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Cyber threats and online risks are growing by the day. From sophisticated nation-state hackers to malicious insiders and everything in between, individuals across every industry face an array of ever-evolving threats. This new digital landscape requires proactive cybersecurity and threat detection capabilities to get ahead of emerging attacks and risks.

This is where our expert cyber investigation services come in.

Our team of highly experienced investigators leverages cutting-edge techniques to conduct discreet digital investigations on your behalf. We uncover misconduct, gather evidence, identify threats, and ensure compliance – delivering the insights you need to reinforce your cyber defenses.

By detecting threats early and uncovering the truth about suspected incidents, we can proactively mitigate risks, avoid major disasters, and maintain compliance. Read on to learn more about the benefits of our services and how our investigations unfold.


Cyber investigations provide insights you simply can’t get any other way. Traditional security tools are focused on prevention – but today’s threats are constantly evolving. A reactive defensive posture is no longer sufficient. The ability to conduct targeted, expert-led investigations provides unique benefits:


  • Threat visibility – Digging into systems and data uncovers threats that evade existing defenses. You gain visibility into risks like pending attacks, insider misuse, policy violations, data theft, and more.

  • Evidence gathering – Investigations systematically collect irrefutable evidence around suspected incidents. Evidence is crucial for legal action, insurance claims, compliance reporting, and terminations.

  • Risk intelligence – Detailed analysis provides invaluable intelligence about how attackers operate, why defenses fail, which assets are targeted, and what risks require urgent attention.

  • Proactive security – Intelligence fuels proactive improvements to security processes, policies, awareness, and technology controls. You can strengthen defenses before disaster strikes.

  • Faster response – When incidents do occur, quality intelligence minimizes damage through rapid containment and remediation.

  • Deterrence – When staff know robust monitoring can detect misuse at any time, they are less likely to violate policies in the first place.


Choosing our team for your cyber investigation provides multiple advantages:


Experienced Specialists

  • Decades of combined law enforcement, government, and private sector experience

  • Certified experts in digital forensics, threat intelligence, incident response and more

  • Specialized skills in cutting-edge investigative techniques


Methodical and Defensible

  • Evidence handling meets court admissibility standards

  • Chain of custody is maintained end-to-end

  • Findings are fully reproducible and verifiable


Rapid Time-to-Value

  • No training or ramp-up time required – our experts hit the ground running

  • Investigations unfold quickly to provide answers in days or weeks, not months


Covert and Discreet

  • We avoid mainstream tools prone to detection

  • Strict confidentiality is enforced on engagements

  • Impact tobusiness and staff is minimized


Dedicated Support

  • Direct access to senior investigators throughout engagements

  • Advisory services provided to aid responses to findings

  • Testimony services available if needed

Service Details

We offer end-to-end investigation services tailored to your unique needs and concerns. Our capabilities include:


Targeted Digital Forensics Investigations

  • Data breach investigation

  • Insider threat investigation

  • Intellectual property theft investigation

  • Incident response investigations

  • Fraud investigation

  • Employee misconduct investigations

  • Any other cybersecurity incidents or concerns


Open Source Intelligence Investigations

  • Dark web surveillance

  • Surface web reconnaissance

  • Social media monitoring

  • Threat actor and vulnerability research

  • Brand monitoring for threats

  • Leaked credentials monitoring


Technical Surveillance

  • Network scanning and reconnaissance

  • Infrastructure and application mapping

  • Vulnerability research and testing

  • Email security testing

  • Adversarial simulations

  • Physical security assessments


Compliance Investigations

  • Data privacy compliance monitoring

  • Insider activity monitoring

  • Policy violations monitoring

  • HR and code of conduct compliance

  • Proper access controls verification


Secure Remote Investigations

  • Remote collection and analysis of system logs

  • Email investigation and eDiscovery

  • Disk image and memory capture analysis

  • Database forensics

  • Full network traffic capture and inspection


Investigations are conducted with full discretion to minimize business disruptions. We understand the need for utmost confidentiality when handling sensitive incidents and concerns.


Use Cases

Common cases include:


Insider Threat Investigations
  • Detect data theft, policy violations, or IT sabotage by employees

  • Uncover user activity indicative of disgruntlement or flight risk


Intellectual Property Theft Investigations
  • Determine whether IP theft occurred and gather irrefutable evidence

  • Identify the exfiltrated assets, tactics used, and parties involved


Incident Response Investigations
  • Uncover root cause, enumerate impacted systems, and determine incident scope

  • Preserve evidence for insurance claims, litigation, and terminating employees


Cloud Abuse and Misconfiguration Investigations
  • Detect cloud infrastructure misuse, unauthorized access, or risky misconfigurations

  • Identify assets and accounts compromised during cloud data breaches


Supply Chain and Third Party Investigations
  • Vet suppliers/partners for security risks, social engineering vulnerabilities, and code integrity

  • Monitor supplier systems and access for suspicious activity


Fraud Investigations
  • Uncover financial fraud, falsification of records, misreporting, and other illicit accounting activities

  • Gather evidence for insurance claims and civil or criminal proceedings


Foreign State-Sponsored IP Theft Investigations
  • Identify nation-state actors targeting your IP and their tactics, tools, and procedures

  • Support law enforcement action and trade-secret theft litigation


And more – virtually any cybersecurity concern.

The Process

We follow a proven methodology refined across thousands of successful investigations. Each engagement is tailored to the client’s unique needs and environment, but generally involves:


Planning and Scoping

We consult with stakeholders to fully understand concerns and define the goals, scope, timeline, and resources required. Critical planning steps include:

  • Clarifying business objectives

  • Identifying relevant systems, data sources, and access required

  • Determining methods and tools to be utilized

  • Developing an investigative strategy and detailed project plan


Data Gathering

Our investigators leverage authorized access to efficiently collect and preserve critical data that may contain evidence relevant to the concerns at hand. We utilize remote and onsite methods to gather:

  • System and application logs

  • Network traffic captures and logs

  • Email, communications, and documents

  • Disk images and memory captures

  • Database contents, metadata, and logs


Analysis and Discovery

We meticulously analyze the collected data using proven forensic techniques to extract intelligence and uncover evidence. Methods include:

  • Timeline and log analysis

  • Filtering and aggregation

  • Data analytics and visualization

  • Keyword searches and image analysis

  • Deleted data recovery

  • Decryption and decoding


Reporting and Findings Delivery

We distill investigation findings into an authoritative, evidence-based forensic report suitable for legal proceedings. Findings are communicated through:

  • Executive summaries clearly conveying key takeaways

  • Comprehensive forensic report detailing analyses performed

  • In-depth technical appendices for reproducibility



We provide continuing advisory services to interpret findings, formulate responses, strengthen defenses, and aid related legal or HR proceedings.

Throughout the process, we emphasize regular client communication and ensure business impacts are minimized. Our goal is to deliver maximum security value through expert investigations.


What systems and data are accessed during investigations?

Investigative access is restricted to only what is authorized and relevant to the concerns at hand. Strict access controls and confidentiality procedures are enforced.

We use covert methods and progress very discreetly to avoid disrupting business or alerting internal actors. Minimal impact is a priority.

We can submit findings to legal counsel or law enforcement if criminal activity is uncovered, in compliance with legal obligations.

Absolutely – we rapidly deploy investigators in urgent situations where time is of the essence. We can mobilize in just hours to days.

Yes, our procedures ensure evidence and reports meet legal admissibility.

Costs vary based on the scope, scale, and complexity of each engagement. We offer flexible models including flat-rate pricing.

We limit data retention to just findings reports and evidential exhibits. Client data access is tightly scoped and temporary. Strict confidentiality governs all data handling.

Absolutely. We provide continuing advisory services to interpret findings, improve defenses, update policies, and enhance training based on lessons learned during investigations.

We coordinate with your vendors and internal teams as appropriate while maintaining discretion. Multi-party collaboration is structured for seamless benefits.

We utilize secure cloud-based methods to silently collect and analyze remote data sets. This eliminates onsite disruption. Findings are accessed through online dashboards and reports.

Our staff hold leading industry certifications including GIAC, SANS, ISACA, ISC2, CompTIA, EC-Council, and ISO 27001 Lead Auditor credentials, among others.

Yes, we have extensive experience investigating security incidents across SaaS platforms, including email, collaboration tools, business systems, and more.

Absolutely. Timely investigations that establish incident details, quantify impacts, and identify lapses can greatly support successful insurance claims.

Yes, our experts can serve as witnesses to explain methodologies, findings, and implications. We have experience supporting litigation, HR matters, and regulatory actions.

Yes. Our processes can incorporate threat hunting to identify risks like data theft, malicious access, vulnerability exploitation, and account compromise before they escalate or cause damage.

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