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Finding a missing loved one can be an incredibly distressing and challenging experience. You likely have many unanswered questions and are searching for solutions. This is where we can help. With discretion, sensitivity, and a vast global reach, we empower the search for missing people across geographies and cultures.

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Our missing persons service leverages extensive resources and specialized expertise to aid in locating individuals who have gone missing. We understand this is often an emotional time and aim to provide our full support with the utmost care and empathy.

You can rely on our worldwide capabilities, cultural knowledge, and network of professional contacts to pursue every promising lead. We are committed to regular communication and transparency throughout the process, so you always know our latest efforts. Most importantly, we treat each case with the discretion it deserves, while tenaciously working towards answers and a resolution.

When a loved one goes missing, it can feel like your whole world is falling apart. Your mind races with endless fearful scenarios as the pit in your stomach grows. We genuinely understand the pain this causes. Our sole focus is using every ethical option at our disposal to confront the uncertainty, uncover the truth, and reunite you with who matters most. We won’t rest until you have the answers you need and your family is whole again.


Choosing us to assist in your search provides important advantages:

  • Global reach – With boots on the ground across six continents and 100+ countries, our scale and scope is unparalleled. No location is out of reach for our network. From mega-cities to remote villages, we have the local resources and cultural fluency to pursue leads wherever the search takes us.

  • Cultural expertise – In-depth knowledge of customs, languages, social dynamics, local systems and more enable our investigators to operate effectively across diverse regions. Nuance matters, we understand cultural context is essential to sensitive and successful searches worldwide.

  • Discretion – We fully appreciate the need for privacy and carefully guard sensitive details. You can trust that every aspect of your case will be handled with the utmost discretion. All leads and inquiries are conducted in a confidential, professional manner.

  • Sensitive support – Our human investigators provide regular updates and guidance with care and empathy. You need emotional backing during this trauma. Know that our entire team has your mental wellbeing in focus alongside logistical efforts.

  • Tenacity – We refuse to be deterred by roadblocks and persevere through challenges. If a trail goes cold, we re-double efforts to uncover new clues and leads. Giving up is not in our DNA. Our tenacious spirit drives us to find the answers.

  • Peace of mind – Focus your energy on caring for yourself and your family during this difficult time, and entrust our capable team with the search. Our experience and devotion to each case delivers the reassurance you need right now.


With these advantages fully deployed, we aim to shoulder your burden, empower the search, and provide the answers you seek. Lean on us through this trying time.

Service Details

Our missing persons service leverages multifaceted, thorough capabilities tailored to meet the unique demands of each search. Key service details include:

  • Licensed investigators – Our vast network includes highly experienced investigators across geographies who have completed background checks and obtained proper licensure. Local expertise and cultural fluency aids their work.

  • Digital forensics – Modern searches require mining smartphones, computers, online activity, social media, cloud data and more. Our forensic analysis tools can extract location history, communications, search patterns, and other virtual breadcrumbs.

  • Data analysis – Financial records, employment info, telephone logs, surveillance data, public documents and various other information sources are scrutinized for patterns, irregularities and clues. Seeing connections in the data guides our way.

  • Surveillance – On-the-ground and digital monitoring conducted discreetly by our licensed investigators generates possible leads when appropriate. We observe cautiously, collect insights, and analyze for next steps.

  • Interviews – Identitying and sensitively interviewing associates, witnesses, officials, or other relevant contacts often unveils new perspectives. We uncover context and learn of potential sightings.

  • Public records – Real estate transactions, court proceedings, tax records and other documents contain details that may hold pieces of the puzzle. Our researchers dig deeply here.

  • Local outreach – Our worldwide contacts in law enforcement, media, community organizations and elsewhere help facilitate cooperation, publicity, access to areas, and other search support.

  • Translation – We have native speakers across languages to enable seamless multilingual communication and ensure local nuance is not lost when pursuing global leads.

  • Cultural expertise – Regional insight assists investigations and interviews to uncover contextually relevant evidence. Local knowledge matters, we train our teams accordingly.

  • Advisory board – Renowned missing persons experts provide strategic guidance to enhance our methods, maximize resources, and apply best practices when needed.


Our multifaceted approach combines traditional investigative techniques with cutting-edge technology and digital tools. Whenever a promising new method emerges for finding missing persons, we move quickly to add it to our capabilities. We integrate the latest innovations with time-tested strategies for comprehensive coverage.

Most importantly, every facet of our service is backed by human determination, intuition, cultural understanding, and a tireless drive to reunite families. We harness care, tenacity, and expertise in equal measure to deliver the answers you seek.

The Process

Here is an in-depth overview of the typical process our missing person specialists follow to successfully locate individuals:

  1. Consultation – We schedule an extensive initial video call, phone call, or in-person meeting depending on your location and preference. This critical first step establishes trust through transparency, compassion, and discretion. We learn all available details and work jointly to chart an initial investigative course.

  2. Information Gathering – Names, photos, known contacts, addresses, employers, schools, online profiles, account usernames, phone numbers, emails, social circles, last sightings, plans, changes in behavior, favorite locations, vehicles, identifies associates, or other relevant facts are collected. Medical, dental, and fingerprint records can also aid identification. Every detail is potentially useful. We cast the widest net possible at this stage.

  3. Priority Leads – Our analysts review all the aggregated details and identify 3-5 priority leads with the highest chance of quickly locating your missing loved one based on patterns and intelligence. We pursue high-probability threads first.

  4. Lead Investigation – Licensed private investigators dispersed across our worldwide network discretely follow priority leads through surveillance, stakeouts, interviews with relevant parties, public records searches, digital forensics, and boots-on-the ground inquiries. Possible sightings are verified. Promising new leads uncovered in the process receive immediate attention. We expand the investigation circle externally step-by-step with care to uncover clues.

  5. Central Command – Local investigation efforts are coordinated by regional missing persons response teams in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. They analyze findings flowing in from across the globe to identify connections between leads, make associations, and rapidly redirect resources as needed. Our worldwide central command keeps the pulse of all local efforts in real time.

  6. Lead Prioritization – As new evidence comes to light, our central teams re-assess and re-prioritize leads based on viability. Any threads going cold are set aside while high-potential new leads are escalated. We follow the trail in real time, redirecting resources promptly based on what the latest findings reveal across regions.

  7. Expanded Investigation – Moving methodically out in concentric circles, additional known contacts are interviewed, public databases scoured for records, any closed-circuit camera footage acquired, local informants activated, law enforcement alerts issued if desired, digital footprints traced. We expand the net intelligently step-by-step with discretion, leaving no stone unturned across communities worldwide.

  8. Resolution – The search concludes immediately upon locating and positively identifying the missing individual through discreet verification. Alternatively, if all substantive leads have been conclusively ruled out, we regretfully close the active search and pivot to providing ongoing support. Either path brings a difficult waiting period to its conclusion.

  9. Reunion – If a missing loved one is located alive and verified, we consult closely with you to determine the ideal reunification approach before carefully proceeding. Their health, wishes and privacy are considered first. We aim to sensitively convey your care and concerns directly, if desired.

  10. Ongoing Support – Regardless of outcome, our team maintains contact to check on your wellbeing and provide any additional help needed moving forward. We welcome feedback to constantly improve. You remain a priority well beyond search resolution.


Throughout the process, we make your emotional health central by providing transparent, considerate and frequent updates. You will be promptly notified as the search evolves, new leads emerge, and next steps are planned. We respect the need to manage expectations and minimize false hope, while also maintaining positivity. Our human support and discretion continue long after the initial search concludes. Your missing loved one remains close to our hearts well beyond case resolution.


How long does a typical search take?

Each case follows its own trajectory, but most global searches require 2-6 weeks depending on the availability of leads, access to contacts and records, digital/data trails, geography, resources required, urgency of the case, and complexity of clues. We constantly adapt approaches and surge manpower to accelerate efforts. Our priority is progressing cautiously yet urgently.

You can get started swiftly by calling or emailing our missing persons response team for an initial consultation. We will have a thoughtful discussion to build rapport, grasp all key details, identify likely starting points, provide a timeline, discuss our collaborative approach, answer any questions, and initiate the search without delay. Acting quickly is critical, so we make onboarding seamless.

Costs vary case-by-case based on the specific effort and resources required. Typically our global searches range from $10,000 – $50,000 inclusive of all professional services. We provide clear budgets upfront and ensure good value for fees. There are no obligations until you feel fully informed and ready to proceed. Finances should not obstruct a search.

Providing all known details upfront accelerates the process. Helpful information includes full legal names, photos, aliases, known addresses, employers, schools, online profiles, phone numbers, emails, social media handles, friends and frequent contacts, names of relatives, recent sightings, favorite locations, vehicles, plans discussed, unusual behavior, relevant documents, and any other potential clues you may be aware of.

We provide formal written case updates with new findings and next steps on a weekly basis minimum, delivered via email or whichever method you prefer. Impromptu phone consultations for real-time discussion are also welcomed. We recognize your need to remain well-informed each step, and make communication a priority.

Firstly, confirming their identity and safety are our top priorities. We consult you before any direct contact. Your input guides how we sensitively establish communication, directly or through an intermediary. Our goal is to relay your care and concern while respecting their wishes if clearly expressed. Their health and privacy come first upon location.

We know this is an extremely difficult period, so please call or email us anytime to clarify questions not answered here. Our global team of missing persons specialists is passionate about bringing your loved one home, and providing answers and support each step along the way. Let us get to work – we’re ready when you are.

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