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As an influential public figure or affluent individual, your visibility and success may translate into increased personal risks for you and your loved ones. High-profile executives, celebrities, dignitaries and other noteworthy individuals face a range of threats stemming from stalkers, criminals looking for a payday, tabloid media, business rivals, radical political factions or religious extremists.

While fame and fortune may have brought you incredible opportunities, they also leave you vulnerable in ways the average person rarely considers. You likely have concerns overzealous fans showing up at your home, your children being targeted at school, stalkers following your every move, confidential information being leaked, false scandalous stories about your family being spread online, gold diggers cozying up to your children, business adversaries seeking to physically harm you, and more. Events like premieres or speeches and travels to risky destinations magnify the threats. No matter how capable your current security team is, there may be gaps leaving you and your loved ones open to attacks, home invasions, extortion plots, kidnapping attempts, reputation sabotage, and other terrifying scenarios.

Of course, you also have a right to privacy and normalcy despite your stature. Security measures shouldn’t completely disrupt your lifestyle or ability to interact with everyday citizens. There are security firms out there that don’t understand this balance, deploying agents that are intimidating hot heads or who draw more attention to the people they are supposed to protect discretely. Other firms spread themselves thin by taking on too many clients, meaning you get stuck with their B-team or C-team rather than the A-players you need protecting you in life-and-death situations.

The great news is that our executive protection program offers an exclusive solution tailored specifically for prominent, successful individuals like yourself who need safety, privacy and elite protection.


We Handpick Agents from the Most Elite Security Forces

Our executive protection agents are selected from the top echelons of military special forces, intelligence services, federal law enforcement agencies, and private security firms. Candidates must demonstrate maturity, discretion, communications skills and the ability to blend seamlessly into their environment. Of course, they need to pass our stringent physical, weapons and driving skills evaluations with flying colors.

We’re highly selective, rejecting far more candidates than we accept. Chosen agents undergo hundreds of hours of intensive training across diverse disciplines including:

  • Close quarters defensive tactics – Countering armed/unarmed threats using Krav Maga, tactical batons, etc.
  • Evasive/defensive driving – Safely escaping ambushes or attacks while transporting principals.
  • Surveillance detection – Identifying threats conducting pre-operational surveillance.
  • Emergency medicine – Administering life-saving aid under fire until expert help arrives.
  • Swim/dive rescue – Saving a drowning principal or extracting them from a submerged vehicle.
  • Force-on-force scenarios – Realistic practice responding to armed assailants, improvised explosives, chemical/biological attacks, and other threats.
  • Executive protection driving – Advanced techniques for securely transporting VIP clients.
  • Hazardous environment training – Operating safely in war zones, civil unrest, diseases outbreaks, extreme weather, and other risks principals may encounter.


Ongoing training maintains agent skills while also expanding capabilities to address emerging threats against prominent individuals like yourself. Your agents will be capable of going toe-to-toe with any adversary in virtually any environment.

But physical skills are only part of the equation. We extensively evaluate each candidate’s judgment, discretion, trustworthiness and temperament. Your agents must remain cool, collected, and professional at all times. We ensure they can adapt to your preferences rather than being rigid hotheads. If perfection were possible in close protection, your agents would epitomize it.


You Get the A-Team, Not the B-Team

Many executive protection firms spread themselves thin by taking on too many clients. They rake in contracts then fail to staff cases appropriately. Their best agents go to the wealthiest, most influential clients who pay top dollar. The rest get the firm’s second-tier or third-tier operators.

Unlike these firms, we limit our client base to retain only the most mature, experienced, elite protection agents. There is no B-team or C-team in our organization. You will be protected by our top-shelf A-team regardless of your price point. We turn away far more prospects than we take on to keep caseloads reasonable.

Our clients also don’t get ignored once on board. We remain actively engaged through regular communications and reviews. Your lead agent acts akin to a trusted advisor who understands your priorities and acts accordingly. We become an integrated part of your trusted inner circle.


Your Privacy is Our Top Concern

Many firms claim to understand discretion yet deploy intimidating agents who draw unnecessary attention. Walking out of a restaurant surrounded by body-builder types wearing conspicuous earpieces projecting a “power image” may appeal to some clients. However, it announces your presence and compromises privacy.

We take the opposite approach – agents blend discretely into surroundings with understated attire and manners. They project a calm, mature demeanor. Our goal is deterring threats before they can get near you rather than theatrical displays of force after the fact. Agents understand when to maintain their distance to allow private moments with loved ones. But they remain instantly ready to respond to threats.

There is an art to being minimally intrusive while maximizing protection that we’ve perfected. Our agents even utilize deception to minimize appearances. For example, an agent may pose as your chauffeur, friend or colleague depending on the situation. No one will assume your low-key associates are highly capable protectors.

We also vet our own staff rigorously. All employees sign nondisclosure agreements prohibiting them from ever revealing client identities or information. Only essential personnel have access to your information. Your privacy is protected just as securely as your personal safety.


Our Protection Continues Around the Clock

Your executive protection consists of overlapping shifts to ensure alert agents are projected around you 24/7. Whether at home, work, events or traveling, you will have an appropriate security presence based on the environment.

During low-risk periods, protection might entail monitoring security systems and conducting periodic residential patrols. At night, an overnight shift provides perimeter checks while remaining close enough to reach you within seconds if an alarm is triggered.

For higher-risk activities like public appearances or travel, multiple agents will be positioned for optimal visibility and quick response. Precise agent numbers, positioning, roles and contingency plans are defined in written operational protocols we develop for every situation. Protocols also spell out communication and evacuation procedures should a threat materialize.

We avoid complacency during downtimes and understand threats can emerge anywhere. Your protection remains just as robust grabbing takeout, watching a ballgame or on a date night as it is for a high-profile event. Even when you want time entirely alone, an agent will remain within emergency response distance if needed.


Our Protection Travels with You

Executive protection doesn’t end at your front door. Our advance teams will secure event venues or travel destinations before your arrival. This may involve screening local staff, coordinating with law enforcement agencies, checking food/water sources, establishing safe evacuation routes, and other risk mitigation measures.

When you travel abroad, we arrange armored vehicle transports, coordinate with trustworthy private security firms for support, and establish contingencies should the local situation deteriorate unexpectedly. A medical evacuation jet ensures we can fly you home immediately if you suddenly fall ill.

Your agents and operational protocols travel wherever you go. Our global partners ensure you have the same elite protection in Dubai, Moscow, Mexico City or anywhere your interests take you. We maintain stringent standards selecting only mature, trustworthy agents to protect you in foreign lands where corruption or incompetence exist with local security forces.

Service Details

Your executive protection program is tailored entirely around your risks, needs and preferences rather than forcing you to conform to a generic, one-size-fits-all program.

It starts with thoroughly understanding your lifestyle, public profile, business dealings, political stances, religious beliefs, relationships and family – anything that could motivate threats against you. We’ll discuss your habits, quirks, pet peeves, favorite foods…anything that makes you unique. This helps us integrate protection seamlessly rather than being intrusive.

Next we conduct an objective threat assessment analyzing potential risks from:

  • Obsessed fans or mentally ill stalkers
  • Criminals seeking to extort or physically harm you
  • Business competitors wanting to intimidate
  • Political or religious extremists who oppose your views
  • Terror groups like radical eco-groups, anti-capitalists, anarchists
  • Paparazzi or aggressive media
  • Foreign intelligence services


We evaluate threats globally, not just in your immediate area. For example, anything you say regarding foreign affairs could incite retaliation overseas.

A vulnerability assessment also identifies security gaps in your current program that threats could exploit. These may include:

  • Inadequate residential security systems
  • Predictable routines or movements
  • Too much personal information online
  • Underprotected vehicles/aircraft
  • Poor screening of domestic staff
  • Lack of contingency planning


Armed with a complete understanding of your risks, needs and vulnerabilities, we customize every aspect of your executive protection program including:

  • Numbers, attire, roles, positions, protocols and rotations for agents protecting you in various environments
  • Ideal secure vehicles and driving routes
  • Best positioning of agents at events
  • Secure residential spaces and access controls
  • Detailed response plans for likely emergency scenarios
  • Protecting your spouse, children, other family members
  • Covert surveillance of known threats
  • Cyber protection and monitoring for online threats
  • Screening and managing staff with access to your homes and family
  • Securing travel plans and destinations
  • Hiring vetted specialists for tasks like residential security systems


We’ll discuss recommendations in depth to ensure you are comfortable with all aspects of the program. Your agents will understand exactly how you expect them to operate when protecting you and your family. And our strategic protection plan is constantly updated to address new threats that emerge over time.


Advanced technology

Physical protection is only one aspect of security. Your online activities, cyber footprint and use of technologies also pose risks from hacking, leaks, reputation attacks, embarrassment and more.

That’s why our protection protocols encompass vetting your technologies and enhancing cyber resilience. We start by evaluating your current digital habits and presence – social media posts, smart home devices, online accounts, etc. – to identify vulnerabilities.

Next we institute measures like:

  • Installing hardened encrypted devices and secure apps
  • Setting up multi-factor authentication across accounts
  • Monitoring the dark web for threats and leaked information
  • Providing guidance to enhance your cyber hygiene and minimize the digital breadcrumbs exposed to potential adversaries


For known threats, we may deploy more aggressive cyber measures as warranted. Our tech-savvy specialists stay constantly updated on emerging digital threats against prominent individuals. We integrate both physical and cyber protection for comprehensive coverage.


You Get a Trusted Advisor, Not Just Bodyguards

The best executive protection involves foresight as much as rapid response. We aim to steer you away from unnecessary risks rather than simply reacting to threats. To accomplish this, your lead agent becomes a trusted advisor who understands your thinking and provides an objective outside security perspective.

This may involve counseling caution on a risky travel destination, keeping anonymous social media accounts from compromising your values, or avoiding politically-charged appearances that could incite violence. We respect your judgement while providing candid advice to ensure smart decisions.

Essentially, think of your lead agent as a wise guardian angel who stays in the background but speaks out when choices could have serious security repercussions. Every successful individual needs that trusted counselor – someone who only has your best interests in mind and who you implicitly trust to share your sensitive secrets. Your lead agent fills this role while coordinating your protective team.

The Process

When you choose our executive protection services, you can expect the following process:

  1. Initial consultation – We’ll have an in-depth discussion to understand your profile, risks, needs and preferences. This allows us to start establishing trust and comfort.
  2. Threat assessment – Our team will conduct a detailed threat assessment analyzing risks from stalkers, criminals, terrorists, paparazzi, business rivals and more. We’ll review your residences, events, travel plans, cyber presence, etc.
  3. Vulnerability analysis – We’ll evaluate current security measures to identify gaps that could be exploited by potential threats. This helps inform the protection plan.
  4. Strategic plan – Based on the threat and vulnerability analyses, we’ll prepare a comprehensive strategic protection plan customized to your unique risks and needs.
  5. Agent selection – We handpick agents from elite security forces who suit your specific requirements. They’ll be extensively vetted and trained to protect you and your family unobtrusively.
  6. Operational protocols – Detailed, written protocols will be prepared on all aspects of your protection – movements, events, travel, emergencies, contingencies, etc. These guide the agents’ actions.
  7. Ongoing communication – We maintain regular contact to monitor emerging threats, adjust protocols, address concerns and proactively advise you on relevant security matters.
  8. Training and practice – Your agents undergo initial and ongoing training to hone protective skills. Periodic drills validate response readiness for emergency scenarios.
  9. Reviews – We’ll regularly review the program’s effectiveness and your satisfaction. Recommendations are made to enhance protection and service quality.


What is your hiring process for agents?
  • Candidates must have minimum 5 years experience in elite military/law enforcement units
  • Extensive background checks, personality evaluations and skills testing
  • Top 5% of performers on all physical, driving and weapons qualifications
  • Finalists complete an intensive training academy and probationary period
  • Handpick only the most elite, experienced agents
  • Customize protection for each principal vs. one-size-fits-all
  • Utilize latest technologies – surveillance, armored vehicles, etc.
  • Not reliant on any single government contract
  • Fanatical attention to principal privacy and discretion
  • Flat, responsive organizational structure
  • Founded and run by principals with decades in elite security units
  • No outside investors influence our decisions
  • Leadership highly engaged with day-to-day operations and client relations
  • Remain sized to be selective and provide personalized services
  • First priority is always getting you to secured safety
  • Agents trained to instantly counter threats with appropriate defensive tactics
  • Emergency contingencies prepared for likely incidents
  • Not limited by local laws that constrain law enforcement
  • Will coordinate with authorities post-incident
  • Initial discussions assess risks, needs and establish trust
  • Comprehensive background checks on all family members
  • Require non-disclosure agreements with all staff
  • Leverage network of reliable client referrals

We are equipped to counter the full spectrum of plausible threats facing individuals of stature – from lone stalkers to organized criminal/terror groups. However, we cannot guarantee protection from a massive concerted attack by a state-level adversary. But those extreme threats are exceedingly rare today.

Yes, we can provide an protection team for a specific high-risk event like a speech, celebrity appearance, trip to an elevated threat area, or similarly unique circumstance requiring added security.

Our team is standing by ready to evaluate your unique situation. We look forward to designing a strategic protection program so you can stop worrying about safety and get back to enjoying success on your own terms. Contact us today!

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