Strategically located in the heart of Ohio, our Columbus team provides tailored risk management solutions to safeguard individuals and organizations. Drawing from a wealth of expertise, we craft innovative approaches to address intricate challenges, ensuring full protection and fostering peace of mind. Our commitment to creative intelligence and strategic security lets us navigate complex scenarios with precision and resilience.

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Protection officers establishing a secure perimeter as their customers leave from a jet aircraft.

Operational Scope



Due diligence, threat intelligence, counterintelligence, and investment intelligence to fuel critical decisions and identify risks and opportunities.


Corporate matters, missing persons, fraud investigation, surveillance and countersurveillance, infidelity cases, and asset tracking.

Digital Forensics

Essential solutions including risk assessment and management, penetration testing, incident response, and audits to protect critical systems and data.

Risk Advisory

Holistic risk assessment, crisis management, business continuity planning, and individual risk profiling to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Background Checks

Polygraph evaluations, risk assessment, quality assurance, and policy and procedure development to ensure safety and compliance.

Safety & Protection

Executive protection, penetration testing, training programs, and secure transportation to safeguard people, assets, and facilities.

Aligned with the Columbus, Ohio time zone, our typical office hours are:

Office Hours:
• Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time/Daylight Time)
• Saturday – Sunday: Closed

For critical security operations and emergency needs, our team remains available 24/7.

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Our integrated security services, top-tier talent, and client focus set us apart. Our Columbus teams provide comprehensive, tailored solutions using the latest advances.

We conduct in-depth assessments of risks, venues, and client preferences to create tailored security plans.

Absolutely, we train and collaborate seamlessly with internal personnel to enhance security programs.

Yes, we provide comprehensive travel security operations including planning, logistics, in-transit security, and emergency response capabilities.

We conduct in-depth vendor screening and assessments to validate third parties meet security standards before client engagement.

Yes, our financial crime specialists conduct forensic accounting investigations and develop fraud prevention controls tailored to your needs.

Yes, we perform technical surveillance countermeasures including periodic sweeps to check for covert listening devices and deter corporate espionage.

We implement workforce education, behavioral analysis, access controls and activity monitoring to proactively detect and mitigate insider threats.

Yes, we conduct brand monitoring activities, online counterfeit investigations and enforcement actions to protect your brand reputation and intellectual property.

Yes, we offer comprehensive digital footprint management, including reputation monitoring, to safeguard corporate and executive reputations online.

We investigate product tampering, perform root cause analysis, and recommend enhanced supply chain controls to prevent future incidents.

Yes, we perform risk assessments, develop crisis response plans, provide training, and test preparedness through simulations to bolster your crisis readiness.

We can provide trained security personnel, operational planning, and actionable intelligence to appropriately respond to and mitigate labor disputes, protests, and other disruptions.

Yes, we assess compliance gaps, provide audit support, and implement required controls to align with key regulations.

Yes, we help assess your risks, identify coverage needs, and implement controls to obtain favorable cyber insurance rates.

We implement layered controls like application whitelisting, antivirus, sandboxing, and threat intelligence to block malware infections.

Yes, we scan dark web sites and forums to detect and mitigate potential compromised credentials or intellectual property.

We offer comprehensive incident response and disaster recovery services to help safely restore operations with minimal disruption.

Yes, we can advise you on building an appealing cybersecurity workplace culture and provide vetted, qualified talent options.

Certainly, we provide detailed evaluations of risks and recommendations to mitigate them.

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