Specializing in security and intelligence operations, We cover the Miami metropolitan area and surrounding regions, including Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach County, the Florida Keys, and Broward County. Solutions are tailored to meet particular needs and include Advanced cybersecurity, diligent intelligence gathering, and elite executive protection.

Operational Scope

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Our intelligence gathering techniques deploy advanced methodologies for precision information analysis, detecting subtle nuances and patterns. Deep operations aim to identify potential threats, risks, and strategic opportunities for diverse clients including businesses, executives, and high-profile individuals. Ensuring solid decision making in complex, fast-moving environments.

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We conduct in-depth investigations, applying proven techniques to uncover objective facts. Performed with utmost discretion, integrity, and respect for regional norms. The investigative process aims to deliver clarity and resolution for issues including corporate fraud, personal disputes, and due diligence requirements. Our aim is to provide clients with insightful information to guide responses and strategies.

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Background Checks

Background checks are completed with rigorous adherence to accuracy while respecting confidentiality. Our solutions cover criminal records, financial history, employment confirmation, education certification, and more. With full-scale background screening, we aim to strengthen security while protecting our clients’ reputation and business interests.

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Executive Protection

Our executive protection procedures offer customized security solutions tailored to meet clients’ unique needs. We have secured dignitaries, celebrities, executives, and other high-profile individuals. Leveraging extensive experience and our nuanced understanding of Miami’s dynamic locales enables maintaining the utmost discretion.

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Our cybersecurity expertise delivers robust digital protection to safeguard sensitive data, maintain privacy, and ensure business operational continuity. Combining advanced threat detection, encryption, access controls, and other evolving techniques, we take a proactive stance to secure our clients’ growing digital presence. Aiming to reduce risk, maximize uptime, and provide peace of mind.

Our office operates in Miami time zone (EST) during the following office hours:

• Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (EST)
• Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Consistent support is provided 24/7 for both emergency situations and specific operations.

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Our team includes industry veterans from military, law enforcement, and government backgrounds skilled in collecting and analyzing complex data.

We store sensitive data in encrypted systems and restricted access facilities vetted to meet stringent security standards.

Agents complete regular training in evasive driving, emergency response, and close quarters defense to maintain extensive tactical proficiency.

Yes, our agents implement proven strategies to securely extract clients from high-pressure situations like paparazzi mobs or aggressive protesters.

Our methodology combines automated vulnerability scanners, manual testing, social engineering techniques, code review, and network analysis for in-depth penetration testing.

Yes, our executive protection services include armored transportation, secure private planes and helicopters staffed by vetted pilots and crews.

We evaluate each client’s unique risks, assets, and needs through in-depth assessment before designing customized cybersecurity solutions.

Our agents combine strategic site security, access controls, perimeter monitoring, surveillance sweeps, and other methods to ensure comprehensive protection.

Yes, our team has substantial experience managing ransomware attacks and extortion attempts.

Yes, we conduct in-depth research and analysis on companies and key personnel to support clients’ business decisions.

Our cyber investigations leverage leading forensics tools and techniques to preserve and analyze digital evidence.

Yes, we regularly inspect client facilities and vehicles for tampering and surveillance devices.

Yes, our team excels at discreetly obtaining information without revealing a client’s interest.

We offer reputation management, monitoring for online threats, removing harmful content, and strengthening positive messaging.

We provide strategic, proactive protection versus simply physical presence, with threat detection, risk analysis, emergency planning, and other robust security procedures.

Certainly, our expert forensic investigators can conduct in-depth analysis of cyber attacks and data breaches.

Yes, we can provide clients fully-managed private networks with encryption, access controls, and other security to protect communications.

We establish secure perimeters, vet personnel, provide counter-surveillance, and identify informants to protect against corporate espionage.

Yes, our security teams can conduct thorough threat assessments analyzing risks and providing tailored mitigation strategies.

Absolutely, our experts leverage leading tools to acquire, decode, analyze, and generate forensic reports from mobile device data.

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