What We Do

By executing a wide range of intelligence and security operations, we enable organizations and individuals get ahead of threats, capitalize on opportunities, and accomplish their strategic goals. Our primary mission is to help mitigate risk, make data-driven decisions, and promote growth.


Our intelligence experts gather and analyze human intelligence (HUMINT), open-source intelligence (OSINT), and signal intelligence (SIGINT). Leveraging innovative analytical tools, we deliver insights that are needed to make solid decisions – information that is accurate, predictive, and actionable.


Fraud, asset tracking, surveillance, and counter-surveillance are a few of the different cases we handle. Skilled teams conduct research, with the goal of finding the precise evidence needed.


From protecting physical assets to digital infrastructure, our holistic security solutions encompass both environments. Combining advanced technology and specialized methodologies, we provide robust measures and strategies to mitigate risks. Identifying vulnerabilities, assessing threat levels, and implementing layered countermeasures.

Risk Advisory

With in-depth analysis and strategic guidance, we help assess and manage cybersecurity, financial, operational, and other key business or individual risks. Our insights enable rational choice making and effective risk management.

“Understanding that each mission has unique objectives, we take a personalized approach, and by collaborating closely, we develop highly tailored solutions.”


With an interconnected world and cross-border needs, we’ve built a global network of hand-picked partners and associates.

Meticulously selecting them based on proficiency, integrity, and shared principles to ensure seamless collaboration. Thus allowing us to deliver superior standards anywhere across the globe: Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Our strategic partnerships provide the footprint, resources, and capabilities to support whenever needs arise. We take pride in relationships we’ve built over decades, and are constantly working to expand our reach and deepen expertise.

Expect us to support your needs locally, regionally, and globally.