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Organizations face risks from many directions – competitors who steal trade secrets, foreign agents who breach computer systems, or disgruntled insiders who sabotage operations. One wrong move can lead to huge financial losses, damaged trust with customers, and lost competitive edge.

That’s why implementing a robust counterintelligence strategy is crucial.

Our team of experts offers complete solutions to identify threats, close vulnerabilities, and respond effectively when incidents occur. Working closely with your leaders to safeguard your most valuable assets and secure your future.

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The range of threats facing organizations today is unprecedented:

  • Cyber attacks – Hackers probe networks looking for weaknesses to exploit and data to steal. State-sponsored groups target intellectual property.

  • Insider threats – Employees or contractors use access to compromise facilities, steal information, or commit sabotage.

  • Espionage – Rival firms, activists, or foreign intelligence services use deception to infiltrate operations and steal secrets.

  • Physical breaches – Criminals, protesters, or adversaries gain unauthorized entry to secure areas through tailgating, deception, or force.

  • Supply chain compromises – Vulnerabilities introduced via equipment, software, or third-party vendors create openings for adversaries.

  • Social engineering – Manipulation tactics trick employees into handing over sensitive data or access credentials.


Our team brings together expertise honed in government agencies, military units, law enforcement, and the private sector. This allows us to take a holistic view and customize solutions to your unique environment.

Core elements of our approach include:

Threat Analysis – We conduct in-depth research into external and internal threats relevant to your organization. This provides actionable intelligence to inform defensive strategies.

Vulnerability Assessments – Our experts identify weak points in your facilities, personnel, IT systems, communications channels, and operational processes that adversaries could exploit.

Risk Mitigation Measures – We provide proven countermeasures to close vulnerabilities in both physical and digital domains. These may range from enhanced access controls to network monitoring tools and surveillance systems.

Incident Response Planning – Detailed plans ensure you can rapidly detect, investigate, and contain any breach attempts to limit damages and restore operations.

Ongoing Support – Long-term partnerships with clients allow us to continually update protections as new threats emerge and your organization evolves.

Investigations and Audits – If a compromise occurs, we swiftly investigate to uncover key facts while auditing systems to identify any backdoors installed.

Insider Threat Program – Tailored employee screening, monitoring, and response protocols protect against malicious insiders.

The end result is a comprehensive counterintelligence posture tailored to your specific priorities, risks, and budget. Defence in depth against threats.


Peace of Mind – By taking proactive steps, you can have confidence your critical assets are secured. Daily concerns are reduced.

Expertise – Our specialists have played key counterintelligence roles for decades. Tapping this experience is invaluable.

Risk Reduction – Identifying and closing vulnerabilities makes compromise much harder for any adversary.

Rapid Response – Detailed incident response plans mean you can react quickly to minimize damages from any breach attempt.

Competitive Advantage – Robust countermeasures protect your innovations, systems, and unique advantages from theft by rivals.

Reputation Protection – Preventing high-profile breaches preserves stakeholder trust and your brand reputation.

Cost Savings – Proactive protection is far more affordable than dealing with a major compromise reactively after the fact.

Service Details

While every client’s situation is unique, some key elements form the core of our standard counterintelligence approach:


In-Depth Threat Analysis

  • Examine threats from competitors, cyber criminals, insiders, foreign intelligence services, or activists relevant to your operations

  • Research tactics used, motives, typical targets, and historical incidents

  • Identify individuals, groups, or countries that may pose the greatest peril based on your assets

  • Develop a ranked matrix categorizing threats by risk level to prioritize defenses


Physical Security Evaluation

  • Assess facility perimeters, entrances/exits, locks, alarms, lighting, visitor protocols and more

  • Review personnel access procedures and security clearances

  • Inspect data centers, communications infrastructure, shipping/loading areas, and sensitive locations

  • Identify options to strengthen against unauthorized entry and insider threats


Cybersecurity Assessment

  • Audit network architecture, connections, remote access capabilities, and system configurations

  • Scan for unpatched software, misconfigured firewalls, vulnerable code, or backdoors

  • Review password policies, use of encryption, logging/monitoring, anti-malware, access controls

  • Identify high-risk areas for improvement to guard against infiltration


Communications Review

  • Examine information sharing processes and data transit methods

  • Assess policies for properly marking/handling sensitive communications

  • Evaluate use of secure messaging platforms and encryption protocols

  • Suggest ways to avoid leakage of critical data


Insider Threat Program

  • Develop security-focused culture via training on reporting suspicious behavior

  • Strengthen background vetting process for new hires

  • Implement stringent access controls based on sensitive role risk levels

  • Provide secure channels for anonymous whistleblowing on concerning insider activity


Incident Response Planning

  • Create and document playbooks governing investigation, containment, remediation

  • Define roles and responsibilities across technical, legal, leadership, PR teams

  • Devise scenarios and run tabletop exercises to refine responses pre-incident

  • Ensure ability to swiftly detect, analyze, communicate about, and recover from intrusions

The Process

If you choose to partner with us, our team will work side-by-side with you through this structured engagement process:


Step 1 – Strategic Assessment

We start by gaining a deep understanding of your organization – key assets, priorities, competitive environment, leadership structure, operations, facilities, IT systems, compliance needs, and major concerns. This provides the foundation to customize our approach.


Step 2 – Risk Analysis

Next we conduct in-depth analysis of threats you face. We categorize and prioritize potential risks based on impact and likelihood. This focuses efforts on your greatest vulnerabilities.


Step 3 – Protection Strategy

Leveraging the risk analysis, we provide expert recommendations on comprehensive countermeasures to detect and prevent compromise attempts. We can help compare costs vs. benefits to align with your budget.


Step 4 – Implementation

Once counterintelligence strategies are approved, we help oversee efficient implementation. This may involve new access controls, monitoring equipment, cybersecurity tools, training programs, and more. We ensure effective deployment.


Step 5 – Ongoing Vigilance

Protection must evolve as new threats emerge, so we continue collaborating to monitor risks, perform audits, investigate any incidents, enhance defenses, and provide employee education. We become your trusted long-term advisors.

This process allows in-depth protection customized to your unique risks and priorities.


What does initial scoping and planning involve?

The initial phase involves understanding your core assets, strategic priorities, leadership structure, competitive threats, areas of concern, facilities, IT systems, regulatory environment, incident history, and desired risk tolerance profile. This enables custom offerings.

Proposed options may involve visitor management systems, duress/panic alarms, security guards, fencing, reinforced entrances/exits, secure rooms for sensitive discussions, surveillance cameras, anti-tailgating tech, and more based on facility vulnerabilities.

Beyond insider threat training, we can strengthen background checks, implement need-to-know access controls and continuous vetting, provide anonymous reporting channels, develop peer monitoring programs, and establish protocols for prompt incident response.

Typical deliverables include risk analyses, vulnerability assessments, formal written recommendations, implementation roadmaps, incident response plans, training content, audit reports, and progress briefings to leadership.

The assessment examines facility perimeter security, access control systems, on-site guards, alarm systems, lighting, computer network protection, employee screening procedures, secure communications, and physical security policies. The goal is identifying weak spots.

Ideal participants include security leadership, IT management, legal counsel, human resources, facilities management, communications staff, and senior executives who set strategic priorities. A collaborative effort is best.

Many regulations have security control requirements that our program can help address – PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, NIST frameworks, etc. We ensure protections meet your compliance obligations.

Pricing is influenced by level of effort and scope. We can provide fixed monthly retainers, annual contracts, one-time assessment pricing, hourly consulting rates, or bundled service packages.

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