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When discretion and objectivity are paramount regarding sensitive personal or business matters, a professional polygraph examination can provide valuable insights. Our esteemed experts offer exclusive polygraph testing services using proven, customized methodologies.

Also known as a lie detector test, polygraph evaluations analyze subtle physiological responses to questions to determine statement veracity. Sensors measure changes in respiration, perspiration, heart rate, and blood pressure when one answers queries. Sophisticated algorithms and expert examiners then interpret significant patterns and anomalies to assess the likelihood of deception.

With strict protocols to ensure privacy and customized approaches tailored to your context, our polygraph tests provide an unbiased way to evaluate truthfulness regarding sensitive issues. The process prioritizes discretion while giving you confidence in any decisions based on the objective results.



Opting for polygraph testing with our seasoned specialists offers many advantages:

  • Objective determination of statement truthfulness: Polygraph equipment and techniques capture subtle, involuntary physiological reactions when a person is being deceptive. This provides unbiased insights into statement veracity.

  • Custom-tailored methods and questions: We customize the polygraph test approach, question types and topics to suit your unique situation. This improves accuracy and relevance for your circumstances.

  • Utmost privacy and confidentiality: Our entire process emphasizes discretion, conducted in a secure environment per strict protocols to protect sensitive information. You can be candid with confidence.

  • Based decision making: Having objective polygraph results enables making wise, pragmatic choices regarding sensitive issues. You can move forward firmly based on truth.

  • Expert administration for reliability: Our highly trained, seasoned examiners utilize proven techniques to optimize accuracy and dependability. Their expertise lends credibility.

  • Comfort and care: We seek to make you comfortable, explaining the process in detail and addressing any concerns. Our compassionate approach eases the experience.


With polygraph testing from our specialists, you get customized, discreet evaluations that provide confidence in acting based on truth. The benefits of objective insights enable prudent decisions.

Service Details

Our polygraph testing services are fully customized to meet your unique needs and situation. Here are some key details:

Testing for Personal Matters

  • We conduct polygraph assessments for highly sensitive personal matters requiring the utmost discretion, including romantic relationships, family issues, personal conduct, and more.


Business & Corporate Polygraph Testing

  • For companies and organizations, we perform exams addressing sensitive corporate issues like internal investigations, breach of policies, theft, security matters, and pre-employment screening.


Law Enforcement & Legal Proceedings Support

  • Our accurate polygraph results can aid law enforcement agencies in investigations. The findings may also complement legal proceedings, arbitration, or settlement cases, while not being admissible as court evidence.


Broad Range of Potential Question Topics

  • We will collaboratively develop customized test questions covering any relevant topics required to get to the truth, including knowledge of events, actions, communications, details of incidents, personal observations, and more.


Single or Multiple Testing Sessions

  • For in-depth assessments, polygraph exams may involve multiple testing sessions spanning hours or days. Or for simpler tests, a single session may suffice. We structure testing for optimal accuracy.


Mobile Polygraph Testing

  • For your utmost convenience, our licensed examiners can travel to conduct testing at your preferred location if you prefer offsite assessments.


Rapid Turnaround of Results

  • Leveraging the latest technology, we strive to complete exams and comprehensively analyze responses to provide you with objective results in the fastest possible timeframe based on your situation.


Flexible Scheduling for Your Convenience

  • Our scheduling is optimized for maximal flexibility to accommodate your availability needs. We offer testing appointments early mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends.


Please thoroughly discuss your specific service requirements with our examiner during the initial consultation. This enables fully customizing the testing approach for your exact context and priorities, with discretion as our number one commitment.

The Process

Our polygraph exam shines as a powerful, yet non-invasive tool when you need objective insights on sensitive issues. Here are the steps in our professional testing process:


Initial In-Depth Consultation

  • Thorough consultation to fully understand your unique context, objectives and needs.

  • Discuss the particular sensitive issue, scope of questions, goals, and any other relevant factors in detail.

  • Focuses on tailoring the ideal testing approach to align with your specific situation.

  • Address any comfort, privacy, or procedural concerns at length. Facilitates optimal testing environment.


Pre-Test Briefing and Preparation

  • On testing day, the examiner explains procedures and equipment and asks practice questions.

  • Get familiar with the polygraph room setup and experience sample measurements. Calibrates responses.

  • The examiner provides tips to mentally prepare for the exam and get in the right mindset.

  • Voice any lingering concerns. Maximizes comfort before formal polygraph begins.


Polygraph Examination

  • Examiner asks carefully constructed questions while you are connected to sensors.

  • Measurements of respiration, sweat, cardiovascular activity detect subtle physiological reactions.

  • Customized questions target the specific issue and evaluate truthfulness from multiple angles.

  • Simply answer honestly and remain still to avoid interfering with recordings.


In-Depth Data Analysis

  • Recorded measurements are scientifically analyzed using multiple proven scoring methods.

  • Subtle patterns and anomalies in responses compared to baseline indicate deception.

  • Sophisticated algorithms and human expertise produce professional interpretations accounting for context.


Extensive Results Discussion

  • Examiner shares polygraph results and explains interpretations during an in-depth private discussion.

  • Thoroughly reviews charts highlighting deceptive or truthful responses from multiple perspectives.

  • Encourages all questions to ensure you understand the findings and process.

  • Given multifaceted opinion of findings to inform decisions regarding situation.


While the underlying technology is sophisticated, your role in the polygraph evaluation is simple – just answer questions candidly while minimizing movements to allow accurate data capture.


What types of questions may be asked?

Our examiners work extensively with you to develop relevant questions from multiple angles addressing the specific issues or incidents in question. Tests often cover knowledge, actions, or involvement.

Follow instructions closely to answer each question concisely and honestly while remaining perfectly still during measurements. This optimizes physiological data quality.

Yes, we adhere to strict ethical and legal protocols to keep your polygraph findings entirely confidential. Only authorized parties may access the results under any circumstances.

Polygraph results generally cannot be admitted as courtroom evidence. But they may motivate confessions or strongly support investigations if deception seems probable.

After the initial consultation, allow 3-4 hours for the in-depth briefing, polygraph test, comprehensive analysis, and thorough results review. Total time varies based on context.

Our caring examiners establish close rapport to ease anxiety. Some nerves are normal, but do not inherently indicate deception. Your honest participation optimizes accuracy.

You can easily schedule your initial consultation by calling our office or requesting an appointment through our website. We genuinely look forward to serving you.

Please ask our examiner any additional questions you may have at any time. We are happy to discuss all aspects openly.

When you require the greatest discretion and care for sensitive issues, we are the provider you want for polygraph testing. Here’s why our services outshine:


Seasoned, Accredited Examiners

  • Our licensed examiners complete the most intensive training and continuing education.
  • They maintain memberships in the most prestigious professional associations.
  • Decades of expertise across law enforcement, government, and corporate sectors.


Cutting-Edge Technology

  • We continuously invest in and utilize the most advanced polygraph equipment and scientifically validated techniques.
  • Our examiners stay abreast of the latest research to adopt beneficial new practices as they emerge.
  • Sophisticated algorithms optimize accuracy by removing examiner bias.


Holistic, Customized Exams

  • We extensively tailor testing scopes, questions, and settings to individual needs.
  • Assess the whole context–psychological, situational, medical–for maximal relevance.
  • Emphasize participant comfort, privacy and discretion through every facet of the process.


Proven Track Record

  • Tens of thousands of successful, reliable examinations over our long, unblemished history.
  • Consistently produce valid results that closely align with eventual case facts.
  • Trusted by the most prominent public and private institutions for sensitive matters.


Stringent Ethics and Standards

  • Adhere to the strictest professional codes of practice for integrity and privacy.
  • Implement the tightest information security protocols across our systems.
  • Provide fully transparent processes, methods, and results.

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Your privacy is our top priority, we take serious measures to ensure the protection of the data you entrust to us.

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