San Francisco

Committed to conducting extensive security and intelligence operations across San Francisco and its region, incorporating neighboring areas such as Oakland, Berkeley, San Mateo, and major cities including Sacramento and San Jose. Operations encompass deep intelligence, investigations, thorough background checks, elite executive protection, and cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

Operational Scope

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Leveraging profound regional insights and far-reaching international connections for the gathering and examination of geopolitical and corporate intelligence. Supplying expansive and prompt intelligence reports, which aid in comprehending the operational backdrop and any associated risk factors.

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Employing sophisticated investigative strategies and global resources to uncover improprieties and reveal hidden details. Our methodology is comprehensive, spanning multiple sectors from organizational malpractice to personal inconsistencies.

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Background Checks

Conducting meticulous background checks and due diligence screenings, including criminal record, credit, and reference checks. Our diligence ensures nothing is overlooked, providing a clear understanding of individual or corporate histories, thereby enabling accurate decision-making.

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Executive Protection

Superior executive protection services that prioritize discretion and integrity. Our strategies leverage cutting-edge tactics to ensure the safety and peace of mind of high-profile individuals, safeguarding them against potential risks in uncertain global landscape.

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Dedicated to strengthening digital defenses through proactive cybersecurity including penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, threat monitoring, and customized data security solutions. Our approach addresses potential vulnerabilities and implements advanced security measures to protect against sophisticated cyber threats.

Aligned with local time (PST/PDT), our office hours are:

Office Hours:
• Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (PST/PDT)
• Saturday – Sunday: Closed

For emergencies and time-sensitive operations, our team is accessible 24/7.

Contact Our Team | San Francisco Queries

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Protection officers establishing a secure perimeter as their customers leave from a jet aircraft.


Yes, through our global partnerships we are able to conduct operations worldwide.

We specialize in collecting geopolitical and corporate intelligence relevant to our clients’ interests.

We use sophisticated strategies both online and on the ground to uncover improprieties and hidden details.

Yes, our investigations leverage cutting-edge digital forensics technology.

Our executive protection services include armored transportation and extensive logistical support.

We provide penetration testing, threat monitoring, customized data security, and full spectrum cyberdefense.

Yes, we have helped clients effectively respond to and prevent cyber extortion.

Protecting client confidentiality is our utmost priority across all operations.

We provide elite security and logistics for conferences, meetings, and corporate events.

Yes, we often work collaboratively with in-house security personnel through consulting and training.

Our global footprint and connections allow us to coordinate security wherever your executives travel.

Our intelligence and investigative capabilities are highly effective for vetting potential partners or investments.

We provide customized cybersecurity training to improve employees’ awareness and prevention.

Absolutely, our cybersecurity team has advanced forensic capabilities to analyze breached systems.

We perform in-depth facility assessments and identify vulnerabilities and security gaps to address.

Our agents are licensed to carry concealed firearms and trained in defensive tactics.

We have partnerships with charter jet and helicopter companies to facilitate secure private travel.

Our background checks on potential new hires are multitiered and thorough to expose any issues.

Yes, we are highly experienced in detecting and preventing corporate espionage threats.

We can conduct in-depth vetting of the merger partner and provide security consultation.

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