Find the Right PI in Tampa - Expert Tips and Advice 2024

Hiring a private investigator (PI) is a major decision. You want someone highly qualified to take on your sensitive case in the Tampa Bay area. With over 6,500 licensed private investigators in Florida and hundreds operating in the Tampa region, the options can be overwhelming.

Use these tips to select the ideal PI to meet your investigation needs in Tampa.


Verify Licenses and Credentials

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Your first step should always be to validate licensure through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The state monitors complaints and disciplinary actions against licensed investigators in Florida. You can verify the status of a PI’s license here.

Ideally, look for investigators with additional certifications and training beyond the minimum state requirements. Many have prior experience in fields like:

  • Law enforcement
  • Military
  • Federal agencies (FBI, CIA, Secret Service)
  • Private security
  • Insurance investigations
  • Legal and paralegal services


Don’t just take their word when reviewing credentials. Look for documented proof like graduation certificates, service records, and professional association memberships.

For example, Mark Jones of Tampa PI Firm ABC Investigations claims prior FBI experience. But searches uncover no corroborating evidence, just the supposed “FBI experience” listed on his website bio. This should raise some red flags when vetting credentials.


Ensure Specialized Expertise

Avoid PIs claiming to handle all types of investigations equally well. The most reputable firms and investigators specialize.

Tampa has over 50 PI firms range from sole proprietors to large agencies with multiple operatives. Look closely at a firm’s website and marketing materials. Do they tout experience in your specific type of case? Or just a vague list of every service imaginable?

Someone well-versed in fraud may not have the skills for sensitive domestic cases. An investigator doing mostly process serving and infidelity surveillance may not know strategies to track down hidden assets.

Align specialized expertise with your particular needs:

  • Domestic – A Tampa PI experienced in difficult divorce and custody cases knows how to avoid inflaming family tensions while uncovering adultery, hidden finances, unfit parenting, etc.
  • Insurance Fraud – For a workers compensation claim investigation, hire a PI familiar with tactics employees use to fake injuries and work comp fraud patterns in the Tampa area specifically.
  • Criminal Defense – Charged with a crime in Tampa? A skilled defense PI understands collecting admissible evidence, documenting alibis, interviewing witnesses, and working closely with local lawyers.
  • Missing Persons – For a missing child or loved one, select a PI with specific training in search methods, social media tracing, contact with media and nonprofits, and working with Tampa police without interference.


The State has useful resources on certifications indicating special expertise worth looking for.


Vet Resources and Technology

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The tools and resources a PI firm utilizes can directly impact the success of your case. During your search, find out:

  • Surveillance Capabilities – Do they own state-of-the-art cameras, hidden recorders, trackers, drones? Or they are reliant on renting basic equipment? Ask to see samples of their surveillance evidence.
  • Database Access – What proprietary people search databases can they directly access to run background checks and asset searches with minimal input information? Limited databases can hinder tracing targets.
  • Information Sources – What connections do they have to access legal documents, phone records, DMV records, employment information? Can they legally pull documentation you otherwise lack access to?
  • Forensic Capabilities – Can they extract evidence from phones and computers? Perform DNA tests? Fingerprint analysis? For sensitive cases, having in-house forensic tools is a major plus.
  • Legal Connections – Do they have relationships with Tampa lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement? This becomes crucial if your case ends up in court.


Modern databases and tech tools used by top firms allow them to locate subjects, perform surveillance, access records and gather evidence for clients much more efficiently than old school gumshoe detectives relying on door knocking alone.


Define Scope and Objectives

An indicator of a PI’s skills is how they respond to your initial case overview. High quality PIs will ask thoughtful questions to understand goals and define a detailed scope. Be as thorough as possible explaining your situation including:

  • Primary Objective – Concisely summarize the main goal. Example: “Obtain admissible evidence my spouse is having an affair” instead of a vague “I think my spouse is cheating.”
  • Suspicions and Leads – Any specifics about their suspicions that can help focus the investigation. Locations, times, suspected accomplices, habits etc.
  • Must Know Information – Critical questions needing answers. Like account numbers, hidden assets, current workplace, drug supplier, etc.
  • Timeline – Realistic timeframe for when you need answers and evidence. Emergencies warrant a rush. Cold cases may allow more breathing room.
  • Communication Preferences– Daily email updates? Weekly in-person meetings? Phone calls or texts for time sensitive info? Ensure alignment.
  • Privacy Concerns – Any specific requests on handling your confidential information? Specific contacts that should not be approached at this stage?
  • Budget – Be transparent about the max budget or monthly spend you can commit to. Quality PIs will craft a scope to work within your means.


A thorough PI will then present an investigation plan tailored to your situation and needs versus a generic one-size-fits all approach. If your gut instinct is questioning their approach, it may be best to get a second opinion from another PI.


Review Reporting Processes

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High quality PIs maintain rigorous systems for collecting and reporting findings including:

  • Field Notes – Taking detailed contemporaneous notes during surveillance, interviews etc. is crucial for accuracy. Sloppy note taking can compromise evidence.
  • Activity Logs – Carefully logging dates, times, locations and details of investigative activities performed. This provides transparency on hours worked.
  • Documented Evidence – Having established chains of custody for photographs, video recordings, retrieved documents, communications and other evidence. This is vital if findings need to hold up in court.
  • Status Reports – Frequently compiling update reports on major developments, remaining open questions, breakdown of hours worked and expenses. Keeps all parties aligned on progress.
  • Presentation Methods – Using secure client portals, encrypted digital files, and discreet communications to deliver sensitive findings. Avoid PIs who simply spout updates over the phone.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their reporting processes before hiring them. Their systems can directly impact whether the evidence is admissible and actionable.


Understand Pricing Models

Pricing structures used by Tampa private detectives include:

  • Hourly – You pay an agreed upon hourly rate for actual investigative hours logged. More predictable costs but may incentivize inflated hours.
  • Daily/Weekly Rate – A flat fee based on blocks of time like a day or week. Provides some cost certainty but less predictable.
  • Monthly Retainer – Paying a flat monthly fee that provides a set number of hours or scope of services. Excess hours are billed hourly.
  • Fixed Fee – Quote a total flat fee for the entire investigation or phases. Provides cost certainty but less flexibility if scope changes.
  • Value-Based – Some PIs offer value-based pricing for unique cases with high uncertainty. You pay an agreed upon % of the “value” derived from their findings.


Be wary of vague promises of “competitive rates”. Get specific quotes broken down by major activities where possible. Look closely for hidden fees and non-transparent billing. Ask seasoned Tampa lawyers for guidance on appropriate pricing ranges based on your needs.


Check References and Reviews

Lookout with a camera in hand

Experienced Tampa PIs should have no shortage of references and reviews to provide from past clients with similar issues. These can offer insights into their actual capabilities versus just marketing claims.

However, take reviews with a grain of salt. Unsavory PIs may stack the deck with fake positive reviews. Even honest ones may primarily highlight their successes and gloss over shortcomings.

Prioritize client references over generic online reviews. Ask those references very specific questions:

  • How did they handle your sensitive information? Any breaches or concerns?
  • Were you consistently updated on progress and findings?
  • Did they utilize all their advertised capabilities and technologies?
  • How well did they explain technical concepts to a non-expert?
  • Were there any surprises, hidden fees, or upcharges?
  • Would you trust them again for future needs?


Also, discreetly search court records for any cases involving the PI related to ethics violations, negligence, or causing harm. Even minor civil suits can signal potential issues.


Trust Your Instincts

Even seasoned professionals can differ drastically in competency and character. After thorough vetting, reflect on your interactions with the PI:

  • Did they listen attentively and ask thoughtful questions? Or talk over you and make assumptions?
  • Were they transparent about capabilities, limitations, pricing? Or evasive and vague?
  • Did they offer sound guidance while avoiding pressure tactics? Or overpromise specific outcomes?
  • Would you feel comfortable trusting them with your sensitive data and needs? Or do you have doubts?


Go with your gut. If something feels off, keep looking. Ask enough questions until fully confident you have the right PI.


Act Quickly But Avoid Rushing

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If you have a time sensitive case, don’t delay in starting your search. The most reputable Tampa private investigators have waiting lists or selective case acceptance.

However, don’t let urgency cloud your judgement. One regretful client shared: “I rushed into hiring the first PI who promised fast results. But they just took my money and delivered shoddy evidence. I should have taken time to vet properly.”

Set a deadline to make a hiring decision but avoid cutting corners. Trust but verify credentials. Have pointed conversations to map expectations. Give yourself enough time for proper due diligence – it’s worth the peace of mind.

With careful research using these tips, you can find the ideal PI to take on your sensitive Tampa investigation. Just be sure to move swiftly before losing the advantage time-sensitive cases require.


What background check sites do top private investigators use the most?
Many have access to in-depth paid databases like LexisNexis, TransUnion TLO, and Thomson Reuters CLEAR. Public records database sites are also utilized.
Yes, it’s completely legal to hire a private investigator in Florida. However, private investigators must be licensed according to Florida state law. Always ensure the investigator you hire is properly licensed and operates within legal guidelines.
The cost of a private investigator in Tampa typically aligns with the broader range seen across Florida. Hourly rates usually range between $50 to $100, with the potential for higher rates depending on the case’s complexity and the investigator’s experience. Additional costs could include expenses incurred during the investigation.
In Florida, PIs can perform a variety of services such as surveillance, background checks, finding missing persons, and investigating suspected fraudulent activity. However, they must operate within the confines of the law. This means they cannot trespass on private property, impersonate law enforcement, or use illegal methods to obtain information.
Go to the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services website and use their license verification search. Also call the state licensing board to confirm.
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