What We Do

At Axeligence, we provide a wide range of intelligence and investigation services to help individuals and organizations make informed decisions. Our solutions are designed to deliver accurate and dependable information that can mitigate risks, enhance decision-making, and achieve strategic objectives. Here are some of the services we provide:


Our intelligence services cover a wide range of solutions, utilizing specialties such as human intelligence (HUMINT), open source intelligence (OSINT), signal intelligence (SIGINT), and social media intelligence (SOCMINT). We use the latest technology and methodologies to collect, analyze, and deliver intelligence that is accurate, reliable, and actionable.


Among the many investigative services we provide are fraud, corporate, asset tracking, surveillance, and counter-surveillance. Our skilled investigators conduct research that provides the exact knowledge needed to make educated decisions by employing the most recent technology and methodology.

Integrity Assessments

We provide consulting services to both employers and employees. For employers, our services include developing policies and procedures, conducting risk assessments, and providing expert guidance on hiring decisions. For employees, we conduct risk assessments to detect any vulnerabilities that may affect their suitability for security-sensitive positions.

“Understanding that each person has unique objectives, we take a personalized approach, and by collaborating closely, we develop highly tailored solutions.”


The world is interconnected, and individuals often have needs that extend beyond their local regions. Because of this, we’ve built a global network of partners and associates with expertise in numerous regions.

We meticulously choose our partners based on their proficiency, ethical standards, and dedication to our principles. By collaborating closely with them, we ensure a superior level of results, regardless of geographical location.

Whether you need support in Europe, Asia, Africa, or the Americas, we have the resources and capabilities to meet your needs. Our global presence allows us to provide local insights and intelligence in any market or environment.

We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built and always committed to expanding our reach and capabilities to better serve our clients around the world.


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