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Threats can emerge from anywhere at any time. From nation-state actors to cybercriminals, bad actors are constantly looking for ways to disrupt operations and steal sensitive data. That’s why threat intelligence is more important than ever.

Threat intelligence provides prescient insights on emerging cyber and physical threats, empowering you to get ahead of them and protect your most valuable assets. With real-time monitoring, analysis, and warnings from our team of experts, you can preempt attacks before damage is done.


Threat intelligence delivers a range of benefits that fortify your defenses and streamline operations:

  • Preempt attacks: By identifying threats early, you can put preventative measures in place before attacks occur. This prevents business disruption, data loss, reputational damage and other fallout.

  • Focus security efforts: With an understanding of the threats targeting you, you can prioritize resources on the most likely vectors. This optimized use of budget and manpower boosts security efficiency.

  • Enrich alerts: Context about threat actors and their methods helps security teams better interpret alerts and avoid false positives. This minimizes wasted time on insignificant alerts.

  • Inform executive decisions: Strategic insights on the threat landscape allow executives to make data-driven decisions about security investments, policies, and more.

  • Enable collaboration: Sharing threat intelligence across teams, and even between organizations, helps the security community defend itself more effectively together.

Service Details

Our dedicated threat intelligence team offers continuous monitoring, analysis, and reporting to keep clients apprised of the risks targeting them. Here’s an overview of how our services work:


Monitoring and Data Collection

  • Monitor tens of thousands of open and closed sources across the surface, deep and dark web. Sources include threat actor communications, technical databases, pastes sites, forums and more.

  • Employ advanced collection techniques like API integrations to efficiently gather massive amounts of relevant data.

  • Acquire data at scale using next-gen methodologies like threat intelligence platforms.

  • Continuously update databases and knowledge bases with new threat intelligence.



  • Leverage both automated analysis tools and expert human analysis for insights you can trust.

  • Identify connections and patterns in data using link analysis, statistical analysis, machine learning and other techniques.

  • Attribute activity to known threat actors using behavioral analysis and other methodologies.

  • Determine the relevance and severity of threats based on your industry, geography and other unique factors.


Reporting and Sharing

  • Generate real-time alerts and warnings on critical threats so you can respond immediately.

  • Deliver scheduled reports and briefings customized to your business needs and priorities.

  • Distribute intelligence through online portals and integration with security tools you already use.

  • Facilitate collaboration and information sharing across teams and external partners.


Ongoing Optimization

  • Continuously fine-tune monitoring, analysis and delivery based on your feedback to provide maximum value.

  • Expand coverage and capabilities by leveraging new data sources, techniques, and use cases.

  • Implement an awareness program to help employees at all levels understand and act on threat intelligence.

The Process

Here is an overview of how we generate threat intelligence and deliver it to enhance your defenses:

  1. Monitoring: We continuously monitor tens of thousands of threat data sources across the surface web, deep web, and dark web. Both manual expert analysis and automated tools identify relevant threat data.

  2. Analysis: We analyze threat data using statistical analysis, machine learning, link analysis, and expert techniques. This connects the dots on threat actors, methods, motivations, and more.

  3. Relevance: We determine which threats are relevant to your organization based on your geography, industry, assets, and other unique factors.

  4. Severity: We assess the severity of each relevant threat using risk analysis, impact assessment, and other techniques.

  5. Reporting: We generate alerts and detailed reports tailored to your needs and deliver them through your preferred channels.

  6. Response: You take action based on our intelligence, fortifying defenses and optimizing operations.

  7. Optimization: Based on your feedback, we refine monitoring, analysis and reporting to provide maximum value.


This cycle repeats continuously, keeping you armed with up-to-date intelligence for preemptive defense.


What kinds of threats do you monitor and warn about?

We track and analyze threats across all major categories, including:

  • Cyber threats: malware, hacking, DDoS, etc.

  • Physical threats: theft, sabotage, terrorism, espionage

  • Insider threats from employees, contractors or partners

  • Supply chain threats from compromised vendors

  • Social engineering threats like phishing

Our sources span the surface, deep and dark web, including:

  • Technical databases like VirusTotal

  • Cybercriminal communications on forums and chat apps

  • Paste sites containing leaked data

  • Reconnaissance on the dark web

  • Social media monitoring

  • Partnerships with industry information sharing organizations

Intelligence is delivered via:

  • Real-time email and SMS alerts

  • Online dashboards and portals with reports

  • API integration into your security tools

  • Briefings, presentations, and documentation


We help you build response plans and integrate intelligence across your security stack.

Our analysts have specialized expertise across sectors under attack like:

  • Government

  • Financial services

  • Healthcare

  • Energy and utilities

  • Retail and ecommerce

  • Technology

  • Higher education


We fine-tune monitoring and analysis to your specific industry.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Connect with our team to scope initial needs

  2. We deliver a tailored proposal based on your goals, assets, risks and budget

  3. We onboard you, integrate with your systems, and start delivering intelligence


Within days, you’ll be receiving relevant, actionable threat insights customized to your organization.

Don’t let threats take you by surprise. Get ahead of emerging physical and cyber risks with intelligence from our specialists. Contact us today to empower preemptive protection of your most critical assets.

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