Providing security solutions for Charlotte and its surrounding suburbs, our team leverages counterintelligence expertise, cybersecurity technical skills, and in-depth knowledge of the city’s unique landscape. From Uptown to the outskirts of Harrisburg, Pineville, and Mint Hill, we deliver strategic support tailored to the specific security needs across the greater Charlotte metro area.

Operational Scope

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Leveraging our network of sources and connections cultivated through decades of high-level intelligence work, we provide targeted intelligence gathering and analysis to inform critical decision-making. Our experienced team can uncover threats, analyze risks, and deliver strategic insights tailored to your specific operational needs.

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From internal fraud and workplace misconduct to external threats against your assets, our licensed private investigators leverage proven techniques to efficiently conduct precise, discreet investigations. We combine analytical expertise with access to proprietary databases to meticulously unravel complex cases and deliver actionable findings.

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Background Checks

Rigorously vet new hires, business partners, and third party vendors through our comprehensive background checks. Going beyond superficial web searches, our multi-point investigations thoroughly screen candidates to uncover red flags and make sure you onboard only suitable partners.

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Executive Protection

Safeguard your executives, board members, and VIPs with our elite team of security professionals trained in discreet, close-proximity protection. We analyze risks, secure venues, screen visitors, and leverage cutting-edge tools to protect your most valuable assets anywhere, anytime.

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Harden your digital infrastructure against intrusions through our highly advanced managed cybersecurity services. Our cyber experts employ sophisticated threat detection, 24/7 monitoring, proprietary tech tools, rigorous vulnerability testing, and proven incident response to fully secure your networks and data.

Aligned with Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) in Charlotte, normal office hours are:

Office Hours:
• Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time/Daylight Time)
• Saturday – Sunday: Closed

For rapid-response security needs, our Duty Officers remain on standby 24/7 to activate critical operations.

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Our operatives have decades of combined experience across military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies.

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured to provide services in this state.

We leverage a mix of human sources, SIGINT, OSINT, HUMINT, and other intelligence gathering disciplines.

We utilize encryption, anonymous sources, front companies, and other tradecraft to preserve discretion.

We offer both armed and unarmed options based on risk level and preference.

Our managed services combine cutting-edge tech with 24/7 human monitoring and response.

Our mobile security packages cover personnel, assets, networks, and data wherever your team operates.

We go far beyond databases to conduct boots-on-the-ground investigations worldwide.

Yes, we provide executive family protection, residential security, safe rooms, and other personal services.

Our operations extend globally to serve clients wherever their assets and people are located.

We have playbooks ready to isolate threats, restore systems, investigate root causes, and prevent future incidents.

Rigorous vetting plus ongoing performance monitoring. Personnel are closely supervised and held to strict conduct standards.

We can scale operations up or down within days as security needs change. Flexibility is our priority.

We continuously monitor the global threat climate through intelligence networks. This allows proactive security mitigation.

Agents complete elite-level tactical and marksmanship training drills to maintain razor-sharp skills.

We monitor the dark web for threats, leaked data, and attack plans that may impact clients.

Our trained crisis response teams can handle kidnapping, ransom, and extortion situations.

Our cybersecurity specialists use predictive AI to stay ahead of emerging threats and protect systems proactively.

We use behavioral analysis and other techniques to detect insider threats and prevent data theft.

No minimum contract requirements. We customize engagements and aim to build lasting partnerships with clients.

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