Focused on providing a wide variety of security and intelligence services, our reach covers Philadelphia and its surrounding regions, such as the Main Line, South Jersey, King of Prussia, and the Delaware Valley. Our operations are designed to meet the unique needs and conditions of these locations. With leading-edge cybersecurity solutions, proficient intelligence gathering, thorough investigations, and top-notch executive protection, we aim to deliver elite services tailored to our clients.

Operational Scope

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Tailored to facilitate accurate decision-making and proactive threat management. We employ an expert team of experienced analysts and field agents who leverage leading-edge technology and local knowledge to gather and evaluate data. Whether it’s assessing potential business partnerships or navigating the complex socio-political landscape.

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Delivering clarity in situations that are often shrouded in uncertainty. Our team comprises seasoned investigators with diverse backgrounds, ranging from law enforcement to forensics. They undertake cutting-edge investigative techniques and tools to address an extensive scope of cases, including corporate fraud, insurance claims, personal matters, and more.

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Background Checks

Verifying personal records, cross-checking references, assessing financial health, and more, to provide a detailed report that gives the insights necessary for accurate decision-making, whether it’s for hiring new employees, entering into business agreements, or securing personal associations.

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Executive Protection

Offering a shield of security, tailored to fit the lifestyle and needs of those we protect. Our team of highly experienced agents, extensively trained to respond swiftly to all potential threats, ensures the personal safety of executives and their loved ones. Combining proven protocols and leading-edge technologies, we leave nothing to chance.

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Providing robust cyber defenses against threats. We utilize an expert team of IT security professionals who leverage advanced tools and methodologies to safeguard sensitive information. Ranging from vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to cybersecurity training and incident response planning, we aim to fully secure your digital footprint.

Aligned with the Philadelphia local time (EST/EDT), our office hours are:

Office Hours:
• Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (EST/EDT)
• Saturday – Sunday: Closed

For emergencies and time-sensitive operations, our team is accessible 24/7.

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Our intelligence analysts average over 15 years’ experience with government agencies and private sectors.

Most background checks take 2-3 business days depending on the depth required.

We work with contacts and resources worldwide to fulfill intelligence requirements.

We employ proven techniques like financial forensics, surveillance, interviews as well as cutting-edge cyber investigation tools.

We have trained specialists with backgrounds in law enforcement, military and private security.

Yes, spouses and children can be included in protection plans.

Yes, we can dispatch an expert team on short notice for debugging needs.

We make changes periodically to avoid complacency but try to maintain continuity.

Our team holds industry certifications like CEH, CISSP, CISA, OSCP and more.

We have 24/7 support, containment protocols and notification trees to address incidents.

Certainly, we provide residential security assessments and recommendations.

Yes, our investigators use the latest tools to uncover data from computers, phones and cloud accounts.

We follow strict data handling procedures and never disclose sensitive information.

We can arrange secure transit, lodging, and close protection globally. Just ask.

We focus on penetration testing, access management, data security, DDoS mitigation and more.

We provide customized quotes after learning more about your specific needs.

Yes, we have operational capabilities globally either directly or through trusted partners.

Our teams are comprised fully of ex-special forces, law enforcement, and intelligence community veterans.

Yes, we assess risks and provide recommendations to improve security posture across domains.

Yes, our cybersecurity team has significant experience managing those incidents.

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Axeligence is headquartered in Israel and operates in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Our global presence allows us to provide local insights and intelligence in any market or environment.


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