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Filling sensitive roles or granting security clearances carries major risks if the wrong individual is selected. Malicious actors or negligent employees can inflict immense damage. 

Our rigorous risk assessment services provide the objective insights you need to make confident hiring and screening decisions for critical roles. We identify vulnerabilities that standard background checks miss, allowing you to minimize risks and insider threats.


We don’t rely on cursory, routine checks when performing risk assessments. Our experienced specialists dig deep to uncover vulnerabilities using:

  • Comprehensive background checks – We go beyond superficial reviews to expose past issues and behaviors. Dangerous tendencies often hide in plain sight within a person’s history.

  • Social media audits – Online activity frequently reveals risks not evident elsewhere like extremism, recklessness or dishonesty. We leave no stone unturned when assessing digital footprints.

  • Field interviews – Speaking with a candidate’s associates uncovers rumors, inconsistencies and additional red flags background checks miss.

  • Psychological evaluations – Assessments performed by respected psychologists detect mental health issues, addictions, instability and dishonest tendencies.

  • Custom add-ons – We tailor assessments by incorporating additional checks like drug testing, surveillance, document forensics or monitoring. This targets specific vulnerabilities based on your needs.


Our exhaustive approach uncovers risks and behaviors that even the most rigorous standard evaluations miss. We dig exponentially deeper to reveal vulnerabilities that threaten security and safety when the wrong candidates are cleared.


Unparalleled Experience

We maintain exclusive access to specialists uniquely qualified for rigorous risk assessment:

  • Elite investigators – Our team includes dedicated professionals from FBI, CIA, police agencies, military intelligence and private investigation firms. Their experience allows unparalleled scrutiny.

  • Specialized psychologists – We partner with psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors experienced in risk assessment and behavioral analysis. They detect mental health issues, addictions and personality risks.

  • Insider knowledge – Many staff previously held the same types of sensitive positions we evaluate for. Their personal experience offers unique insights into vulnerabilities.

  • Cutting-edge tools – Our team utilizes the latest advances in areas like social media analysis, surveillance, document forensics, monitoring, OSINT and open-source intelligence. This allows unprecedented rigor.


No other firm can match the caliber of experience we apply to identify risks and vulnerabilities when filling your most critical positions. Our exclusive human expertise combined with cutting-edge technical tools allow unrivaled risk detection.

Service Details

Background Checks

Our background checks leave no stone unturned when assessing past behaviors, life events, tendencies and associations for red flags. Checks typically include:

  • Criminal records – Any arrests, charges or convictions are red flags indicating poor judgment and integrity. We dig deeper into case details.

  • Litigation – Involvement in lawsuits can reveal recklessness, negligence, disputes and other warning signs. Public records offer clues standard checks miss.

  • Financial – Bankruptcies, tax liens, foreclosures, insider trading and bad debts raise concerns over responsibility. We scrutinize credit and finances.

  • References – Speaking with past employers uncovers problems with performance, conduct, relationships and reliability. We seek detailed references.

  • Verification – We thoroughly validate education credentials, professional licenses and qualifications claimed. Falsifications are serious red flags.

  • Timeline – Carefully constructing a timeline for past whereabouts, jobs and periods of unemployment pinpoints gaps that raise questions.

  • Associations – Current and past affiliations reveal relationships, behaviors and tendencies that pose risks. We filter carefully.


Our background checks go further than standard reviews, exposing a vastly more complete profile of past behaviors and risks often obscured from cursory checks. This allows us to detect vulnerabilities unknowable through basic screenings.


Social Media Audits

How someone portrays themselves online offers critical insights beyond a polished resume and interview persona. Social media activity frequently exposes security risks and red flags like:

  • Extremism – Radical affiliations, viewpoints and hatred increase risks of insider threats and deliberate sabotage. These are easily cloaked offline.

  • Recklessness – Irresponsible behaviors involving drugs, alcohol, crime, protests or violence indicate poor judgment and discipline.

  • Dishonesty – False credentials, plagiarism, scams and hoaxes contradict upstanding character required for sensitive roles.

  • Addiction – Substance abuse and other addictions create risks of blackmail, poor performance and irrational actions.

  • Immaturity – Offensive comments, arguments and childish disputes contradict being able to handle sensitive roles requiring maturity.


A candidate’s unfiltered social media presence often reveals far more about risks and true character than interviews and background checks ever could. We leave no online stone unturned when evaluating social media activity.


Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessments conducted by respected specialists provide unique insights by evaluating:

  • Mental health – Disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD and emotional instability compromise security in high-stress roles relying on sound judgment.

  • Personality – Narcissism, Machiavellianism, sociopathy and instability increase risks of going rogue or becoming insider threats.

  • Cognitive abilities – Poor executive functioning, limited problem solving and impaired working memory negatively impact complex roles.

  • Addictions – Any dependencies create blackmail and coercion risks while opening doors to reckless judgment.

  • Truthfulness – Psychological tests reveal tendencies for dishonesty and rule-breaking that background checks can easily miss.


Psychological assessments detect mental health conditions, personality risks, cognitive issues and truthfulness problems that threaten vulnerabilities in sensitive positions. Self-reported information is corroborated using scientifically validated techniques.


Field Interviews

Field interviews provide context, nuance and telling human insights that automated checks lack:

  • Friends, exes and associates – Conflicts, grudges and rumors shared by people close to a candidate uncover additional risks. We identify closest connections.

  • Neighbours – Those living nearby notice worrisome behaviors like violence, hate speech, drug use or threatening tendencies that others miss.

  • Colleagues – Past coworkers share red flags around dishonesty, negligence, rule breaking, conflicts and inappropriate behaviors at work.

  • Classmates – Fellow students observe signs of radicalization, addiction, mental health issues and personality risks often hidden later in life. We track down classmates.

  • Community members – We identify tight-knit communities like places of worship, clubs or associations to uncover group behaviors and dynamics.


Well-chosen human intelligence sources detect subtle clues and relay invaluable experiential insights unattainable by even the most rigorous automated checks. We combine this with digital checks for the most complete assessment possible.

The Process

We follow best practices refined across thousands of successful risk assessments:

  1. Consultation – We consult with you to identify priorities, requirements and sensitivities to guide customization.

  2. Screening – An initial screening removes clearly unqualified candidates before wasting efforts on full assessments.

  3. Primary Assessment – Our core assessment incorporates essential checks per the role’s sensitivities like backgrounds, psychological evaluation, social media audits and interviews.

  4. Secondary Assessment – For ultra-sensitive roles, additional rigor is added like surveillance, document forensics, drug testing or reference interrogation.

  5. Reporting – You receive a comprehensive risk analysis report outlining all vulnerabilities identified through the layered assessments. We can also present findings in-person and provide supporting evidence.

  6. Follow-up – After hiring, we provide ongoing support to monitor risks and refresh assessments at appropriate intervals.


This phased approach provides the optimal balance of rigor, efficiency and customization to maximize risk detection based on the sensitivity and requirements of the role.


What makes your assessments superior to typical background checks?

We go far beyond the cursory, checklist-style reviews that most candidates breeze through. Our exhaustive assessments incorporate multiple layers of scrutiny including social media activity, psychological evaluations and field interviews focused on uncovering risks.

By focusing strictly on risks relevant to job performance and security. We pursue legally sound methods and only report details directly related to professional vulnerabilities. Candidates consent to rigorous assessment when applying to sensitive roles.

We only present findings once risks are validated across multiple assessment layers. Psychological and field interviews add nuanced human insights that protect against false positives from relying solely on data checks. We focus on substantiated risks rather than guesses or hunches.

Personality assessments conducted by veteran psychologists skilled in risk analysis detect characteristics and tendencies common among malicious insiders like narcissism,Machiavellianism and pathological deception. Insights from field interviews also reveal vulnerabilities to blackmail, coercion and radicalization.

Many of our staff previously held the same types of sensitive positions we now evaluate. Their real-world experience provides unique insights into the behavioral, cultural and contextual red flags that prerequisites for compromise. Our specialists have assessed thousands of cases, building unrivaled skills in identifying vulnerabilities.

We operate under strict confidentiality. All data remains tightly controlled and disclosed only to relevant decision-makers on a need-to-know basis. Our focus is risk detection, not exposing private details unnecessary for hiring decisions. Candidates must consent to rigorous evaluation when applying to sensitive roles.

We do not share full risk analysis reports publicly to protect client confidentiality. However, we are happy to provide redacted samples of assessments during consultation to demonstrate our methods and reporting prior to engagement.

Absolutely. Our vendor and third-party risk assessments follow a very similar methodology profiling organizational risks based on leadership evaluations, business practices, cybersecurity maturity, financials, litigation history, media reputation, and other factors tailored to your relationship and risk environment.

We have strict safeguards to prevent misuse of our risk assessments capabilities and will not work with clients demonstrating unethical intentions. Our staff undergo rigorous screening and are bound by laws and ethics governing sensitive investigations. We focus exclusively on risks substantiated by specific findings.

Contact us anytime online or by phone to discuss your specific risk assessment needs. We can provide cost estimates tailored to the scope and sensitive of roles involved. Our expert team looks forward to helping you make critical hiring and screening decisions confidently based on objective, in-depth evaluations.

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