Aligned with our ongoing mission to uphold and enhance security, we maintain an active presence across Toronto and the surrounding regions. Our reach encompasses Ottawa, Mississauga, and Hamilton, in addition to Greater Toronto and Southern Ontario. Our extensive operational capabilities span Cybersecurity, deep intelligence & investigations, precise background checks, and elite executive protection.

Operational Scope

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Leveraging an expansive global network and regional mastery, our intelligence delivers accurate data analysis and acute insights to fuel critical decisions. Our commitment to delivering deep, timely intelligence comprehends complex operational environments and pinpoints potential threats. We lead in enriching decision-making and enabling proactive stances.

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Armed with expertise honed over decades, our investigations employ advanced techniques to uncover obscured facts across a spectrum of sectors, from corporate complexities to personal discrepancies. Our careful approach combines proven methods to deliver transparency and actionable insights.

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Background Checks

Combining best-in-class global resources with localized precision, our detailed background checks provide complete and reliable insights to guide key decisions regarding potential hires, business partnerships, and significant transactions.

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Executive Protection

Our executive protection solutions design fully customized plans using state-of-the-art tactics to ensure unparalleled safety for high-value individuals. Continuous adaptation allows us to anticipate threats and deliver an elite level of personal security.

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With industry-leading technology and proactive threat monitoring, our cybersecurity solutions provide solid digital protection for companies and high-net-worth individuals alike. Our team of experts rapidly responds to mitigate risks and ensure the integrity of systems and data.

Aligned with local time (EST/EDT), our office hours are:

Office Hours:
• Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (EST/EDT)
• Saturday – Sunday: Closed

For emergencies and time-sensitive operations, our team is accessible 24/7.

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We leverage global connections and local knowledge across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Yes, our cybersecurity solutions safeguard personal digital assets for high-net-worth individuals.

Our investigators have over 20 years of experience on average.

Yes, our operations have secured travel and events across 6 continents for clients.

We use AI, behavioural analysis, dark web surveillance, and other tools for robust 24/7 monitoring.

Yes, our corporate investigations have provided the evidence needed for successful prosecutions.

Certainly, our investigations discreetly uncover office theft, harassment issues, and more.

Absolutely, our experts regularly recover lost or corrupted data from devices.

We follow strict data security protocols and never disclose details without client consent.

Yes, our digital investigations can identify the source of online threats and harassment.

Yes, our cyber solutions scale to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

We rely on multiple corroborating sources and advanced analysis to validate all intelligence.

Yes, we conduct in-depth analysis on companies, funds, and assets to inform investment decisions.

We identify vulnerabilities, monitor infringement, and take legal action to protect intellectual property.

Our experts use sophisticated techniques to uncover the source of anonymous digital, phone, and mail threats.

Yes, our careful documentation meets legal standards for evidence presentation in court.

Our executive protection plans arrange safe air, vehicle, and sea transport globally.

We use forensic accounting, offshore records access, sting operations, surveillance, and interviews.

Yes, our executive plans are customized to include spouses, children, and other family as needed.

Our intelligence experts assess threats across multiple dimensions to determine credibility and seriousness.

Our digital forensics reconstruct detailed timelines of online events, access, and activity.

We audit records, monitor lifestyles, conduct interviews, and analyze data trails to uncover embezzlement.

Our cyber solutions combine AI monitoring, vulnerability testing, and dark web surveillance to anticipate and repel hacking.

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Axeligence is headquartered in Israel and operates in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Our global presence allows us to provide local insights and intelligence in any market or environment.


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