Who we are

Founded and led by Israeli officers with over a decade of experience serving in different defense and security roles. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds, including military intelligence, counter-terrorism, and private investigations.

We established Axeligence after identifying the need for a more agile, client-focused approach to intelligence gathering and analysis, leveraging our experience and expertise, with a mission to accelerate solid intelligence, one person at a time.

This diversity of knowledge and experience, in our opinion, is what sets us apart and enables us to provide exceptional service and results.

Our background in military intelligence and counter-terrorism has given us a unique understanding of the importance of timely and accurate intelligence. We apply this same sense of urgency and attention to detail to all of our services, whether it’s conducting a background investigation or providing competitive intelligence.

“Thorough research, precision, and maintaining confidentiality are values that are instilled in us. We take great effort to ensure that the information about our clients is always secure as we are aware of how delicate the information is that we manage.”

CEO- Dan Neta

Neta Dan

General manager

“Following more than a decade of duty in combat and intelligence roles, my passion is leveraging my skills for the greater good.”

Neta began his career as a field officer, commanding Anti-Terrorism Unit soldiers for five years. He then continued to work in intelligence roles directly under the Israeli PMO, gaining extensive expertise as a special agent.

Holds a B.A. in psychology.


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