Operating at the heart of Houston, and spanning across the greater region—including Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend, and Galveston counties—we provide high-end security and intelligence solutions for premium clients. Harnessing cutting-edge technologies, our expertise spans cybersecurity, intelligence gathering, diligent investigations, comprehensive background checks, and discreet executive protection. Focused on setting the highest standards for safety and security in our industry, We grant individuals complete peace of mind and allow them to focus on what matters most.

Operational Scope

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Our intelligence solutions are meticulously tailored for each client’s distinct needs. Leveraging intricate analysis, robust sources, and our mastery of the local landscape, we provide deep situational awareness to navigate complexities with ease.

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Focusing on independent yet thorough investigations by combining law enforcement expertise with our intimate knowledge of Houston’s diverse communities. Every detail is examined with the diligence it deserves to deliver impartial and comprehensive results.

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Background Checks

Providing individuals, corporations, and organizations with precise information. Deploying cutting-edge tools and methodologies to verify identities, check credentials, and assess character. We take a broad, but careful, approach.

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Executive Protection

With a proactive and preventative approach, we ensure the safety and security of VIPs, executives, and other high-profile individuals. Integrating security with Houston’s corporate and social scene, delivering uncompromised protection with utmost discretion.

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Our solutions are tailored to protect valuable data, safeguard digital assets, and maintain the integrity of IT systems. We provide complete cyber defense strategies customized for multiple technological landscapes and unique needs.

Our office operates in the Central Time Zone (CST/CDT) as per the following schedule:

Office Hours:
• Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (CST/CDT)
• Saturday – Sunday: Closed

For urgent matters and operations, we are available around the clock.

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We primarily serve clients in Houston and surrounding Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend, and Galveston counties.

Our unique advantage stems from pairing cutting-edge technologies like AI and cybersecurity tools with in-depth knowledge of Houston’s diverse communities built over decades.

Discretion is a core principle. We use protocols like encrypted communications, discreet surveillance techniques, and access controls to ensure clients’ privacy is completely protected.

Yes, we can handle selection, installation, and upkeep of security systems.

Our agents complete rigorous training in protective protocols, surveillance, and contingency planning.

We have extensive experience providing security for high-profile events.

Yes, our rapid response teams can deploy within minutes for critical incidents.

We provide comprehensive personal protection assessments and recommendations.

Yes, we conduct thorough technical surveillance countermeasure sweeps.

Our executive protection includes armored transportation options.

Our 24/7 cybersecurity operations center can initiate response protocols within minutes.

Yes, we have expertise tracing the flow of cryptocurrencies on blockchains during investigations.

We conduct phishing and cyber awareness training to educate employees on cyber risks.

We offer controlled penetration testing to evaluate the strength of cybersecurity measures.

Yes, we have extensive experience investigating potentially fraudulent insurance claims.

We leverage our intelligence resources to thoroughly vet foreign companies.

We leverage global databases, public records, and our local connections for intelligence.

We leverage all assets to locate missing individuals domestically or internationally.

We implement controls like behavior analysis to detect anomalous activities.

We conduct privileged background checks respecting candidates’ privacy.

Yes, we offer certified secure shredding and media destruction services.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with common enterprise IT infrastructure.

Yes, we work sensitively with authorities to resolve kidnapping cases.

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