Bringing together intelligence, investigative, and cybersecurity capabilities, our Denver-area operations deliver bespoke security solutions for prominent corporate and private clients. Our advisors and analysts partner with organizations to deeply understand their risk profile within the local landscape. We then design comprehensive measures to safeguard critical assets, executives, and IP.

Operational Scope

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Leveraging proprietary intelligence methodologies and human sources, we deliver high-level insights unavailable through conventional channels. Our local operatives and connections provide hard-to-access information on industries, competitors, and emerging threats relevant to your organization. We uncover the critical insights needed for robust strategic planning and risk mitigation.

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With utmost discretion, our veteran Denver investigators leverage local resources to uncover the truth. Using proven techniques, we gather irrefutable evidence and provide clear findings on sensitive corporate issues, fraud schemes, and disputes. Our connections with legal authorities ensure discreet and effective resolutions.

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Background Checks

We go beyond standard checks to provide rigorous, custom screening of your employees and candidates. Our local investigators use custom methods to uncover complete background profiles, character assessments, and potential red flags specific to your risk profile. This allows responsible hiring aligned with your corporate culture and security needs.

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Executive Protection

For Denver executives, our military and law enforcement-trained agents become a discreet presence safeguarding your most important asset – your people. We employ proven advance protocols, close protection techniques, and latest technologies to secure residences, travel, and events. Clients trust us for our experience, precision tradecraft, and focus on privacy.

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Leveraging leading threat intelligence and technologies, we help clients detect, defend, and hunt for threats across digital assets. Our cybersecurity experts assess your risk landscape then custom-design solutions to harden your attack surface. We stay steps ahead of hackers and insider threats while evaluating your existing security posture for gaps.

Operating hours are aligned with the local Denver time zone (MST/MDT). Our office is open as follows:

Office Hours:
• Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (MST/MDT)
• Saturday – Sunday: Closed

For urgent matters and critical operations, we maintain 24/7 availability.

Contact Our Team | Denver Queries

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While specifics are confidential, we can share examples of solutions delivered for clients in your industry under NDA.

Our extensive networks allow us to provide qualified personnel for clients rapidly while meeting our vetting standards.

Yes, we have stringent protocols to compartmentalize information and rotate personnel in order to mitigate insider threat risks proactively.

We establish redundant communication channels and clear protocols enabling seamless coordination under pressure when needed.

We recruit from top cybersecurity programs and competitions in addition to cultivating relationships with elite hacking collectives.

Certainly, we aim to provide clients full visibility and authority to guide responses according to their priorities.

Our investigators work closely with legal counsel to ensure we can provide evidentiary materials and testimony as needed.

Our agents are experts in delivering security without disruption. Protecting client brands and reputations is central to every operation.

Yes, we utilize proprietary tools to monitor dark web forums for threats, leaked data, or other risks relevant to our clients.

Yes, our team includes expertise in crisis management, communications, ransomware negotiations, and business continuity planning.

We customize pricing based on specific services, risk profile, and duration. Month-to-month, project, and annual contracts available.

Yes, our intelligence personnel can provide customized intelligence on any topics salient to your strategic planning and risk profile.

Our agents are highly trained to adapt to any required arrangement you are comfortable with.

Yes, our methodologies align with ISO standards, SIGINT tradecraft guidelines, and best practices defined by ASIS International.

Certainly, our agents will assess home and personal security needs and make practical recommendations for improvement.

Our focus is on custom solutions versus one-size-fits-all. And our local presence and connections enable us to deliver within the Denver area.

We would be happy to arrange an introductory meeting with key team members at your convenience.

Our team includes expertise managing global response coordination and intelligence collection.

We conduct comprehensive penetration tests quarterly and targeted vulnerability scans on a monthly basis at minimum.

We implement cryptographic controls, access limitations, data loss prevention, and internal audits to safeguard sensitive data.

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Axeligence is headquartered in Israel and operates in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Our global presence allows us to provide local insights and intelligence in any market or environment.


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