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Cyber threats are inevitable, but damage doesn’t have to be. Our highly trained incident response team provides 24/7 monitoring and instant response to contain threats, minimize downtime, and protect your most critical assets.


Cyber attacks are not a matter of if, but when. Ransomware, malware, insider threats, and more can disrupt operations, lead to data breaches, and cause major financial and reputational damage. When a cyber incident occurs, early detection and rapid response are critical to containing the threat and limiting damage.

That’s where our expert incident response services come in. Our team of seasoned cybersecurity professionals provides round-the-clock monitoring to detect potential threats early and instant response when an incident occurs. We work quickly to isolate and neutralize the threat, segment your network to prevent spread, patch vulnerabilities, restore systems from backups, and more. With an average response time of just 30 minutes, we minimize downtime, prevent breaches from turning into full-blown crises, and get your operations back up and running securely.

We serve organizations across industries like healthcare, finance, retail, technology, and more, providing customized incident response capabilities tailored to your unique environment and threat landscape. No matter your size or cybersecurity maturity, our team has the skills, experience, and tools to rapidly respond to contain sophisticated threats like ransomware, insider attacks, data breaches, and operational disruptions.

Backed by proven methodologies based on frameworks like NIST 800-61, we provide end-to-end incident management from immediate response to threat eradication to post-incident learnings. Our deep expertise across forensics, malware analysis, vulnerability management, and next-gen security technologies ensures threats are neutralized quickly while your critical systems and data are protected.


Incident response services from our team provide many key advantages:

  • Quicker threat containment – With continuous monitoring and rapid response, we isolate and stop attacks early before major damage is done. Our average time to initiate response protocols is 30 minutes or less.

  • Reduced downtime – By responding instantly when threats strike, we minimize disruption to your business and operations. We rapidly restore impacted systems and data, limiting how long your business is impaired.

  • Expert skills and knowledge – Our team has deep experience in forensic analysis, malware reverse engineering, and cutting-edge response techniques. Many members hold premier certifications like GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH).

  • 24/7 availability – We provide round-the-clock coverage and can mobilize in just minutes to respond anytime an incident occurs, day or night. Our globally distributed team ensures prompt response regardless of time zone.

  • Protection of critical assets – We know how to secure your most valuable data, infrastructure, and applications from compromise. Our surgical containment tactics target high-value assets first.

  • Compliance – Our legally defensible processes support compliance with regulatory requirements around incident handling from global regulations like GDPR to industry-specific mandates.

  • Peace of mind – Our team handles incidents end-to-end, from detection to containment to eradication, so you can focus on your core business. We’re your trusted partner, on call 24/7 to manage cyber response.

  • Business continuity – By minimizing downtime and preventing breaches from disrupting operations, we ensure business continuity and resilience even when threats inevitably strike.

  • Reduced costs – Our flat monthly fees provide predictable IR costs for budgeting versus expensive emergency response bills. And by containing threats faster, we reduce indirect breach costs like lost business.

  • Improved maturity – Our post-incident recommendations strengthen your security posture for the future while onboarding and training boost cyber readiness at all staff levels.

Service Details

Our comprehensive incident response services include:


  • 24/7 threat monitoring – We utilize advanced EDR, SIEM, firewalls, and other tools to continuously monitor for anomalies and early signs of compromise across on-premise and cloud environments. Our platform integrates feeds from threat intelligence partners to enhance detection capabilities.

  • AI-powered analysis – Machine learning and behavioral analytics bolster detection accuracy while reducing false positives and speeds analysis. Models are customized to your unique environment.

  • Log aggregation – We centralize and normalize log data from endpoints, servers, networks, SaaS apps, and other sources for holistic monitoring and faster hunting.



  • Emergency incident response – Within 30 minutes of threat detection, our expert team mobilizes to start containment and mitigation processes following proven response plans customized to your environment and priorities.

  • Forensic investigation – We thoroughly investigate the incident’s root cause using leading forensic analysis techniques to determine the full scope of impact and how the threat entered your environment.

  • Threat containment – Leveraging capabilities like network segmentation, our team isolates the threat and shuts down attack pathways to prevent lateral movement and stop the bleeding. We target your most critical assets first.

  • Malware analysis – When dealing with ransomware, malware, or other malicious code, we reverse engineer the threat to understand how it works, create detection signatures, and determine if data was compromised.

  • Vulnerability management – We identify and patch vulnerabilities that were exploited in the attack surface to improve your security posture against future incidents. Any misconfigurations are addressed.

  • Removing backdoors – Our team sweeps systems to detect and eliminate any lingering backdoors, malware, compromised accounts or persistent threats left by attackers.



  • System restoration – Based on forensic findings, we restore impacted systems securely using trusted clean backups not impacted by the incident.

  • Data recovery – For incidents like ransomware where data is compromised, encrypted or deleted, we leverage backup repositories and forensic techniques to safely restore data to a pre-incident state.

  • Business continuity – Throughout the response, we work to maintain critical business operations. Temporary workarounds may be used while restoring impacted systems.



  • Incident documentation – We fully document the incident from first signs of compromise to containment, eradication and recovery to support regulatory compliance and continuity.

  • Reporting – Upon incident resolution, we provide detailed reporting explaining the incident anatomy, our response steps, findings, and recommendations to prevent repeat incidents.

  • Audit support – Our reports satisfy third-party audits and internal compliance reviews related to incident handling policies and controls. We can serve as expert witnesses if needed.

The Process

When an incident occurs, here is a high-level overview of how we rapidly respond:

Detection – Through 24/7 monitoring, we detect early signs of a potential security incident via high-risk alerts, anomalous activity, third-party notices, or other threat intelligence. Our advanced telemetry sources include:

  • Endpoint detection and response

  • Intrusion detection systems

  • Security incident & event management

  • Cloud infrastructure monitoring

  • Firewalls and proxies

  • Malware sandboxes

  • Vulnerability scanners

  • Dark web monitoring

  • Threat intel feeds


Mobilization – Within 30 minutes of threat detection, our incident response team is activated to assess and respond. The affected parties are notified per predefined protocols.

Triage – We triage the incident to determine scope and severity so higher priority incidents get addressed first based on your criticality tiers. Diagnostics obtain high-level threat and impact details.

Containment – Our team isolates compromised systems/accounts and shuts down attack vectors to halt the incident’s progress. Lateral movement is stopped via methods like network segmentation.

Investigation – Detailed forensic investigation determines exactly how the attack happened, what systems/data were impacted, and if any backdoors exist. Our advanced toolset accelerates analysis.

Recovery – Based on learnings, we restore systems and data securely from clean backups and harden configurations to prevent repeat compromise.

Threat Eradication – Any backdoors, malware, or attacker access is systematically purged from the environment leveraging reimaging, 2FA resets, credential rotation and other steps.

Reporting – We deliver a comprehensive report detailing the incident anatomy, our response steps, findings, and recommendations to strengthen defenses.

Review – The incident is reviewed to identify process improvements for boosting our future response capabilities across people, processes and technology vectors. Lessons learned are shared back to the organization for better readiness.


Key Capabilities

Our end-to-end incident response services leverage leading technologies and techniques:

  • Forensic tools – Commercial and open source tools for deep forensic data collection and analysis to uncover key indicators and compel evidence.

  • Malware sandboxes – Safe isolated environments for studying malware behavior, reverse engineering code, and more.

  • Threat intelligence – Robust threat data enriches monitoring, detections, and response with latest IOCs, TTPs, and adversary trends.

  • Digital forensics – Using proven forensic processes, we securely collect artifacts, validate chain of custody, and preserve evidence for legal needs.

  • Reverse engineering – Our malware analysts can reverse engineer code to understand malware mechanisms for detection.

  • Network containment – We leverage network access controls, segmentation, and other capabilities to isolate compromised systems and restrict attacker lateral movement.

  • Credential rotation – Where credentials are compromised, we promptly rotate passwords, API keys, certificates, and other access mechanisms to block misuse.

  • Tabletop exercises – We conduct incident response simulations and tabletop exercises to validate and improve response plans and identify any capability gaps. Lessons learned are incorporated into the program.

  • Secure data handling – Sensitive data like forensic artifacts and malware samples are handled securely per chain of custody requirements throughout the investigation.

  • Root cause analysis – We drill down to determine the root causes that enabled the incident – like vulnerabilities, misconfigurations or process gaps – to address systemic issues.

  • Data recovery tools – When data is deleted or encrypted by threats like ransomware, we leverage backup repositories and specialty tools designed to recover and reconstruct damaged data.

  • Compliance expertise – Our team holds certifications in regulatory and industry compliance standards, enabling response procedures that satisfy legal mandates around incident handling.

  • Public relations support – If incidents necessitate public disclosure, we can provide guidance and communications support to ensure transparency while maintaining brand integrity.

  • Legal consultation – Through partnerships, we can offer legal guidance around evidence collection, law enforcement interactions, liability concerns, and data breach disclosure laws.


Mobilizing Our Team

When an incident is detected, here are the key steps we take to mobilize incident responders:

  • Assemble core response team – Based on the incident details, we assemble a core team with specialized skills in relevant areas like malware analysis, cloud forensics, DDoS response, etc.

  • Designate response lead – An assigned lead oversees response coordination, stakeholder communications, and interfacing with your organization.

  • Launch response workspace – Our encrypted virtual war room provides a collaborative space for the team to implement response plans.

  • Review response framework – We refresh on pre-established response procedures and your organizational priorities to tailor our approach.

  • Retrieve documentation – Response guides, network diagrams, asset inventories, credentials, and other key documentation is accessed to accelerate response.

  • Validate communication channels – We verify contacts at your organization and establish communication flows for coordinating during the incident.

  • Initialize reporting – Timestamped documentation of the incident and our response activities begins immediately to support regulatory reporting needs.

  • Conduct briefings – Briefings oriented your team on the incident, our activities, and next steps to foster close collaboration.


What types of incidents do you respond to?

We handle the full spectrum of cybersecurity incidents including ransomware, malware/virus outbreaks, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, unauthorized insider access, critical system outages due to breaches, and more.

Our IR services are part of a holistic cybersecurity program but work hand-in-hand with other capabilities like managed detection and response, vulnerability management, backup and disaster recovery, and security training.

Our clients span healthcare, finance, retail, technology, public sector, and other industries requiring enterprise-grade incident response capabilities.

Yes, we have partnerships with specialty providers in forensics, malware analysis, data recovery, and other areas to draw additional resources based on the incident’s unique demands.

Our responders participate in ongoing training through SANS Institute, receive certifications like GCIH, and regularly threat hunt in client environments using MITRE ATT&CK to update detection and response playbooks.

With continuous 24/7 monitoring and automated alerting, we can initiate response protocols in 30 minutes or less upon threat detection.

We work with clients on recommendations to improve defenses, provide training workshops so staff learn from the incident, and offer public relations support if the incident becomes public.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – effective incident response starts with preparation. Contact us today for a consultation or to learn more about our managed detection and response services. We’re here 24/7 to protect your business from cyber threats.

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