Axeligence | Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Our operations extend globally to serve clients wherever their assets and people are located.

Our trained crisis response teams can handle kidnapping, ransom, and extortion situations.

Agents complete elite-level tactical and marksmanship training drills to maintain razor-sharp skills.

No minimum contract requirements. We customize engagements and aim to build lasting partnerships with clients.

Of course, we can provide any necessary certificates and documentation.

Absolutely, we regularly work within these confidential parameters.

Our integrated security services, top-tier talent, and client focus set us apart. Our Columbus teams provide comprehensive, tailored solutions using the latest advances.

Absolutely, we train and collaborate seamlessly with internal personnel to enhance security programs.

We conduct in-depth vendor screening and assessments to validate third parties meet security standards before client engagement.

Yes, we provide customized quotes after assessing your needs.

While specifics are confidential, we can share examples of solutions delivered for clients in your industry under NDA.

Certainly, we aim to provide clients full visibility and authority to guide responses according to their priorities.

We customize pricing based on specific services, risk profile, and duration. Month-to-month, project, and annual contracts available.

We have extensive experience providing security for high-profile events.

We can scale operations up or down within days as security needs change. Flexibility is our priority.

Our uniqe integration of human expertise and advanced technology gives us the edge.

We operate in over 50 countries and can easily deploy our resources and personnel nationwide.

Yes, our methodologies align with ISO standards, SIGINT tradecraft guidelines, and best practices defined by ASIS International.

Our focus is on custom solutions versus one-size-fits-all. And our local presence and connections enable us to deliver within the Denver area.

We would be happy to arrange an introductory meeting with key team members at your convenience.

Our team includes expertise managing global response coordination and intelligence collection.

We conduct comprehensive penetration tests quarterly and targeted vulnerability scans on a monthly basis at minimum.

Our teams are comprised fully of ex-special forces, law enforcement, and intelligence community veterans.

Yes, we assess risks and provide recommendations to improve security posture across domains.


We combine a blend of human intelligence, open source intelligence, and advanced technological tools to gather reliable and actionable information.

Our operatives have decades of combined experience across military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies.

We provide tailored briefings on dedicated schedules per client needs.

Yes, our intelligence personnel can provide customized intelligence on any topics salient to your strategic planning and risk profile.

Our team includes industry veterans from military, law enforcement, and government backgrounds skilled in collecting and analyzing complex data.

We leverage our intelligence resources to thoroughly vet foreign companies.

We leverage global databases, public records, and our local connections for intelligence.

Yes, we conduct physical and technical surveillance detection sweeps.

We combine cyber sources, human networks, and surveillance detection for comprehensive coverage of risks to execs.

Yes, many of our top analysts and agents come from elite groups like CIA, NSA, Mossad, MI6, and special forces.

We uncover insider threats, cyber threats, competitive threats, and emerging geopolitical risks.

Yes, our agents implement proven strategies to securely extract clients from high-pressure situations like paparazzi mobs or aggressive protesters.

Yes, our team excels at discreetly obtaining information without revealing a client’s interest.

Our connections and methods allow much wider access to hard-to-find data from human sources.

We work with contacts and resources worldwide to fulfill intelligence requirements.

We use legal methods for intelligence gathering to uncover competitive threats and opportunities.

We leverage well-developed networks and specialized strategies to judiciously gather pertinent intelligence without overstepping boundaries.

We leverage global connections and local knowledge across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

We rely on multiple corroborating sources and advanced analysis to validate all intelligence.

Yes, we provide comprehensive risk intelligence and analysis services, helping clients stay informed and prepared for potential risks.

Our team is well-versed in the specific socio-political nuances of the region. We apply this understanding to our intelligence gathering and analysis, allowing us to provide highly relevant and context-specific insights.

We employs advanced techniques and technologies to gather, analyze, and interpret threat intelligence data.

Yes, we utilize assets worldwide to effectively monitor threats across regions.


We utilize encryption, anonymous sources, front companies, and other tradecraft to preserve discretion.

Yes, our discreet surveillance techniques allow undetected monitoring.

Yes, our work withstands legal scrutiny and can support attorneys through litigation.

We handle sensitive matters with utmost discretion. Adhering strictly to legal guidelines while ensuring confidentiality and minimal disruption.

We investigate product tampering, perform root cause analysis, and recommend enhanced supply chain controls to prevent future incidents.

Our investigators work closely with legal counsel to ensure we can provide evidentiary materials and testimony as needed.

Yes, we perform in-depth background checks on potential hires.

Our experts discreetly investigate theft, fraud, misconduct, and other internal issues.

Yes, we conduct thorough technical surveillance countermeasure sweeps.

Our investigators sign ironclad NDAs and we compartmentalize information on a need-to-know basis.

We retrieve court documents, speak with legal sources, and physically check jurisdictions beyond databases.

Yes, we have significant expertise investigating stalking cases, identifying suspects through digital forensics, surveillance and leveraging behavioral psychology.

We employ proven techniques like financial forensics, surveillance, interviews as well as cutting-edge cyber investigation tools.

We follow strict data handling procedures and never disclose sensitive information.

We leverage global databases, public records, and our local connections for intelligence.

We leverage all assets to locate missing individuals domestically or internationally.

Correct, we identify physical surveillance and also uncover cyber stalking activities across all channels.

Yes, our financial crime specialists conduct forensic accounting investigations and develop fraud prevention controls tailored to your needs.

Yes, we provide thorough background checks for potential business partners, ensuring you have all the necessary information for sound decision-making.

We handle sensitive matters with utmost discretion. Adhering strictly to legal guidelines while ensuring confidentiality and minimal disruption.

We use sophisticated strategies both online and on the ground to uncover improprieties and hidden details.

Our technical surveillance capabilities include audio, video, tracking, and more.

Yes, we perform in-depth background checks on potential hires.

We conduct surveillance legally using team tracking and the latest monitoring gear.

Yes, we conduct sensitive internal inquiries maintaining discretion and objectivity.

We are equipped to conduct sensitive investigations across the globe, thanks to our expansive networks and resources.

We follow strict protocols on data encryption, information access, and maintaining client anonymity during sensitive investigations.

Yes, our corporate investigations are well-equipped to quietly look into any suspected internal misconduct.

Yes, we use cutting-edge surveillance gear for covert monitoring and can advise on the best solutions.

We leverage all assets to locate missing individuals domestically or internationally.

Risk Management

Absolutely. We’ve worked extensively with tech companies, providing comprehensive security solutions for their operations and personnel.

Yes, we perform risk assessments, develop crisis response plans, provide training, and test preparedness through simulations to bolster your crisis readiness.

We can provide trained security personnel, operational planning, and actionable intelligence to appropriately respond to and mitigate labor disputes, protests, and other disruptions.

We offer comprehensive incident response and disaster recovery services to help safely restore operations with minimal disruption.

Yes, we monitor threat actors, fortify defenses, and establish continuity plans to mitigate activism risks.

We establish redundant communication channels and clear protocols enabling seamless coordination under pressure when needed.

We provide comprehensive personal protection assessments and recommendations.

Certainly, we provide customized risk assessments and security recommendations.

Yes, our team includes expertise in crisis management, communications, ransomware negotiations, and business continuity planning.

Absolutely, we help develop and test robust crisis response plans.

We provide elite security and logistics for conferences, meetings, and corporate events.

We can conduct in-depth vetting of the merger partner and provide security consultation.

Our threat assessments examine risks from all angles, including digital, physical, reputational, and more.

Yes, we provide tailored risk management solutions for businesses of all sizes

Our risk management services help identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks that could impact your company’s operations, reputation, and financial stability

Our risk assessment process involves identifying potential risks, evaluating their likelihood and potential impact, prioritizing risks based on severity, and developing mitigation strategies


Our managed services combine cutting-edge tech with 24/7 human monitoring and response.

We have playbooks ready to isolate threats, restore systems, investigate root causes, and prevent future incidents.

Our cybersecurity specialists use predictive AI to stay ahead of emerging threats and protect systems proactively.

Our specialists hold credentials like CISSP, CEH, OSCP, and CCSP, ensuring the highest technical proficiency.

Our investigators are highly skilled in computer forensics and data analysis.

We perform deep network scans, penetration testing, and social engineering assessments.

We implement layered controls like application whitelisting, antivirus, sandboxing, and threat intelligence to block malware infections.

Yes, we can advise you on building an appealing cybersecurity workplace culture and provide vetted, qualified talent options.

We conduct deep forensics on networks, servers, endpoints and logs to identify any potential unauthorized access.

Yes, we set up encrypted communications, detect intercepts, and establish protocol to verify sensitive information exchanges.

Yes, our cybersecurity team includes world-class ethical hackers, forensics specialists, and engineers.

Yes, we evaluate third party cyber risks before partnerships.

We Implement robust defenses, including advanced threat detection, encrypted data storage, and regular system audits to mitigate the risk of data loss.

Our trained specialists can accompany and protect individuals anywhere, blending into the background.

Yes, our cybersecurity protections extend to mobile devices, networks, cloud platforms and more.

We rely on strict need-to-know protocols, compartmentalization, and layered cybersecurity.

We are fully capable of managing and executing daily cybersecurity operations to meet a client’s needs.

Yes, clients often request our cyber risk and security assessments on any third parties they engage with or acquire.

We monitor the dark web for threats, leaked data, and attack plans that may impact clients.

Our cybersecurity solutions are tailored to the unique digital landscape, addressing potential vulnerabilities and threats specific to the region.

We conduct phishing and cyber awareness training to educate employees on cyber risks

We offer controlled penetration testing to evaluate the strength of cybersecurity measures.

Yes, we utilize proprietary tools to monitor dark web forums for threats, leaked data, or other risks relevant to our clients.

Yes, we help assess your risks, identify coverage needs, and implement controls to obtain favorable cyber insurance rates.

We implement cryptographic controls, access limitations, data loss prevention, and internal audits to safeguard sensitive data.

Yes, we can handle selection, installation, and upkeep of security systems.

We rapidly respond to mitigate damage, restore systems, and prevent future attacks.

Yes, we offer certified secure shredding and media destruction services.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with common enterprise IT infrastructure.

Yes, we handle cyber extortion response and digital forensic analysis.

Yes, we evaluate third party cyber risks before partnerships.

Yes, our cyber operations include deleted data recovery services.

We offer reputation management, monitoring for online threats, removing harmful content, and strengthening positive messaging.

Yes, our developers follow best practices to build inherently more secure software.

We use behavioral analysis and other techniques to detect insider threats and prevent data theft.

We implement state-of-the-art identity monitoring and dark web surveillance.

Safety & Protection

We offer both armed and unarmed options based on risk level and preference.

Yes, our intelligence and investigations units are highly skilled at dealing with these risks.

Absolutely. We offer comprehensive security consulting services, helping organizations develop robust security strategies and protocols.

We conduct in-depth assessments of risks, venues, and client preferences to create tailored security plans.

Yes, we provide comprehensive travel security operations including planning, logistics, in-transit security, and emergency response capabilities.

Yes, we have extensive experience securing high-value physical items using layered defenses.

Our agents are trained to securely evacuate VIPs and personnel quickly to prepared safe zones.

Our dedicated research team analyzes threat intelligence globally to identify risks and proactively fortify defenses.

Yes, our executive protection specialists seamlessly secure international private travel to anywhere in the world.

We implement layered physical security, surveillance, cybersecurity, and access controls tailored to each facility.

Yes, employing sophisticated monitoring, defenses, and rapid response for estates and luxury residences.

We provide executive protection teams, private travel security, surveillance detection, proactive intelligence, and other bespoke solutions.

We provide customized security training and drills for executives, employees, families, and residences.

Our agents complete rigorous training in protective protocols, surveillance, and contingency planning.

Yes, our elite agents offer close protection services with minimal visibility.

Our mobile security packages cover personnel, assets, networks, and data wherever your team operates.

Rigorous vetting plus ongoing performance monitoring. Personnel are closely supervised and held to strict conduct standards.

Our agents are highly trained to adapt to any required arrangement you are comfortable with.

Our security operations cover daily activities, special events, and travel scenarios, both domestic and international. We aim to provide seamless security regardless of location.

We routinely secure high-level corporate gatherings, meetings, and retreats.

We implement workforce education, behavioral analysis, access controls and activity monitoring to proactively detect and mitigate insider threats.

Our extensive networks allow us to provide qualified personnel for clients rapidly while meeting our vetting standards.

Yes, we have stringent protocols to compartmentalize information and rotate personnel in order to mitigate insider threat risks proactively.

Yes, we develop comprehensive travel security plans worldwide.

Yes, we specialize in securing influential public figures and high-visibility individuals.

We provide strategic, proactive protection versus simply physical presence, with threat detection, risk analysis, emergency planning, and other robust security procedures.

Our agents average 15 years in law enforcement, military, and executive protection roles.

Yes, we regularly protect clients traveling and living abroad by partnering with vetted local resources.

Our agents maintain all required licenses and training for legal concealed carry of firearms for protection details and other armed operations.

Yes, many of our protection agents have military-grade emergency medical training to provide support until professional medical help arrives.

We have partnerships with charter jet and helicopter companies to facilitate secure private travel.

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Axeligence is headquartered in Israel and operates in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Our global presence allows us to provide local insights and intelligence in any market or environment.