Washington, DC

Given our commitment to maintaining security and mitigating risk internationally, we operate in Washington, DC, and its neighboring areas. This includes Baltimore, Richmond, and Arlington, as well as Maryland and Virginia. Our operations range from advanced cybersecurity and deep intelligence gathering to in-depth investigations, extensive background checks, and executive protection.

Operational Scope

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Drawing from a wealth of local knowledge and expansive global networks, we compile and analyze critical data with meticulous care. Our emphasis on providing in-depth and timely intelligence enables strategic planning and minimizes uncertainty for key stakeholders, allowing them to fully comprehend the operational landscape and pinpoint potential risks. Enhancing decision-making processes and giving our clients a valuable competitive edge.

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Armed with expertise across numerous domains, our investigative operations cover everything from corporate disputes to personal discrepancies. Employing proven techniques and leveraging extensive resources, we take a rigorous approach to uncover concealed facts and provide clarity. Our adept investigators employ refined methodologies to deliver complete and holistic assessments.

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Background Checks

Extensive, timely, and accurate, our background checks deliver crucial insights about potential hires, business partners, or other individuals of interest. By meticulously scrutinizing a broad spectrum of databases and sources, we provide a well-rounded, in-depth perspective that aids in mitigating risk and facilitating sound decisions.

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Executive Protection

Focused on safety, confidentiality, and peace of mind, our executive protection specialists cater to the unique needs of each client. With a team skilled at anticipating threats and managing risks, we ensure complete, seamless protection of executives at all times. Our discreet, professional specialists enable clients to focus on priorities by providing impeccable, customized security.

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Our cybersecurity specialists are dedicated to safeguarding and supporting the most sensitive data and systems. By constantly updating our procedures in response to emerging threats, we aim to stay ahead of potential risks and ensure optimal security. Our proactive protection and defense capabilities allow clients to operate with confidence in the digital world.

Aligned with local time (EST/EDT), our office hours are:

Office Hours:
• Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (EST/EDT)
• Saturday – Sunday: Closed

For emergencies and time-sensitive operations, our team is accessible 24/7.

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Our specialists have extensive backgrounds in fields like law enforcement, research, and data analysis. Many have over a decade of experience.

We are equipped to conduct sensitive investigations across the globe, thanks to our expansive networks and resources.

With our thorough process, we can deliver most background checks within 4-7 business days. More extensive checks may take 2-3 weeks.

Yes, our team can assess clients’ systems and risks and make tailored recommendations to improve security.

Many of our clients are government agencies and contractors that rely on us for classified projects. Discretion is guaranteed.

We follow strict protocols on data encryption, information access, and maintaining client anonymity during sensitive investigations.

Yes, our corporate investigations are well-equipped to quietly look into any suspected internal misconduct.

We leverage well-developed networks and specialized strategies to judiciously gather pertinent intelligence without overstepping boundaries.

Our experts routinely advise clients on strengthening security measures, policies, and preparedness across their organizations.

Our exceptionally trained personnel, cutting-edge resources, and dedicated operations make us a distinguished leader.

Yes, we are very familiar with security frameworks like ISO, NIST, HIPAA, and can help clients meet requirements.

We perform extensive network scans, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and review policies and controls to fully evaluate clients’ cyber risk posture.

Yes, our team is equipped to provide around-the-clock network monitoring, intrusion detection, and rapid response.

We are fully capable of managing and executing daily cybersecurity operations to meet a client’s needs.

We follow strict protocols on segmentation, access management, remote access, auditing, encryption, and other security best practices.

Absolutely – our team is prepared to do full compromise assessments, determine root causes, and support businesses through remediation after an incident.

Yes, clients often request our cyber risk and security assessments on any third parties they engage with or acquire.

Our solutions are designed to easily integrate with common technologies like SIEMs, firewalls, cloud platforms and more.

Yes, we provide customized training for executives focused on high-level cyber risks, decision-making, and leadership responsibilities around security.

We closely track dark web forums, maintain relationships with legitimate hackers, and leverage advanced threat intelligence to identify zero-days proactively.

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