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Our operations focus on Buenos Aires and the surrounding regions. Including major cities such as Rosario, Cordoba, and La Plata, as well as the expansive territories of Buenos Aires Province and Pampas. We carry out an extensive range of operations, from cutting-edge cybersecurity measures to in-depth investigations and intelligence, thorough background checks, and high-profile executive protection.

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What We Do


Using a complex web of local expertise and global contacts, we are able to collect and analyze crucial data with pinpoint accuracy. Our emphasis on providing in-depth and real-time intelligence assists in recognizing the operational scenario and spotting possible risks.

Equipped with a significant range of expertise, our investigations explore the gamut from business-related complexities to personal irregularities. Employing a holistic approach, using sophisticated investigative methods to reveal dark secrets and offer clarity.



Empowered by a network of wide-ranging resources, we perform careful background checks ensuring complete transparency. From personal narratives to professional qualifications, we perform a thorough examination. Our objective is to offer an unobstructed view of the subjects, thereby facilitating knowledgeable decision-making.

A team of highly trained professionals provides discreet protection, ensuring safety without interruption to daily affairs. We consider the unique risk landscape and lifestyle of each client to provide a well-tuned, non-intrusive security solution.


Identify threats, fortify systems, and develop recovery plans. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and a crew of seasoned cyber specialists to shield your digital resources from threats. Proposing both preventive strategies and incident management solutions, ensuring your cyber environment is resilient and safeguarded.

Ensuring continual support through our 24-hour availability. For direct consultations and non-urgent inquiries, our Buenos Aires office observes the following schedule in Argentina Time Zone (ART):

Office Hours:
• Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (ART)
• Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Please be aware that emergency response and specific operations like investigations, monitoring of cybersecurity, and executive protection are available 24/7.

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We collect a broad array of intelligence data, including but not limited to, industry trends, geopolitical shifts, and potential threats. Our intelligence is sourced from a variety of mediums, both open and confidential.

We corroborate the information through multiple independent sources, cross-checking data for consistency. In some cases, we also rely on direct confirmations, official documents, and public records.

Our response time is immediate. We operate on a 24/7 basis and employ advanced communication systems to ensure instant coordination during a threat situation.

In the event of a cybersecurity breach, we swiftly enact our incident response plan, which includes isolating the affected systems, investigating the breach’s nature and extent, and implementing recovery protocols.

Our operations are characterized by their comprehensive nature, personalized approach, and commitment to confidentiality. We leverage our extensive global network and adapt to the unique needs of each client while maintaining absolute discretion.

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