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Your organization houses sensitive assets within your facilities. Trade secrets, proprietary data, critical infrastructure, valuable inventory, and most importantly, human lives are under your protection. While you have invested in various security solutions to keep these assets secure, how do you really know if your defenses are robust enough to withstand an attack? This is where penetration testing comes in.


What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing or ethical hacking, is the practice of proactively testing and evaluating the security of your physical systems by safely simulating real-world attacks. Skilled security professionals use tools and techniques to actively circumvent locks, barriers, sensors, surveillance systems, and other security controls to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by infiltrators.

Unlike cyber penetration testing which targets digital systems, physical pen testing aims to breach the tangible security barriers and defenses protecting your physical locations and assets. The goal is to uncover gaps and weaknesses in your security posture before they are discovered by true criminal elements who have malicious intent. By taking on the mindset of an adversary, our experts think creatively to identify and demonstrate weaknesses in your security that may have gone unnoticed.

Services Include:

  • External Vulnerability Assessments

  • Internal Vulnerability Assessments

  • Social Engineering and Staff Assessments

  • Physical Security Reviews

  • Red Team Assessments

  • Supply Chain Security Assessments

  • Specialized Penetration Tests


Penetration testing provides immense value by taking a proactive approach to security. Rather than waiting passively to be victimized by the next physical breach or intrusion, pen testing employs a hacker’s skillset ethically to harden your defenses. Consider the many benefits pen testing offers:


Find Flaws Before Criminals Do

The most obvious benefit of pen testing is uncovering vulnerabilities before they are discovered and exploited by true bad actors. Skilled pen testers frequently identify security gaps and weaknesses overlooked by the naked eye. Identifying these flaws allows you to remediate issues before your security is compromised by break-ins, theft, vandalism, sabotage, or violence. Pen testing finds problems so you can fix them first.


Test the Effectiveness of Security Controls

On paper, your security systems and solutions may appear robust enough to stop any adversary. But how do you really know if these defenses work as well in practice as they seem in theory? Penetration testing challenges your security controls to evaluate if they truly offer adequate protection. Any weaknesses or failures exposed during testing can then be addressed.


Meet Compliance Requirements

Many regulatory compliance standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and ISO require some form of external and/or internal penetration testing to validate security. Pen testing provides evidence of due diligence to satisfy auditors. Scheduled tests also demonstrate ongoing diligence rather than a one-and-done compliance checkbox.


Improve Security Awareness

Detailed reporting from pen tests builds awareness among leadership and staff about vulnerabilities that exist within your physical security posture. When personnel are informed about gaps that could be exploited, they are more mindful of risks and motivated to uphold stronger security practices. Testing impacts culture.


Deter Criminal Activity

Informed attackers may think twice about targeting your facilities if they know you regularly perform rigorous security tests and audits. The more proactive your security posture appears from the outside, the less appealing a target you become. Pen testing is a powerful deterrent.


Strengthen Overall Defenses

The most important benefit of pen testing is the opportunity to harden your defenses through remediation. Every vulnerability that is identified, exploited, and subsequently fixed results in a more secure environment better prepared to withstand real-world attacks.


Optimize Security Spending

Penetration tests can reveal redundancies and unnecessary investments in your security program. Resources can be reallocated to address critical deficiencies uncovered by testing. Pen testing enables smarter spending on security controls to reduce risks cost-effectively.

Service Details

We offer a full scope of physical penetration tests tailored to meet your unique facility risks and security objectives. Our experts can help you determine the right assessment scope and focus areas. Common testing services include:


External Vulnerability Assessments

External vulnerability assessments target the outermost security controls protecting your physical locations. Skilled testers physically examine the external perimeter and entry points of your facilities to detect weaknesses that could enable unauthorized intrusion. This includes probing external walls, windows, doors, fence lines, dumpsters, and any infrastructure accessible from the outside without crossing the physical boundary. The goal is to identify external vulnerabilities that create exterior paths into your facilities.


Internal Vulnerability Assessments

Internal vulnerability assessments expand beyond the outer perimeter to examine vulnerabilities once inside your facilities. Our experts attempt to exploit interior access controls, security systems, restricted areas, storage rooms, utilities, and any interior weaknesses that could lead to a breach of confidential data, theft of assets, or other consequences. The goal is to find vulnerabilities in interior protections that could be exploited after perimeter protections are circumvented.


Social Engineering and Staff Assessments

The human element is often the weakest link in security. Social engineering and staff assessments test personnel vulnerabilities by attempting unauthorized entry or access through deception, impersonation, coercion, pretexting, and other forms of manipulation. Examples include impersonating vendors, tailgating staff through doors, and trying to coerce guards into granting access. Human-focused testing examines susceptibility at all staff levels from clerks to executives.


Physical Security Reviews

For clients seeking comprehensive testing, we offer an end-to-end physical security review encompassing the full spectrum of potential vulnerabilities. This assessment examines external perimeter protections, internal access controls, and human vulnerabilities via social engineering. A security review provides the most thorough examination by holistically reviewing vulnerabilities from all potential points of entry and routes to compromise.


Red Team Assessments

When highly rigorous testing against sophisticated threats is needed, we offer full-scale red team assessments. Red teaming involves simulated, prolonged adversarial campaigns targeting multiple entry points and vulnerabilities. Our experts take on the objectives and tactics of advanced persistent threat actors to circumvent layered defenses over time. While rigorous, red teaming provides the most realistic evaluation of security effectiveness against patient, crafty adversaries.


Supply Chain Security Testing

The supply chain introduces major physical vulnerabilities if loading docks, warehouses, delivery points, and shipping/receiving procedures lack adequate protections. Supply chain security testing evaluates weaknesses in these logistical access points that could lead to breached cargo or tampered packages. Testing targets supply chain infrastructure and policies to uncover vulnerabilities often overlooked.


Specialized Penetration Tests

If you have concerns about specific assets, systems, facilities, or entry points, we can provide customized penetration tests tailored to your unique environment. Specialized tests are designed to focus on risks specific to your site or situation. Our experts will scope an assessment that meets your needs whether highly targeted or enterprise wide.

The Process

While each engagement varies based on client goals, penetration testing typically follows a methodical process to provide maximum security benefit while minimizing disturbance to your operations.



Prior to testing, we learn about your facilities, assets, security infrastructure, policies, and concerns through briefing conversations. We gather necessary background information and specifications. Rules of engagement are established to set the proper scope and constraints on assessments. Testing goals are aligned to provide the greatest security value.


Threat Modeling

Next we research potential threats targeting your facilities to understand the adversary’s perspective. Using threat intelligence and insights from past cases, our experts model the likely motives, capabilities, resources, and approaches bad actors would use to attack your environment. This informs testing priorities and scenarios.


Vulnerability Identification

With threat modeling complete, our experts get to work probing both physical and human vulnerabilities at your sites. Locks, doors, fences, windows, sensors, cameras, guards, and other security controls are inspected and tested to identify weaknesses. Vulnerabilities are passively identified first before active exploitation begins.



Discovered vulnerabilities then become the basis of exploitation attempts to demonstrate real-world compromise scenarios. Our experts will actively bypass locked doors, pick locks, evade cameras, defeat sensors, circumvent guards, and leverage any other weaknesses to gain unauthorized access. Successful exploits prove which vulnerabilities represent serious risks.


Reporting and Presentation

Once testing concludes, results are documented in a risk-ranked, easy-to-understand report detailing all vulnerabilities uncovered, how they were exploited, and strategic recommendations to remediate them. We also present these findings in-person to provide context, answer questions, and equip your team to begin remediation.



With vulnerabilities and recommendations in hand, you can begin implementing security changes to address weaknesses. Upgrading locks, improving guard procedures, adjusting camera coverage, and refining access control policies represent typical remediation actions. Our experts can provide guidance on prioritization and next steps.



Once you complete security hardening, we can conduct abbreviated retests to validate that identified weaknesses have been adequately addressed and risks have been reduced to acceptable levels. Retesting provides assurance that your remediation spending achieved the desired security outcomes.


What areas will you test?

The specific facilities, assets, and systems we test depend entirely on the agreed scope and your priorities. Tests can be broad overviews or highly targeted on specific concerns. Our experts help you tailor the engagement to provide maximum security value while minimizing business impact.

No destructive testing is ever performed. Our experts use techniques and tools to bypass security controls non-destructively, leaving everything completely functional afterwards. Necessary permissions are always obtained beforehand as well. There is minimal impact outside security staff detecting tests as they occur.

Timing depends on the type of test. Social engineering and some external assessments may occur anytime unannounced. More invasive internal tests requiring building access can be scheduled during evenings or low occupancy periods. For minimal disruption, tests leverage your insight into site activity patterns and vulnerabilities.

Our experts carry only legal, ethical tools for non-destructive bypassing of security barriers. Lock picking tools, hidden cameras, cloned keycards, social engineering pretexts, alarms/sensor defeat devices, and other non-damaging tools may support tests tailored to your environment and scope.

For maximum realism, assessments are usually conducted covertly without guards or staff being forewarned. Some tests, especially around restricted areas, may require advance coordination for safety and authorization purposes. We work closely with you on appropriate communications.

No test can guarantee impenetrable security. The goal is to proactively identify meaningful vulnerabilities for remediation that measurably strengthens defenses. Skilled penetration testers provide immense risk reduction, but ongoing diligence is key against evolving threats.

Don’t wait for your security to be breached. Take a proactive stance by partnering with our team of veteran physical penetration testers. Our exploits ethically uncover vulnerabilities before criminals do. Detailed reporting and recommendations equip you to evolve defenses and optimize security investments. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and assessment. Together we can harden your security and prevent your becoming the next victim.

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