Exposing Cheaters: How Online Private Investigators Catch Infidelity (2024)

Discovering that your spouse or partner has been unfaithful can be absolutely devastating. You’re likely flooded with emotions – anger, sadness, confusion, betrayal. You probably have a million questions running through your mind. How long has this been going on? Who is the other person? Why did they do this? Can I save my relationship?

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It’s only natural to want answers in a situation like this. But getting the truth directly from your partner can be challenging, as they may continue to deny the affair or trickle truth you with partial information. This is where an online private investigator can be invaluable.


What is an Online Private Investigator?

An online PI is a professional who specializes in discreetly uncovering hidden information digitally. They employ various investigative techniques to collect evidence and provide clients with factual answers.

Here are some examples of how they can assist with infidelity investigations:


1. Gather Concrete Proof of the Affair

Having solid proof of your partner’s affair is important for several reasons:

It eliminates any gaslighting or continued denial from your partner. Seeing evidence of their betrayal is hard to refute.

It provides validation for what you already suspect or know is true. You’re not just being paranoid – your instincts were right.

It supplies you with the information you need to make decisions about your relationship’s future.

They use techniques like computer forensics, surveillance, and database searches. Some specific examples include:

Recovering deleted texts/call logs – Your partner may have deleted incriminating messages or calls from their phone, thinking they are lost forever. But a digital forensics expert can often recover these, revealing the extent of communications with the other person.

Accessing dating site/messaging app activity – Your spouse may have secret accounts on dating sites or messaging apps they use to conduct the affair. An investigator can gain access to these and provide proof of usage and interactions.

Obtaining geolocation data – By examining your partner’s phone or vehicle GPS history, an investigator can identify suspicious locations visited frequently, pointing to where encounters with the other person may have occurred.


2. Uncover the Full Scope of the Betrayal

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Infidelity is often not an isolated incident but an entire web of deceit. Besides proof of the affair itself, you also want to know details like:

  • How long has it being going on?
  • Is this their first affair or have there been others?
  • How did they meet this person?
  • What exactly is the nature of their relationship?
  • What do they tell the other person about you and your marriage?


An experienced online investigator can piece together the history and full extent of the affair by gathering intelligence from multiple sources, such as:

Interviews – He may interview mutual friends of you and your spouse to find out if they know anything about the affair.

Background checks – The investigator can run full background checks on the affair partner to learn more about them and their relationship with your spouse.

Digital forensics – Mining your spouse’s phone/computer for historical data (texts, photos, search histories, deleted files etc.) can help trace the affair back to its origins.

Financial audits – Credit card statements, receipts and bank accounts can reveal expenditures related to the affair (gifts, trips, etc.).


3. Identify the Affair Partner (Mostly Online)

It’s very common to not know the identity of the other person your spouse is having an affair with. They likely hide any trace of the person from you.

But finding out who the affair partner is can give you vital information, like:

  • Is it an ex from the past? Knowing it’s an old flame may indicate unresolved emotional issues.
  • Is it a coworker? This points to a risky office romance situation.
  • Are they married too? If so, their spouse deserves to know.
  • What is their background and character? Learning more about who your husband/wife chose over you is understandably important for evaluating why the affair may have happened.


An online PI can identify a mystery affair partner through digital means, for instance:

  • Retrieving their texts/calls from your spouse’s phone or accounts.
  • Tracing their phone/social media footprint to establish connections.
  • Performing a deep web search to uncover their identity based on clues.
  • Accessing your spouse’s email or messaging accounts to directly interact with the person.
  • Analyzing your spouse’s browsing history and location data for links to the partner.
  • Digging into your spouse’s photos/videos for evidence placing the two together.


How Online Private Investigators Operate

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Unlike traditional in-person PIs, online investigators can serve clients remotely using digital tools. Here are some key ways they conduct affair investigations:

Communication is Handled Online

  • You share the background details and scope of your investigation needs through phone, email or a client portal.
  • The investigator provides continual progress updates and delivers reports directly to you online.
  • You never need to meet them in person if you prefer to keep things discreet.


Investigative Work is Conducted at a Distance

  • For digital forensics, you can securely provide digital devices/login credentials remotely to be analyzed.
  • Surveillance work can be contracted locally in your spouse’s area and footage/photos passed to the online investigator.
  • Interviews with acquaintances can be done by phone.
  • Most databases and public records can be accessed and searched remotely.


Payment is Managed Online

  • Fees for services are typically paid upfront using credit card through a secure web portal.
  • Some investigators offer flexible monthly retainers.
  • Itemized invoices make billing transparent.


Due to its remote operation capability, a top online investigator provides the same quality of work no matter where you or your spouse is located.


Reasons to Prefer an Online Investigator

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Here are some of the main advantages of using a remote online private investigator vs. a traditional local one:

Enhanced Privacy and Discretion

  • With everything conducted online, the investigation remains discreet without an investigator ever coming to your home or workplace.
  • Your case is kept strictly confidential with data encryption and privacy agreements in place.
  • This removes risks of being publicly seen with an investigator


You Get the Best Investigator

  • You’re not limited to whoever is located nearby.
  • Online investigators operate nationally and globally, letting you vet and choose the best one.
  • Look for experience, qualifications, specialty in infidelity and background verified firms.


Added Convenience Factors

  • No need to take time off work for coordination meetings – everything can be handled after hours online.
  • If you do live in a different city than your spouse, one investigator can still easily manage.
  • Digital transmission of evidence makes accessing and sharing reports simple.


Potential Cost Savings

  • No in-person meeting fees or travel costs applied to your invoice.
  • Increased competition nationally can lead to lower prices.
  • Ability to easily compare rates and pick the most budget-friendly qualified firm.


While traditional in-person investigators still have their place for some specific types of cases, the above advantages explain the rising popularity of discreet and efficient online investigators.


Vetting an Online Private Investigator

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The investigator you choose for such a sensitive situation can greatly impact your experience and outcomes.

Here are key tips for selecting a reputable one:

Look for experience and expertise specifically in affairs investigation – this is a specialty area that not all investigators have worked extensively in.

Verify licenses and credentials – Private investigators should hold a current license in their practice state or country. Professional certifications also validate their qualifications.

Check for positive reviews – Client reviews and testimonials can reveal honest feedback on their service levels. Look for consistent satisfaction across multiple review sites.

Understand their privacy standards – You want reassurance your case will remain fully confidential according to industry privacy laws. Responsible firms will explain their practices.

Compare pricing – Rates can vary significantly from one investigator to the next. Weigh costs vs. their experience and specialty. Lowest price doesn’t necessarily mean the best value.

Ask the right questions – Interview investigators thoroughly regarding their specific approaches, capabilities, and communication style. Share your unique case needs.


Making Decisions with Facts

Discovering a partner’s betrayal can be earth-shattering. The period that follows as you process this revelation and decide how to move forward is extremely challenging emotionally.

You’ll likely have moments of rage and deep sadness about the dishonesty and broken trust. However, you’ll also experience profound confusion as you debate your next steps. Do you:

  • Confront your partner and demand the truth?
  • Separate for a time while you sort out your feelings?
  • Attend marriage counseling and try rebuilding trust?
  • Consult with divorce lawyers to understand your options?


Making such major decisions while in emotional turmoil is dangerous. Having the verifiable truth about the affair from an objective third-party helps you gain clarity and perspective first.

Professional investigators deliver this factual evidence to make more reasoned choices during a time you feel anything but rational. The information empowers you, removes lingering doubts, and provides direction from a place of honesty.

While a partner’s infidelity may shake your world, and the relationship may or may not survive, you can move forward on more solid ground when armed with the facts. With an online private investigator as an ally, you don’t need to navigate this crisis blindly.


Do you work infidelity cases in all 50 states?
Yes, we have investigators licensed nationally and our techniques allow remote work on cases across America.
Costs vary depending on the scope of work, but expect to invest $2,000-$5,000+ for a comprehensive investigation.
With our experience and tools, we have over a 90% success rate in uncovering evidence of affairs for clients.
No, we use remote spyware and hacking tactics that don’t require possession of your spouse’s devices.
Our computer forensics experts can often recover deleted communications pointing to an affair.
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