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Discovering or suspecting infidelity can be emotionally devastating. You may feel confused, hurt, angry, and unsure of what to do next. We understand this is an incredibly difficult situation. That’s why our experienced team handles extra-marital investigations with the utmost sensitivity, confidentiality, and care.

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We are a professional investigation agency that specializes in discreetly looking into potential infidelity situations. Our skilled investigators use ethical, legal methods to uncover the facts you need to make informed decisions about your relationship’s future.

Whether you simply need clarification or hard evidence of an affair, we can provide it. Our objective, compassionate approach aims to give you clarity and closure while minimizing further hurt or trauma.

With decades of combined experience handling delicate domestic cases, you can trust us to be strategic and subtle on your behalf. We pursue every case with respect and empathy for all parties involved.

Infidelity unfortunately can take endless forms in today’s digital world. From intimate physical affairs to online emotional cheating and sexting, we’ve seen it all. Our investigators approach each unique case without judgement – we’re simply here to uncover the truth so you can make empowered choices.

We’ve handled hundreds of sensitive infidelity investigations over many years. Time and again, our clients express immense relief and gratitude that we were able to provide definitive answers during deep uncertainty. Our discreet process also helps clients avoid public scrutiny while navigating this vulnerable crossroads.

We know the anxiety of wondering whether your partner is truly betraying you. The obsessive doubts and suspicion that consume your thoughts. Let us bring you certainty so you can move forward, whether that means reconciliation, separation, legal action or simply closure. You deserve to live authentically without thiscloud hanging over the relationship.

While we can’t take away the hurt, we can at least help free you from the purgatory of not knowing. Our thorough, confidential investigations aim to arm you with the hidden knowledge you deserve so you can make properly equipped choices.


  • Get clarity and closure: No more agonizing over suspicions. Our investigations bring you definitive proof or peace of mind.

  • Make empowered decisions: Understanding the full truth allows you to decide your next steps from an informed place.

  • Avoid rash reactions: Objective evidence prevents hasty, emotionally-driven actions you may later regret.

  • Feel understood and supported: Our non-judgmental team provides caring guidance during this vulnerable time.

  • Maintain privacy: Our discreet, confidential process helps you avoid public drama or scrutiny.

  • Regain peace of mind: Knowing the facts helps minimize obsessive over-thinking and anxiety.

  • Mend your relationship (if desired): The truth can lead to understanding and reconciliation if you wish.

  • Move forward: Full awareness provides closure to leave the past behind and live authentically.

  • Prevent false accusations: If suspicions are wrong, we can provide proof of your partner’s innocence to avoid unfounded mistrust.

  • Gain a professional perspective: Our neutral, objective insights help you interpret complex dynamics at play.

  • Protect yourself legally: Documented evidence holds up in court if needed to file for divorce, dispute prenups/postnups, and resolve other legal matters.

  • Uncover hidden assets: If your partner is hiding money/property, our asset investigation services can find it.


In essence, our service empowers you with the hidden knowledge you need to take control of the situation and make the best choices for your wellbeing.

Service Details

Our trusted investigators use legal, ethical techniques to uncover evidence of infidelity. We customize our approach to meet your unique needs and situation. Here are some details of our process:

  • Free consultation: We offer a free phone consultation to understand your concerns, goals and relationship dynamics. This helps us determine if an investigation is advised and develop an appropriate plan.

  • Strategic techniques: Depending on the case, we may conduct digital forensics on devices and accounts, discreet surveillance, computer and mobile data recovery, background checks, asset searches or other approved methods. Our strategies are designed to be subtle and minimize detection risk.

  • Meticulous documentation: We thoroughly document all evidence through written notes, photos, videos and other records. A summary report is provided detailing key findings and recommended next steps. Physical evidence is also available.

  • Objective insights: As neutral third-party professionals, we objectively analyze and interpret the facts to provide an impartial perspective on what’s truly occurring.

  • Concise, clear deliverables: Our reports, photos, videos and other findings are organized for ease of understanding. We present the truth in a straightforward yet sensitive way.

  • Customized suggestions: If desired, we can provide guidance on safely confronting your partner, gathering additional evidence, protecting assets, filing for divorce, or other next steps based on what we uncover.

  • Discreet communication: We use secure channels and discreet methods to provide updates and deliverables. Your privacy is always a top priority.

  • Ongoing support: Our investigators remain available to answer questions, explain findings and assist as the situation progresses. We genuinely care and are here for you.

  • Experience handling affairs of all types: From long-term physical affairs to online emotional infidelity, our seasoned team has seen every permutation and handled them with discretion.

  • Seamless legal coordination: We work collaboratively with attorneys and law enforcement if you wish to pursue legal action based on evidence we uncover.

  • Top-tier technology: We utilize state-of-the-art surveillance gadgets and forensic tools to extract as much pertinent digital data as legally possible.

  • Thorough background checks: We thoroughly profile subjects via databases, public records, interviews and other means to understand motivations and patterns.

  • Asset investigation services: We can also identify and locate any hidden money, property, investments and transactions designed to hide funds from you.

Our tailored process aims to bring you certainty while avoiding actions that could needlessly inflame things or put you at legal risk. We obtain proof using ethical, legal means so evidence holds up should legal proceedings occur down the road.


What We Can Investigate

Our experienced team can look into all types of marital infidelity using legal investigation techniques:

  • Physical affairs – We can provide photographic and video evidence meeting up with and being intimate with another person. Surveillance of suspected rendezvous locations, undercover operatives, and discreet monitoring of subjects often uncovers real-world proof.

  • Emotional affairs – Flirtatious messages, late night calls, secret gifts and other digital signals of inappropriate non-physical relationships are exposed through device and account forensics.

  • Sexting and explicit messaging – We recover deleted texts, photos, videos, chat sessions and apps containing sexual communications with someone outside the marriage.

  • Online activity – Web browsing histories, social media messages, dating site activity and other digital fingerprints suggesting virtual cheating are documented.

  • Multiple affairs – If evidence points to more than one simultaneous affair, we pursue leads on additional suspects to reveal the full extent of the betrayal.

  • Ongoing affairs – Long term affairs may require extended monitoring to gather enough proof over time by identifying patterns, gathering evidence at key moments, and leveraging inconsistencies in stories.

  • Gay/lesbian affairs – We handle same-sex infidelity investigations just as sensitively as any other case. Our focus is the evidence, not passing any judgement.


If you suspect unfaithfulness in any form, we have the experience and investigative tools to provide clarity one way or another. And regardless of what we uncover, we’ll always handle the case professionally and compassionately.

The Process

If you decide our service could benefit your situation, here is an overview of how our professional investigation process unfolds:

  1. Initial consultation: We consult via phone, video chat or in our office to learn background details relevant to the case. This helps us provide an estimate and craft an investigation plan. There is no obligation to proceed if you decide our services aren’t needed at this time.

  2. Onboarding: Once you hire us, we gather pertinent information, discuss contractual terms and obtain a retainer. We begin filing documents under your case number and inputting background details.

  3. Surveillance: Physical monitoring and tracking may be conducted to gather real-world evidence through photos, videos and investigator observations if surveillance is needed.

  4. Digital forensics: If authorized, we scour digital devices and online accounts for incriminating data including messages, photos, search histories and app activity.

  5. Computer and phone data recovery: We utilize forensic tools to resurrect deleted files and messages which may hold clues about the affair. Cloud backups may also be accessed.

  6. Background profiling: Our team thoroughly researches the background, employment, finances, legal history and personal details of involved subjects to create profiles and establish patterns.

  7. Information analysis: Our team pores through all collected data to identify, organize and analyze elements pointing to infidelity. We interpret findings in an unbiased way.

  8. Report preparation: We summarize all key discoveries and analyses in a formal evidentiary report. Related documentation and physical evidence are compiled. Preliminary insights may be shared if urgent action is required while the report is being finalized.

  9. Presentation of findings: Once complete, we confidentially deliver the detailed report outlining pertinent evidence uncovered, timelines, recommended conclusions and next steps based on what we discovered. We’re available to explain anything that’s unclear.

  10. Ongoing communication: Our investigators remain on call to answer questions, explain the reports findings, suggest constructive actions, testify if required, and provide other support to bring closure. We’ll check in periodically as the situation progresses.


While the stages above reflect our typical process, we remain flexible. Extra steps can be added and the order modified to fit unique cases. We handle every investigation as discretely as possible while pursuing all promising leads. Our objective is to provide you with definitive proof or confirmation as efficiently yet cautiously as we can.


Do you handle cases involving emotional affairs without s*x?

Yes, we investigate emotional affairs, s*xting, inappropriate online behaviors and other betrayals that stop short of physical intimacy. Infidelity exists on a spectrum, and we can uncover digital proof of where your partner’s actions fall.

Avoid confronting your partner or making accusations prematurely. Also refrain from actions that could alert them and provoke them to destroy evidence. Let us gather proof systematically and advise you on safely approaching the situation once we have results.

We provide a free initial consultation. Once retained, we request a modest retainer which is applied towards your final invoices. The remaining balance is due upon the investigation’s completion. We can arrange flexible payment plans if needed. There are no obligations or fees unless you decide to formally hire us.

Simple cases involving digital forensics of limited accounts/devices take approximately 1-2 weeks. Complex matters involving surveillance, multiple subjects or in-depth analysis may take 4-6 weeks or longer. We always strive to deliver answers promptly while being meticulous.

We obtain signed non-disclosure agreements with all clients. We mask our company name and number on billing statements. We use encrypted channels to share updates and deliverables. Your privacy is always our top concern.

Our seasoned investigators include former forensic analysts, police detectives, attorneys, private investigators and IT specialists. All have a minimum 5-10 years investigative experience and certifications from respected institutions. We pride ourselves on employing trusted professionals with diverse expertise.

The reports and documentation we provide are legally obtained and admissible as supporting evidence in legal proceedings if needed. However, we advise discretion in sharing details publicly. Our goal is arming you with proof while avoiding unnecessary reputation damage if reconciliation may occur.

We are an established agency with extensive resources, credentials and experience these types of cases. Our team approach ensures diligent follow up, top-notch expertise applied to each case, and continuity of support even if lead investigators are occupied. With solo practitioners, you sometimes risk inconsistencies.

We are simply uncovering the truth through legal means – no more, no less. If the findings confirm your partner’s faithfulness, you can feel reassured this was an unfounded concern and move forward in confidence. We handle all outcomes professionally without judgement.

If requested, we periodically check in to see how things progressed and offer further guidance if new challenges or questions arise down the road. However, we typically allow clients space to process the findings independently unless they specifically request follow-ups. We aim to provide closure while letting you move forward organically.

If the investigation is unable to sufficiently confirm or refute an affair, we summarize our activities, findings and limitations candidly in the report. You only pay for time spent – there are no guaranteed outcome fees. A lack of proof provides its own form of clarity that suspicions were likely unfounded, allowing you to refocus on the relationship with confidence.

We know the shock, anguish and confusion discovery of a potential affair can spark. Let our investigators discretely uncover the truth so you can move forward in strength. To schedule a free case assessment or learn more, contact us at:

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Your privacy is our top priority, we take serious measures to ensure the protection of the data you entrust to us.

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