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Losing valuable personal or business assets can be incredibly distressing and financially damaging. Whether it’s precious jewelry, important documents, equipment, vehicles or large sums of money, having your belongings stolen or disappearing mysteriously can leave you feeling violated and overwhelmed.

Attempting to track down and retrieve stolen or lost assets on your own is often challenging, if not impossible, especially when items have disappeared overseas or into the hands of nefarious individuals. The hassle of dealing with authorities, legal systems and local bureaucracies across borders can be immensely frustrating and rarely delivers results quickly.

This is where our professional asset recovery service steps in to help. With cutting-edge tracking techniques, rapid response facilitation and worldwide reach, we make it our mission to locate and recover your lost or stolen assets promptly and efficiently.

We assist with:

  • Locating Lost/Stolen Tangible Assets – including jewelry, art, antiques, collectibles, vehicles, construction equipment, electronics, factory equipment, inventory and more. Our sophisticated tracking systems and global database can pinpoint the location of your missing valuables no matter where they are in the world.

  • Recovering Stolen Funds – tracing digital monetary theft such as fraudulent bank account transfers, credit card charges, wire fraud, embezzlement, ransomware payments and more. Our forensic accounting specialists follow the digital money trail to identify exactly where your funds have gone and how to retrieve them.

  • Supporting Litigation Efforts – utilizing evidence and documentation from our private investigations to build a solid legal case to reclaim your assets through the court system if necessary.

  • Facilitating Debt Recovery – identifying assets available for legal seizure and recovery to repay outstanding uncollected debts, loans, wages, etc. owed to you or your business.


With an excellent recovery rate, our asset recovery specialists handle the tracking and facilitation process from start to finish on your behalf. We liaise with local and international law enforcement, coordinate multi-jurisdictional efforts, cut through bureaucracy and leverage our global connections to get you results quickly.


Trying to recover stolen or lost property in a foreign land can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, while also navigating complex legal waters. But by hiring our asset recovery firm, you gain:


Global Reach

Our proprietary asset tracking systems and established worldwide partnerships allow us to locate and recover assets literally anywhere on the planet efficiently. Distance is not an obstacle for our recovery teams.


Fast Results

Thanks to our streamlined investigation and recovery process, as well as our rapid response facilitation teams, our clients are reunited with their missing valuables substantially faster than trying independent or police-led recoveries.


Cutting-Edge Tracking Methodologies

We utilize an array of the latest investigative and asset tracking techniques including digital forensics, DNA fingerprinting, hidden GPS trackers, serial number tracing, IP monitoring, vehicle history reports and more in our efforts. Our international database also uncovers leads.


End-to-End Support

We conveniently handle the entire tracking and recovery process for you, liaising with relevant authorities, organizing travel and permissions, documenting ownership proof, arranging transportation logistics and delivering assets back to your possession securely.


High Recovery Success Rate

Through tried and tested methodologies, decades of cumulative experience and sheer determination, our highly skilled recovery teams achieve an asset recovery success rate that exceeds 85% for our clients.



We understand asset recovery is often a sensitive issue. All our clients and investigations are treated with absolute discretion and confidentiality at all times.

Service Details

We provide customized asset recovery solutions tailored to each client’s unique investigation and facilitation needs. Here are the general details on how our streamlined recovery process works:


Asset Tracking Investigation

  • Firstly we gather all available details about your missing or stolen assets – descriptions, timelines, locations, identifying details, background context etc. The more comprehensive information you can provide upfront, the better.

  • Our intelligence analysts input your asset details into our vast proprietary tracking database to uncover any leads or patterns. Assets are cross-referenced against international theft databases.

  • We deploy advanced forensic tracing strategies specific to each asset type – digital forensics for funds, DNA matching for valuables, GPS tracking for vehicles, and so on.

  • Our global recovery specialists and field investigators then vigorously follow up on all identified leads, no matter how small, to verify and pinpoint asset locations.

  • If assets are successfully located, we work discreetly with the relevant local authorities to confirm identification and begin planning recovery procedures.


Asset Recovery Facilitation

  • Once stolen or missing assets are definitely traced and their recovery location confirmed, we swiftly move to facilitate safe, legal return of your assets.

  • Our logistics experts handle all aspects – travel arrangements, country permissions, working with authorities, organizing proper documentation, chartering secured transport, insurance etc.

  • We carefully oversee the sensitive asset seizure process, leveraging our connections to make it as smooth and risk-free as possible.

  • In certain cases we may assist with obtaining legal ownership rights, title transfers, injunctions and court orders to establish you as the rightful owner.

  • Full care is taken by our recovery teams to return assets undamaged and in original condition when possible.

  • We arrange encrypted, supervised transportation of assets back into your possession using armed guards and decoy transports as necessary.


Support Services

  • Litigation Support – The evidence and documentation from our private investigation can significantly strengthen your legal case to reclaim stolen assets.

  • Debtor Profiling – We thoroughly identify the range of assets available for recovery from delinquent debtors to repay what they owe you.

  • Settlement Negotiation – For certain assets we can negotiate favorable out-of-court settlement terms for their return or debt repayment.

  • Ongoing Monitoring – Post-recovery, we can implement monitoring solutions to protect your regained assets from follow-up theft or tampering attempts.

  • Valuation Assistance – We help appraise the accurate value of recovered assets for insurance claims and legal proceedings.


With robust tracking, experienced logistical facilitation and litigation support, we handle the end-to-end asset recovery process for you smoothly and effectively.

The Process

The process of recovering your lost or stolen valuables through our asset recovery service involves just 3 straightforward steps:


Step 1: Asset Intake

  • You contact our asset recovery team via phone, email or online form with detailed information on the assets requiring recovery.

  • Provide comprehensive descriptions, recovery timelines, locations, serial numbers, photos, ownership documentation and any other relevant asset details.

  • The more precise information you can provide upfront, the faster our investigation can commence.

  • Our intake specialist gathers background on when/how you discovered the loss or theft, and any recovery steps undertaken independently thus far.


Step 2: Global Tracking & Investigation

  • With all asset details supplied, our intelligence analysts and forensic specialists immediately launch investigation efforts and tracking mechanisms.

  • Advanced tracing strategies tailored to each asset type are deployed through our global network partners. No viable lead is left unpursued.

  • Our field investigators follow up on identified leads to verify asset locations. Digital assets may be traced in days, while physical recoveries can take weeks or months depending on circumstances.

  • You are provided continual updates on investigation progress and developments so you know our work status.


Step 3: Legal Recovery & Return

  • Once stolen or missing assets are definitively located and verified, we swiftly facilitate safe, lawful repossession and transport of assets.

  • Our logistics experts handle everything from permissions, liaising with authorities overseas, documentation, transit arrangements, security, insurance and handover.

  • Recovered assets are securely transported back into your possession in their original condition whenever possible.

  • Official paperwork legitimizes your sole ownership rights. Support for legal ownership disputes is provided if needed.

  • Successfully getting your assets back promptly is our sole focus throughout the streamlined recovery process.


With experienced tracking coordination and facilitated repatriation, we smoothly handle the heavy lifting of asset recovery end-to-end on your behalf.


What Types of Assets Can You Recover?

We have vast experience successfully recovering all forms of lost or stolen assets globally, including:

  • Cash, bank accounts, credit cards, checks, cryptocurrency, promissory notes, securities

  • Jewelry, precious metals, antiques, collectibles, artworks, cultural artifacts

  • Vehicles – cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, aircraft, construction equipment

  • Electronics – phones, computers, servers, medical devices, inventory, office equipment

  • Industrial machinery, factory equipment, power tools, manufacturing inventory

  • Commodities – oil, natural gas, precious metals, agricultural goods

  • Real estate/properties – homes, land parcels, commercial buildings

  • Intellectual property – patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets

  • Documents – wills, contracts, certificates, cultural artifacts

  • And essentially any other tangible or intangible asset of value

Asset recovery timelines vary substantially based on the asset type, location, parties involved and other factors. Recovering a stolen car from a local thief could take days or weeks. Tracing jewelry overseas to auction houses may take months. Reclaiming funds from complex embezzlement can take over a year. We always aim to recover assets as rapidly as possible while avoiding hasty actions that could damage them.

While we will gladly cooperate with and involve law enforcement agencies whenever beneficial, we are equipped to conduct private, legal asset recovery on behalf of clients without official police involvement. This prevents assets disappearing again into the criminal underworld during prolonged police investigations. Our worldwide connections allow us to facilitate smooth recoveries ourselves legally.

Due to our recovery teams’ wealth of experience, cutting-edge tracking methodologies, exhaustive investigation protocols and global reach, our overall asset recovery success rate exceeds 85% for clients. The more precise information provided upfront, the higher our likelihood of tracing and recovering your assets successfully. But we vigorously pursue every recovery lead available globally.

Absolutely – our recovery capabilities extend to every corner of the globe. Distance and international borders present no major obstacle to our investigation and recovery teams. In fact we specialize in smoothly coordinating complex overseas asset recovery logistics and facilitation for our clients.

The costs involved depend entirely on the specific efforts and expenses required to track and recover your assets based on the investigation details, recovery location, transportation needs etc. After an initial consultation, we provide a detailed quote outlining expected costs, and any cost savings opportunities. Importantly, we only collect our fee if recovery efforts are successful – no win, no fee.

The costs involved depend entirely on the specific efforts and expenses required to track and recover your assets based on the investigation details, recovery location, transportation needs etc. After an initial consultation, we provide a detailed quote outlining expected costs, and any cost savings opportunities. Importantly, we only collect our fee if recovery efforts are successful – no win, no fee.

Our asset recovery specialists are standing by ready to review your investigation details and get working on tracking down your missing valuables straight away, no matter where in the world they are. With our rapid, successful facilitation, you can relax knowing the hard work will be handled for you. Contact us now and take the first step to recovering what’s rightfully yours – let’s get your assets back!

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