover any potential “red flags” early in the process so they can be addressed

  • Make strategic decisions confidently, backed by rigorous and holistic analysis

  • Avoid costly mistakes or missteps stemming from lack of information

  • Approach negotiations from a position of strength, armed with insights

  • Expand into new markets or verticals prudently and with eyes wide open

  • Conduct competitive intelligence to keep abreast of external threats

  • Monitor sectors, trends and emerging issues impacting your business

  • Identify new prospects and partnerships to drive growth


In essence, we help you see around corners, connect the dots, and make smart moves backed by intelligence. We provide that extra lens allowing you to visualize the complete playing field and assess options accordingly. Think of us as your scout team, mapping terrain in advance so you can execute your mission effectively.

While you likely conduct some degree of internal research already, there are inherent limitations. You may lack the on-the-ground worldwide resources or access to proprietary data sources. Internal teams also lack the independence and external perspective we provide. As seasoned business intelligence professionals, we know where to look and what to look for based on lessons learned across countless prior engagements.

In short, partnering with us allows you to make critical decisions with confidence, armed with insights and analysis you simply couldn’t develop on your own.


The key benefits you’ll enjoy by leveraging our intelligence:


1. Risk Mitigation

Our reports will forewarn you about a wide range of potential risks – from financial and operational issues, to regulatory exposure, litigation risks, conflicts of interest, and much more. We leave no stone unturned, allowing you to make major commitments with eyes wide open. Surprises are avoided. You’ll be aware of risks up front so they can be reflected in deal terms and safeguards put in place.


2. Superior Insights

We don’t just present facts – we analyze their implications considering your specific objectives and context. Our insights and recommendations are tailored to your unique needs, delivering maximum relevance and actionability. Often it’s our analytic lens and what we connect the dots on that provides the greatest value.


3. Speed and Efficiency

We maintain networks of credible sources across the globe that we can tap immediately. This allows us to get up to speed quickly and start delivering actionable intelligence when you need it to keep your initiatives moving. There’s no lag time while we develop contacts or get up to speed. Our processes allow rapid mobilization on your priorities.


4. Privileged Access

A key aspect of our work is tapping specialized databases and privileged sources not readily available to the public. This allows us to find “below the surface” details and provide unique intelligence that a standard Google search could never uncover. We’ll leverage restricted corporate registries, regulatory sources, and local contacts worldwide.


5. Confidence in Decision-Making

Our rigorous process ensures no stone is left unturned, instilling confidence that you have the complete picture before finalizing major agreements, partnerships, investments or other commitments. We provide that fact base needed to address any lingering concerns and pull the trigger. You’ll know the foundation is there.


6. Negotiating Leverage

If any issues or risks are identified, we’ll help you game plan how to get out in front of them in negotiations. We can provide insight into how to turn findings into negotiating leverage to secure more favorable terms, financial safeguards, or other controls that protect your interests.


7. Avoid Pitfalls

Partnerships or investments can indeed have tremendous upside, but there’s inherently downside risks as well. Our intelligence helps sniff out any potential minefields – whether financial, regulatory, operational, or reputational in nature. We’ll make you aware of the undercurrents so you can steer clear of trouble spots and avoid nasty surprises or reactive crisis management. A good offense starts with an effective scout team.


8. Objective Viewpoint

As an external firm, we provide an independent, dispassionate perspective. While this validates internal assumptions and views in some cases, it also challenges them in others. Partnerships built on a foundation of shared facts are stronger. You’ll go in being aware of any differing vantage points.


9. Expert Guidance

Perhaps most importantly, we don’t just provide data – we provide guidance in using intelligence to your advantage. Our team includes professionals from sectors like investment analysis, law, accounting, political risk analysis, and investigative journalism. We know what to look for and what it means.

Service Details

Our custom-tailored intelligence examines both your specific priorities as well as broader issues that prudent management teams would want to understand before making major commitments or entering new relationships. Areas commonly examined include:


Financial Health & Performance

  • Historical financial statements – key trends, ratios and anomalies

  • Quality of earnings – underlying performance vs. accounting distortions

  • Cash flow generation and capital reinvestment

  • Financial obligations, debt covenants or restrictions

  • Capital structure and access to financing

  • Related party transactions and financial obligations


Leadership & Governance

  • Backgrounds and qualifications of owners, executives and board members

  • Compensation structures and incentives of top leaders

  • Related party transactions

  • Corporate governance profiles and risk factors

  • Leadership continuity planning and succession

  • Organizational dynamics and culture



  • Business locations, facilities, logistics and technology assets

  • Production, delivery and supply chain models

  • Systems architecture, data security, IT infrastructure

  • Safety track record and operational risk management

  • Quality control frameworks and continuous improvement focus


Market Position

  • Products/services, segments served and revenue mix

  • Market shares, competitive landscape and barriers to entry

  • Customer and channel profiles, sales process, and pricing

  • New product roadmap and innovation track record


Regulatory & Legal Environment

  • Litigation threats – prior lawsuits or regulatory actions

  • Key permits, regulatory filings and compliance matters

  • Assessment of potential liability, IP infringement or warranty risks

  • Review of major contracts, leases and other documents


Reputation & Integrity

  • Public records and media coverage

  • Controversies, incidents, corruption risks

  • Management of environmental, social responsibility

  • Third party networks and potential proxy risks


The above represents a broad sampling – we customize our diligence to your unique situation and concerns. Our objective is to uncover any potential “yellow” or “red” flags in advance, allowing you to weigh risks vs. rewards and reflect any vulnerabilities in transaction terms or valuations.

The Process

Our structured intelligence gathering process ensures efficient, insightful research tailored to your needs and priorities:


1. Define Objectives & Requirements

We’ll have an initial discussion to understand your specific concerns, priorities and timeframe. This shapes precise requirements in terms of issues to be researched, analysis needed, and expected deliverables.


2. Craft Research Plan

Next we develop a systematic research plan outlining the sources to be tapped, angle of inquiry, and methods to be used for each facet of research. This targets key intelligence gaps efficiently.


3. Conduct Research & Interviews

With the plan approved, our global network initiates diligence through documentary research and discreet inquiries with contacts on the ground. Interviews provide critical context.


4. Analyze Findings & Implications

We go beyond just assembling data – the analytic lens we apply is critical. Our team evaluates findings and assesses implications within the context of your deal objectives, highlighting risks, gaps and opportunities.


5. Deliver Actionable Intelligence

You’ll receive our intelligence findings and recommendations via an interactive report and presentation. We’ll walk you through key aspects, conclusions and next steps.


6. Ongoing Dialogue

You’ll have our ongoing support to clarify aspects of the research, discuss additional inquiries needed, and provide guidance in negotiating or obtaining additional safeguards based on our findings.

Throughout the process, we welcome interim discussions to confirm the research is fulfilling your requirements. We’ll course-correct as needed to provide maximum value.


What types of entities do you research?

We’ve conducted thousands of custom due diligence engagements on all manner of entities large and small across the globe:

  • Potential investment targets or acquisition candidates

  • Private companies seeking capital or partnership

  • Merger and acquisition targets

  • Business partners and strategic allies

  • Suppliers, distributors, customers, and vendors

  • Agents, consultants, and other third parties

  • Non-profit organizations and NGOs

Most standard due diligence engagements require 2-4 weeks. For more complex entities with global operations, 6-8 weeks may be advisable to ensure comprehensive, quality results. We’ll provide a specific timeline estimate tailored to your project scope.

If our research identifies significant vulnerabilities or risks, we will have candid discussions regarding the implications. We’ll explore risk mitigation strategies, and provide input into how findings could impact deal terms, pricing, controls, or safeguards warranted. Our goal is no surprises.

The full report containing findings, supporting data exhibits, and recommendations will be delivered electronically. We’ll also spend time briefing you on key aspects and addressing questions. Ongoing support is provided.

Yes – if risks are identified, we can suggest how to reflect those in adjusted valuation, deal terms, reserves or holdbacks. At your direction, we can participate in negotiations in a “good cop/bad cop” role putting issues on the table.

Our leadership team includes professionals from investment analysis, investigative journalism, intelligence, law and accounting. We know what to look for based on lessons learned from thousands of prior engagements. Our global network allows on-the-ground access.

Contact us online or by phone to discuss your needs in more detail. We’ll have a prompt follow-up discussion to scope requirements, provide a cost estimate, and commence work. Our goal is to start providing the intelligence edge quickly.

To explore your due diligence needs in more detail and get the process started, please contact:

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Your privacy is our top priority, we take serious measures to ensure the protection of the data you entrust to us.

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