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At certain points in life, we face sensitive personal issues that require discreet, thoughtful handling. Situations related to your reputation, public image, legal exposure, financial standing, and family can present complex dilemmas with no easy answers. Our personal risk management service provides a safe space to openly discuss dilemmas and get impartial, strategic advice tailored to your circumstances. We offer unbiased guidance to executives, public figures, and high net worth individuals facing situations such as:

  • Potential scandals, lawsuits, or public relations crises
  • Sensitive legal matters with confidentiality concerns
  • Complex financial or business dealings under scrutiny
  • Media attention on private relationships/family issues
  • Stressful events impacting mental health or wellbeing
  • Changes in public opinion, political standing, or market perceptions


During confidential 1-on-1 consultations, our advisors seek to fully understand your unique objectives, concerns, obligations and then explore options and potential outcomes. We can provide education, insight, and recommendations to minimize risks and liabilities while protecting your interests and those of family/stakeholders. Our ultimate goal is to give you the information needed to make educated, values-aligned decisions.


  • Absolute confidentiality – Nothing discussed leaves our private sessions
  • Avoid conflicts of interest with unbiased third-party advice
  • Minimize future risks and legal exposure through informed choices
  • Navigate PR crises, scandals, and reputation management discreetly
  • Access risk management strategies reserved for elite clientele
  • No judgments – We respect the complexity of sensitive dilemmas
  • Convenient virtual or in-person meetings to fit your schedule

Service Details

  • Actively listen to fully understand your unique situation and objectives
  • Ask strategic questions to identify key concerns, obligations, and stakes
  • Offer insights into related legal, financial, or public relations matters
  • Weigh the potential pros and cons of various options
  • Explore possible scenarios and outcomes if you pursue different paths
  • Provide impartial recommendations tailored to your circumstances
  • Collaborate with you to create a specific action plan if desired
  • Direct you to any other specialized resources if appropriate
  • Follow up on progress and provide ongoing counsel as needed


You will have our complete confidence. We take client privacy extremely seriously and have measures in place to ensure anonymity. Our advisors have decades of experience guiding influential figures through sensitive situations discreetly. While we cannot make decisions for you, we can provide the sounding board and critical thinking needed to determine your best path forward.

The Process

We take an exceptionally thorough, strategic approach to providing confidential guidance on sensitive personal matters. Our step-by-step process is designed to provide the depth of understanding, insight, and support needed to help you make educated, values-aligned decisions.

  1. Initial In-Depth Consultation Your journey starts with an initial 2-3 hour consultation focused on fully understanding your unique situation. This involves extensive discussion of:


  • Background, profession, public standing
  • Personal values, concerns, obligations
  • The sensitive issue you are currently facing
  • Your short and long-term goals
  • Key relationships, stakeholders, and other considerations


We dig deep into the nuances and complexities of your circumstances to gain clarity. This phase is also focused on building rapport and trust between you and your advisor.

  1. Research & Analysis Next, your advisor will conduct specialized research and analysis surrounding your situation. This involves looking at:


  • Relevant legal precedents and case studies
  • Public records, news reports, archives for backstory
  • Professional biographies of key players
  • Examples of PR strategies in similar circumstances
  • Insights from our network of subject matter experts


The goal is to uncover any information that may be relevant to exploring options and potential outcomes. We invest substantial time in this phase.

  1. Strategy Session Equipped with a thorough understanding of your situation, background research, and stated objectives, your advisor will next collaborate with you on a strategic plan. Key elements involve:


  • Mapping out short and long-term scenarios
  • Weighing pros and cons of different options
  • Anticipating various stakeholders’ concerns and reactions
  • Exploring crisis management strategies as needed
  • Developing messaging and public relations guidance
  • Discussing legal, financial, mental health considerations


This is a highly collaborative session with back-and-forth dialogue and iterations as we develop an actionable strategy customized for you.

  1. Action Plan Based on the strategy session, your advisor will then work with you to create a detailed action plan to move forward. This written plan will outline:


  • Recommended next steps and tactical advice
  • Timelines and milestones
  • Resources and expert referrals as needed
  • Plans for managing various contingency scenarios
  • Communication protocols and messaging
  • Emotional support and self-care considerations


The action plan becomes your roadmap for navigating the sensitive issue discreetly and strategically. We will provide it in a password protected digital format.

  1. Ongoing Support & Follow Up Your advisor will check in with you at pre-defined intervals to provide ongoing counsel, advice and emotional support as the situation evolves. They are available for urgent consults 24/7 as well. Follow up sessions can cover:


  • Updates on progress and changing circumstances
  • Guidance at critical decision points
  • Assistance managing unforeseen developments
  • Reviews and revisions to your strategy and plan
  • Referrals to specialized legal, financial or mental health experts


We are committed to providing ongoing support for as long as you need to resolve the sensitive personal issue.


What types of issues can you advise on?

We provide confidential guidance on any personal issue that may impact your reputation, career, legal standing, finances, or family relationships. Common topics include potential scandals, lawsuits, deals/contracts scrutiny, PR crises, political threats, mental health concerns, and family mediation.

Our experts are carefully vetted from fields like law, finance, PR, psychology, business strategy and public policy. They have decades of experience discreetly advising high-profile individuals. Advisors are matched to each client based on background and expertise.

Absolutely. We have strict confidentiality measures in place, including secure technology, encrypted records, and legal protections. Nothing discussed in sessions can be shared or disclosed without your explicit written consent.

No. We are an independent risk management firm focused solely on providing ethical, confidential counsel. There are no conflicts of interest.

No, our services are accessible to anyone facing sensitive issues requiring discreet guidance. There are no net worth minimums. We pride ourselves on serving a diverse clientele.

Sessions are customized for each client. After the initial consultation, follow-ups are scheduled based on your needs and preferences. Some clients choose weekly meetings, others monthly.

We typically can accommodate new clients for a consultation within 3-5 business days, sooner if urgently needed. We try to be as flexible as possible.

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Your privacy is our top priority, we take serious measures to ensure the protection of the data you entrust to us.

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