Our elite team provides an unmatched range of security and intelligence solutions throughout Dallas and surrounding areas including Fort Worth, Arlington, Denton County, and Collin County. We provide diligent intelligence gathering, investigations, background checks, and security operations. Bringing together intelligence specialists, technology experts, and former law enforcement, our team possesses the insight and capabilities to anticipate threats before they arise. We conduct in-depth risk assessments, identify vulnerabilities, and provide actionable strategic recommendations to ensure the complete safety of people, assets, and information.

Operational Scope

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Leveraging proprietary tools and proven strategies perfected over decades, our specialists collect, analyze, and interpret data to provide timely, actionable insights. From monitoring potential threats to identifying opportunities, we empower elite clients with the intelligence they need to stay ahead.

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Employing meticulous methods, we uncover the truth and provide clarity, leaving no stone unturned. Our attention to detail and determination aim to bring resolution to even the most complex corporate matters and confidential legal cases.

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Background Checks

Recognizing that trust is vital in business and interpersonal relationships, we conduct thorough, discreet background checks examining every facet of an individual’s history with care and accuracy. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive facts to enable accurate decisions.

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Executive Protection

Understanding the paramount importance of safety, we provide exclusive executive protection services customized to our clients’ lifestyles. Our highly trained specialists blend naturally into the background, allowing peace of mind while navigating delicate business matters or high-profile events.

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Our cybersecurity expertise covers everything from enterprise network defense to incident response. Applying cutting-edge techniques, we identify vulnerabilities, detect threats, and provide strategic recommendations to secure critical assets and ensure business continuity.

Operating within the Central Time zone, our Dallas office hours are typically:

Office Hours:
• Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
• Saturday – Sunday: Closed

For time-sensitive operations and emergency needs, our team remains on-call 24/7.

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Protection officers establishing a secure perimeter as their customers leave from a jet aircraft.


We invest heavily in proprietary tech and intelligence tools as well as intensive agent training to provide unparalleled capabilities.

Our dedicated research team analyzes threat intelligence globally to identify risks and proactively fortify defenses.

Yes, our executive protection specialists seamlessly secure international private travel to anywhere in the world.

We implement layered physical security, surveillance, cybersecurity, and access controls tailored to each facility.

Yes, employing sophisticated monitoring, defenses, and rapid response for estates and luxury residences.

We identify vulnerabilities, detect insider threats early, implement surveillance countermeasures, and train personnel.

Yes, we monitor threat actors, fortify defenses, and establish continuity plans to mitigate activism risks.

We conduct deep forensics on networks, servers, endpoints and logs to identify any potential unauthorized access.

Our trained specialists can accompany and protect individuals anywhere, blending into the background.

Yes, we have extensive experience securing high-value physical items using layered defenses.

Our agents are trained to securely evacuate VIPs and personnel quickly to prepared safe zones.

Yes, we set up encrypted communications, detect intercepts, and establish protocol to verify sensitive information exchanges.

Our forensic investigations team has extensive experience investigating complex fraud and financial crimes globally.

We conduct in-depth due diligence on any potential corporate or individual investments to identify risks.

Yes, our cybersecurity team includes world-class ethical hackers, forensics specialists, and engineers.

We provide executive protection teams, private travel security, surveillance detection, proactive intelligence, and other bespoke solutions.

Yes, we conduct thorough technical surveillance countermeasures in offices, homes, vehicles, or wherever needed.

We provide customized security training and drills for executives, employees, families, and residences.

We customize engagements from one-time needs to long-term partnerships.

Yes, we provide customized quotes after assessing your needs.

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