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Personal Risk Management Solutions for Any Crisis, Anywhere.

Privately owned and operated, Axeligence brings together the expertise of veteran officers from elite Intelligence units.

Believing that creative intelligence and strategic security are key, our team specializes in creating custom solutions for highly complex scenarios.

Eliminate Risks from Every Angle

Risk Advisory

Empowering businesses and individuals to navigate risk with confidence. Through careful analysis, proactive risk identification, and personalized mitigation strategies, we assist in recognizing and effectively managing risks.


The mission centers on empowering decision-makers with crucial insights. By leveraging Threat Intelligence, Counterintelligence, Asset Tracking, and Investment Intelligence, diverse information sources fuel data-driven decisions.


Unveiling the truth is the primary objective, employing a skilled team of investigators to examine any scenario. The scope ranges from Fraud Investigations and Corporate Investigations to Surveillance and Counter-surveillance.

Digital Forensics

Through proactive measures, we assist businesses and individuals in protecting their valuable digital assets, ensuring their resilience against evolving cyber threats. These include Risk Assessments and Management, Incident Responses, and Rigorous Penetration Testing.

Background Checks

Accurate information is crucial when it comes to decision-making. Through Risk Assessments, Policy Development, or Quality Assurance, the focus remains on delivering precision and insight. Involving in-depth analysis and quantification of vulnerabilities to provide data-driven intelligence into risks.

Safety & Protection

Our mission is to establish a resilient shield of protection, Through the pillars of Executive Protection, Training Programs, Penetration Testing, and Secure Transportation, we build an environment where safety is paramount, allowing you to focus on what matters most with absolute peace of mind.

We've Got Your Back When No One Else Can