Available Positions:

Intelligence Analyst

We are seeking an experienced Intelligence Analyst to join our security team. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in gathering and analyzing data to identify threats, risks, and vulnerabilities relevant to our operations.

Core duties include researching persons and groups of interest, compiling reports, and briefing leadership on analytical findings. Excellent research, critical thinking, writing, and presentation abilities are crucial.

A Bachelor’s degree in a related field such as Security Studies, Intelligence, or Criminal Justice is preferred along with 3+ years of relevant work experience. Ideal candidates will have experience working in government security agencies.

Insider Threat Analyst

We are looking for a skilled Insider Threat Analyst to identify and mitigate potential risks stemming from current or former employees, contractors and partners. Core responsibilities include monitoring systems and user activity to detect abnormal behavior.

The Analyst will also partner closely with HR, legal, and data security teams to evaluate concerns. Superior analytical thinking, combined with knowledge of behavioral analysis and user profiling is required.

Applicants should have experience conducting insider threat investigations and risk assessments. A background in cybersecurity, fraud examination or investigations is preferred.

Security Systems Engineer

We are looking for a skilled Security Systems Engineer to design, implement, and maintain complex physical and digital security solutions for facilities and systems. The ideal candidate will have in-depth experience selecting, integrating, and managing access control, surveillance, alarms and other security systems.

Core duties include conducting risk assessments, audits, and inspections as well as identifying and remediating vulnerabilities.

Expertise in electrical, network, and systems engineering with a strong understanding of security principles and technologies is required. A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science or related field along with 5+ years of security engineering experience is preferred. Relevant industry certifications are a plus.

Security Systems Administrator

We are looking for an experienced Security Systems Administrator to oversee the operation, configuration and maintenance of our organization’s security platforms and tools. Core duties include managing firewalls, VPNs, IAM systems, SIEM solutions, antivirus software and more.

Candidates must have in-depth technical expertise securing networks and endpoints. A strong understanding of threat detection, vulnerability management, patch management and security monitoring is crucial.

The ideal candidate will have 5+ years administering security solutions and infrastructure. Relevant certifications like CCNA Cyber Ops or CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+ are preferred.

Executive Protection Agent- Multiple Locations

We are looking for Executive Protection Agents in multiple locations, to provide armed close protection services for high-net-worth individuals, executives and their families. Core duties include security advances, secure transit, perimeter security and contingency planning.

Extensive tactical training is required. Candidates must have prior experience in executive protection, preferably with military or law enforcement backgrounds.

Expert marksmanship, physical readiness, surveillance detection and crisis response skills are crucial. International experience and knowledge of local threat environments is a plus.

Operations Manager

We need an experienced Operations Manager to oversee all day-to-day security operations. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record managing budgets, procurement, schedules, facilities, equipment and personnel.

Core duties include ensuring compliance with all policies, regulations, and contracts. Superior organizational skills and attention to detail are critical.

Applicants should have at least 7 years of experience managing security or military operations. A Bachelor’s degree is required; an MBA or advanced degree is preferred. Successful candidates will demonstrate leadership skills and the ability to improve operational efficiency. Prior management experience in the security domain is strongly desired.

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